Running Through the Polar Vortex

Dear Chica I saw running this morning:

The temperature on my car thermometer read 4 degrees. The radio weatherman announced that with wind chill, temps were pushing 17 below zero. I was bundled up in a ski jacket, in my car, on a heated seat and barely felt warm. And there you were, layered to the hilt, running up the road (at a pretty nice clip, I might add. Bravo.).

You probably saw some of the drivers in passing cars shake their heads when they saw you, rolling their eyes and looking at you like you were crazy. You didn’t see me flash you a smile and a thumb’s up. But I did. Sure, everyone north of Florida was told to stay inside, but for all I know, you’re training for the Antarctica Marathon and this cold is nothing for you. Who am I to judge?

Personally, I have no interest in running through the Polar Vortex. The coldest run I have ever done was in temps hovering around 9 degrees with no wind (No Wind. This Is Key.). While that chilly run was surprisingly pleasant (Read: no wind), it does serve as my limit.

Under 5 degrees? Windy? I’m staying inside. But, seeing you tear up the pavement out there in record-breaking cold, I have to say, I was impressed. In fact, I’m thinking that you must possess that magical combination of insane determination, utter fearlessness, and slight craziness that would make me really want to be your friend.

If I only I could tell who the hell you were under all those layers.


13 thoughts on “Running Through the Polar Vortex

  1. I continue to enjoy your posts, Nicole, you are so entertaining! I saw a couple of diehards out on the road today too and had mostly admiration, but, I must admit, a bit of fear for them!
    So, I’ve been thinking of you because I’m starting my Boston Marathon training, and I remember telling you that there was a chance I could get you a number, then never followed up to tell you that my friend who worked for the marathon last year and got me my number took a new job a couple of months ago. So, heck, I won’t be able to get you a number after all, though I really wish I could. You would so deserve one, inspiring runner and athlete that you are.
    Let Mat and me know when you’re ever doing a run in MA, though, and hopefully we can join you one of these days! I believe Mat is about your speed. He’s actually doing the Disney marathon this Saturday in memory of a friend who sadly passed away last year.
    Take care, my friend!

    • Christina, thanks for stopping by! A bunch of us are thinking of throwing our names into the lottery for the Falmouth Road Race if you guys are interested. Registration for the lottery opens in early April. Would love to see you both! Chris hates running but is a great race spectator and would also love to see you both.
      Good luck to Mat on Saturday!
      xo Tina

      • That’s a great idea, Tina, I will run it by the big boss! And, oh, I meant to say that you are quite entertaining yourself. 🙂

    • You’re so sweet Christina! Thank you for keeping me in your Boston Marathon thoughts! Never fear, I will get to that damn race at some point! Hopefully, by qualifying. (Hey. A Runner can dream can’t she?) I will certainly let you know if we’re running in Massachusetts. Hopefully we get into the Falmouth Road Race. It’s a lottery for us non-Mass folks. Hello to Matt and the boys and HAPPY NEW YEAR LADY!!! XOXOX

    • Oh, my standards for cycling are totally different. The wind kills you! I don’t even know if I could stand cycling in 25 degrees. I guess I’m a fair weather cyclist…sigh.

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