100 Days

Colby posted the following video last week on our Facebook Page:

You probably have seen it elsewhere – I saw it pop up in a variety of places. If you haven’t yet taken a few moments to watch it, please do – I promise you it is worth it! Incredibly inspirational.

LaKeisha chronicles 100 consecutive days of going to the gym. It’s a common resolution –go to the gym regularly, get fit. Many people don’t stick to it. LaKeisha did. For 100 consecutive days (and, hopefully, more – I assume she is still working out, even though her 100 day video is complete).

What strikes me the most watching this video is not the change in LaKeisha’s body, although she loses weight and goes down several sizes. Most striking to me is the change in her spirit. In the beginning of the video, she seems so, so sad and tends to avoid eye contact, looking off to the side as she talks about her life and her desire to make a change. Even her smile is tinged with sadness. By the end of the video, after 100 days of hitting the gym – and, it appears, hitting it hard – she sparkles. She has a twinkle in her eye, looks up proudly as she speaks to the camera, and boogies across the screen at the end.

I am sure that her smaller size contributes to her newfound confidence, but I bet that taking on a difficult challenge – and meeting it – contributes to it even more. She may have more progress to make with regard to weight, fitness or dress size, but one thing is certain – she went to the gym for 100 freaking days in a row. And nobody can take that away from her. Nobody. 100 days at the gym is a HUGE commitment. And she met it. No wonder she sparkles.

It got me thinking about the 30 day challenges that our Spartan Race friends keep throwing at us. I think they’re great. Even something like running a mile, which is not so daunting for distance runners like me and Colby, takes on a whole new meaning when you commit to doing it every day. Every single day. BOOM! A relatively easy task becomes a real challenge. And few things feel better than taking on a tough challenge and then meeting it. Just ask LaKeisha.


14 thoughts on “100 Days

  1. I loved that video. That’s a video that needed to go viral! (Instead of that godamn ‘Devil Baby’ video which creeped me out and cracked me up at the same time.). I love those Challenges. I see more in our future. 🙂

    • I did kinda like the devil baby video. The sicko part of me found it funny. Made me glad that I don’t live and work in NYC anymore – all I need is to be seen freaking out in a viral video. I spent much of my 20’s & 30’s walking around the Big Apple worrying about showing up as a Glamour “Don’t” with a bar across my eyes, but at least I didn’t have to worry about prankster videos on the internet. Yeesh.

  2. I hadn’t seen the video–thanks so much for posting it. And I agree–when I first saw LaKeisha, she just looked so defeated, and by the end, so strong and confident and sparkly! Way to go LaKeisha!

  3. Since May I’ve lost 15 pounds. It was never about weight for me, it was about health. The more important transformation I’ve experienced is in me. I’m a new person, happier, prouder, and to be honest, I feel semi invincible on some days. I can’t even imagine how fabulous she feels.

    • Oh, but I DO think you can imagine how fabulous she feels! 😉 As you should.
      Nothing beats that invincible feeling. It’s a huge payoff that makes the hard work so worth it! Getting fit improves every aspect of your life. Good for you and keep up the good work!

  4. Every time I see these things I get emotional. Not in a bad way, but there is a connection and a pride for her. So awesome. Everything is possible and I love her spirit. I’m with you in setting consistency goals, it’s the hardest part! Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh, they make me a puddle. At the beginning, when she is listing the things her friends are doing and that she is missing…it kills me. I want to reach through the screen and hug her and tell her that she deserves everything she wants out of life, whether she goes to the gym for a 100 days or not. But she wouldn’t have believed me anyway – it is her commitment to her goal and success in meeting it that allows HER to believe it.

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