I Will Run.

I’m having a lazy Sunday. I’m still in bed, snuggled up in clean sheets, cup of coffee in hand, listening to the rain. My pups are snoring softly at my side. My Other Half hums quietly in the kitchen, fresh eggs crackling in a hot skillet. It even smells like Sunday.


I’m in no rush to run. It’s pouring outside. And while I do love running in the rain, after yesterday’s 15 mile mess, I’m in no hurry to lace up. Some runs are effortless. Some runs are a chore. This was work. Unsatisfying, hard labor. It wasn’t fulfilling. My legs felt awful. My stride choppy and short. I felt “sticky” not fluid. It’s not the first crummy long run. And it won’t be the last.

I felt awful.

I know it is temporary. It’s just a bad run. One. Bad. Run. It doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t be able to run the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon at the end of May. I know I can. The body achieves what the mind believes. At least I keep telling myself that. It’s my mantra. I tell myself this every year at this time. Although this year, I will be singing a new tune. This video found me at the perfect time. I am re-inspired.

It’s been a long winter. And it’s starting to become an even longer spring. Spring may have sprung. But my legs haven’t.



20 thoughts on “I Will Run.

  1. Even though I know a bad run will pass (often as soon as my next run), I still get in the dumps about it! I’m excited for spring legs and fun runs soon!

  2. Sometimes crummy runs are the best ones. They show you what you’re made of – and if you knocked off 15 on legs of wood, you know you’re made of pretty strong stuff. 🙂 Some runs train the body; others train the mind.
    LOVED the video. Made me homesick (of course). Also made me even more anxious to get a good run in. I have done one 4-miler in the past week. And spent the rest of the day coughing and shivering. Going to try and get out there today if the rain ever stops…

    • Rain? What rain? Oh you mean the INCHES of snow I just drove through which made my commute a shit show?!?!? Seriously. This is for the birds. I’m heading to yoga AND scheduling a massage STAT.

      Damn crummy runs.

      I thought of you immediately when I watched that video. I got all sorts of choked up. Sigh….

  3. Colby, I didn’t need to see that stupid video. Running has been such a therapeutic experience for me the past couple of years and that stupid thing reminded me of how grateful I am for it…anyway! Without the bitter, the sweet just isn’t as sweet right…hope the next one is great!

  4. But you finished that 15 miler and kicked it to the curb! I hate crummy runs, but the next one is almost always that much better. Sometimes I think we’re all just chasing that one elusive PERFECT run. When it happens, it makes all the crappy ones so worth it.

    • You’re absolutely right. I did finish it. And it’s done. I’m hoping this weekend’s long run is a bit more inspirational. There is nothin’ like a perfect run. Nothin’. 🙂

  5. I’m finally catching up on my blog reading, sitting here on a beautiful sunny morning, drinking coffee and totally not wanting to run. Right now I’m enjoying the freedom of no training log and I think I may take my coffee and book out to the patio. This will not last, so I will enjoy it. I’m reading backward, HATE your sinus infection, those suckers are so hard to get over and suck energy. Do you do mega C and zinc? I’ve found that helps, three times a day, but not on an empty stomach or that zinc will make you feel sick. And I love the girl trip!

    • I’m so happy your catching up! It’s a beautiful day here too! Finally. Thanks Mother Nature. I did do mega vitamin C. And finally, the damn thing went away (antibiotics too don’t let the vitamins alone fool ya!) 🙂

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