The Real Bullshit Meter.


What’s legit?
Monika Allen.

What’s lame?
Self Magazine.

That’s the Real ‘BS Meter.’

Monika Allen ran last year’s LA Marathon dressed as Wonder Woman. Complete with tiara, tutu and jazzy knee socks. She ran with her tutu clad, supportive, superhero-friend Tara Baize. They ran as superheroes, since Monika was in the middle of her chemotherapy treatment for brain cancer. Monika channeled her inner superhero, slipped on that tutu and ran the LA Marathon. Like a boss. The friends made their tutus as part of the Glam Runner project they founded to support Girls on the Run San Diego. Those fabulous tutus have raised $5,600 for the girl empowerment running program.

I’d call that Legit.

SELF Magazine asked permission to use their tutu clad LA Marathon photo in an upcoming issue (April 2014). While I do not know Monika personally, I’ll go out on a limb and say that she was probably pretty stoked that a popular women’s magazine specializing in health, fitness, beauty, nutrition and happiness would publish her photo and possibly generate publicity for Glam Runner and Girls on the Run. Two wonderful, wonderful causes. Win-win. “Stoked” turned to “shocked” when she learned that her photo was used in the magazine’s April issue, in their “BS Meter” piece, mocking women running in tutus.


That’s lame.

Actually. That’s bullshit.

Why are magazines that allegedly look to empower and encourage women to be their happiest, healthiest, best Self, tearing women down for running a marathon in a tutu in the goddamn first place? Really. That’s what’s lame? So I guess the “Die Tumor, Die!” written on her bib wasn’t a tip off that the two superhero-tutu-clad women running a marathon were running for an actual reason. I mean a reason other than a “What NOT to Wear While Running a Marathon with a Supportive Friend Who Has Brain Cancer” list. Heaven forbid a women battling brain cancer should don a tutu and summon her inner superhero to power her way through chemo AND a marathon. Monika is a Superhero. She’s exactly the person a women’ s health magazine should profile. She is a person all women should embrace. A runner. A survivor. A philanthropist. Christ. An inspiration. Can we please just stop the bashing, shaming, tearing down and judging once and for all? Like I’ve said. It’s fucking exhausting.

Here’s our next challenge: Support Glam Runner, Girls on the Run and Strong Women Everywhere by being Positive. Yup. That’s it. BE. POSITIVE. Screw magazines that Tear Down. Instead, surround yourself with friends, family and messages that Build Up. Call it the Anti-BS Meter.

Remember: You are fanfuckingtastic.

And even more so in a tutu.


12 thoughts on “The Real Bullshit Meter.

  1. Those BS meters in magazines are always a joke. Do what you enjoy and don’t worry if it’s considered “cool” or not. I don’t see why it’s important to judge others if they want to wear a tutu during a race. Great post!

  2. Wow. This story really made me angry. How stupid and idiotic can you get? I say we all send emails and letters to SELF magazine and voice our displeasure. Great post! Thanks for putting this out there!

    • Believe me. I’m on it. I tossed all my magazines, will never subscribe again and “disliked” them on Facebook. Disappointing. And a judge-y trend that is becoming rampant. Simply appalling.

  3. surprised a magazine called SELF has a section which bullies uniqueness rather than embrace individuality and spirit. time to change the name of your magazine..

  4. The apology was so ridiculous too. Like, we’re sorry. We didn’t know the woman we were making fun of had cancer. If she didn’t, we would be perfectly justified. On the plus side though, I went to order one of her tutus and she got such an overwhelming response, she can’t take any new orders!

    • I did the same! And yes, I agree. The apology was appalling. I mean really. Ohhh she has cancer?!?! Then I’ll give her a pass. This time….

      I guess what I also can’t wrap my head around is this: when women run wearing tutus or other costumes does it diminish their effort? Does it make her “not serious runner” enough? Lemme tell you. I know some fast chicks who wear tutus and they are superb ATHLETES and strong, beautiful, smart women. Not serious enough, not thin enough, not dressed right. It’s just constant. The whole thing appalls me. On many levels. {sigh}

  5. I am going out on a limb here and guessing that the editor in charge has neither run a marathon nor had cancer. In fact, I bet that she is one of those “treadmill warriors” that “run” for 30 minutes at best while sucking down a Starbucks and texting. (Sorry for the tearing down, but I felt the need–my wife is an oncologist and the fact that this woman was out and about, let alone RUNNING A MARATHON, during her treatment is beyond belief–and worthy of super-human status.)

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