Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Do the Fenway Spartan Sprint

The Green Monstah!

Tina, myself and a handful of our Crazy Friends did the 2013 Fenway Spartan Sprint at Fenway Park in Boston on November 16th, 2013. It was like Crossfit Meets A 5k in an alley after doing 100s of burpees, and beats the snot out of it. I’m just going to cut straight to the chase here.

It was EPIC.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons why YOU need to add The Fenway Spartan Race to your “Here’s How I Will Be Badass in 2014” to do list.20141106-201546-72946700.jpg

1. Because you’ve pledged “To Get Uncomfortable” in 2014. Comfort Zone, Shmumfort Zone. You want change? Then get uncomfortable. And lemme tell you, if this race doesn’t make you uncomfortable, I don’t know what will. (I limped for days.) It’s hard. And there are stairs. 1000s of them. You run just about every step in Fenway Park. You also haul sandbags, jugs of water and Your Tired Ass and up and down those stairs. When you’re done with stairs? Walls. Put on your Spidey suit ‘cuz you’re scaling them. (See Exhibit A: Tina scaling a cargo net, below.) Thankfully, your Crazy Friends are there to help. And if they’re not? Another Spartan will pay it forward and give you a boost. This aint yo’ mama’s obstacle race. This is nothing like anything I’ve ever done before. It forces you to do things you normally wouldn’t do- physically and mentally. Besides, Comfort Zones are overrated. Train for this baby and “Change” will become your middle name. Goodbye Comfort Zone.

Spartan Tina in Action!

2. Because you’ve a “Serious Runner” who needs to MIX IT UP. Stop taking yourself so damn seriously. I get it. You’re a runner. You’ve run 3 marathons a day for a year and your Garmin says so. Believe me, I understand. But, it’s time to loosen up! This is exhilarating. And difficult. This race tests your will, strength, and stamina. Like to the max. That’s what us Marathoners like. You’ll feel right on at home.

Not thrilled with a piddly 3+ miles and 15 or so obstacles? Then go for the Super Spartan, 8+ MILES / 20 + OBSTACLES.

Too easy? There’s the Spartan Beast, 12+ MILES / 25+ OBSTACLES.

According to the Reebok Spartan Race website the Spartan Beast is “An obstacle course race from hell.” Now that’s a race tag line. {Gulp!}

Spartan Colby!

3. Because you’re a burpee loving sadist. I ran an awful lot of races in 2013. And I am going to just say it: This was the most fun I have had while torturing myself all damn year. {See Exhibit B, above. That’s me, Colby. Running stairs. And laughing like a maniac.} When you run this thing, grab your friends, say a prayer and GO! There are around 15 obstacles—stairs, walls, cargo nets, spear toss (yes I said spear toss), rope climb, box jumps, push ups, sandbag carry, Hercules pull (You hoist a ridiculously heavy weight an absurd height then bring it down to the ground. Gently. This is where I found Tina, laying on the ground, teeth clenched swearing like a sailor. It was fantastic.), monkey bars, timed row and jump rope (with a weighted rope that I swear tied the Titanic to port). There are more, but I have chosen to repress all memories of them. If you “fail” at an obstacle (and you will fail at least once), there is a 30 Burpee penalty. Plan on doing a hundred or so. Minimally. Lastly, a Gladiator swats you with a giant padded Q-Tip. (See Exhibit C, Colby, below.) After that, you are crowned Spartan. Advice? Train. And train hard.

Spartan Swat!

4. Because misery loves company. There is no better way to bond with a friend than grabbing their ass and shoving it over a 12 foot wall. You’ll find yourself cheering, rooting, helping, hoisting and encouraging your friends at every obstacle. Worried? You’ll get through it together. Fail? She’ll burpee alongside you, all the while lamenting that next year you are really training for this shit. Over beers you will discuss strategy. You plan on doing burpees between meetings at work, box jumps while watching a Dexter Marathon on Netfix in your living room. You will draw plans for the wall you will construct in your backyard on a cocktail napkin. A friend will give you a Home Depot gift card for Christmas. Yes! You will be ready.

Team Marathoners AND Sprinters!

5. Because it’s in Boston. And who doesn’t love Boston? Love the Red Sox or not, there is NOTHING like running around the outfield at Fenway Park, under the lights, hands brushing along the green monster in left field as you run toward the next obstacle. (Ahhh the history!) Or doing push-ups in the club house only to find yourself running down a ramp and emerging out onto the field in the stinkin’ dug out! There is also nothing like running full speed into a seat in the stands TWICE and having the arm rest give you a bruise on each quad that lasts well past Thanksgiving. Holy hematoma.

It’s just a flesh wound.
Spartans laugh at contusions.

You will too.
Trust me.

Happy Spartan Bloggers!

22 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Do the Fenway Spartan Sprint

    • The beauty of the Spartan Race, they’re all over the US! Bet you could find one in your neck of the woods for when you want to unleash your inner Burpee Loving Sadist! 🙂

  1. I can’t believe after all of that they whack you with giant q-tips! I’ve never done one of these types of races because they don’t really do them here (we get Warrior Dash, but I’m thinking this is probably on a whole different level). How would you suggest “training” for something like this?

    • Yup. They whap you with giant Q-Tips. I was just coming off of running the New York Marathon and it wasn’t easy! I would say to incorporate cross training and even tabata type work outs into your running. Incorporate burpees, mountain climbers, squats, push ups, jump rope, box jumps….ablahblablahlahalhalhalh….into your routine. (God I’m tired just writing it!) Nothing super fly fancy, just good old school cross training that you can do at home, much without equipment. It was a BLAST. I would absolutely do it again. And we plan on it! 🙂

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      • We do the Spartan races in the UK but it would be so cool to do it in a baseball Stadium! It’s got to help the motivation!

      • Seriously. This was FANTASTIC. We were in the damn DUG OUT. I was thrilled. I’m also a Red Sox fan, but, I don’t even think you need to be one. Fenway is so impressive and steeped in such history. Totally cool to brush our hands along the green monstah! 🙂

      • My friends want me to do this. I am not in shape and have arthritis in my hands. I do a power class a couple of times a week. Is it silly to even try? I hate burpees but they keep telling me I can walk if I need to and do the things I can do. Your thoughts?

      • I never, EVER think it’s silly to try anything. That being said, it is tough. And if you fail at an obstacle you are supposed to do burpees. Do some people do all of them? Of course. Do some people do none of them, and bypass it? Of course. Do some people race through this like bats out of hell? Absolutely. Do some people chit chat and laugh with their homegirls, take their time and take selfies along the way? Absolutely. It’s all of what you make of it. Try it. Go into it with an open mind. You might surprise yourself. Do burpees. Go to that class. And give it a whirl. The worst thing that happens is that you walk and burpee your way through. The best thing that happens is you surprise yourself, have a blast, get uncomfortable and crown yourself Spartan.

        It’s all up to you. 🙂

  4. I want to do this in 2015, but am new to the Boston area. Anyone up to helping a 50 year old woman get started training and, hopefully, partnering at the race?

    • Hi Brenda! DO IT!!! DO IT!!! DO IT!!! And check out the Spartan website. You might find a group training in the Boston area. If not Spartan specific, maybe think about finding a Boot Camp style class. That will help! I will tell you that even IF you were to do it alone or even with one other friend, you would have help. Spartans are good like that. 🙂 If we put together a team this coming year, I’ll let you know!! Good luck Brenda!!!

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