Wax On!

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Full Disclosure:

I have no idea what the hell I am doing.


So I put our Blog on Bloglovin’. (Tina. We’re on Bloglovin’. And no. I don’t know what that means.)  And in my head I just sang “Gimme some Bloglovin’! Gimme, gimme BLOGLOVIN’!!!”  Great. Now it won’t stop. In the spirit of getting ourselves out there, I figured it would be a nice tool to use it.

Well? Is it?

Do any of you use Bloglovin’? Are we years late to the party? Was this so 72 hours ago? Are you rolling your eyes in disgust, hissing “Fledgling!” ???

I got to thinking during my 20 mile swim run the other day. It was either that or just run and whimper in a vat of self pity. And honestly if you can’t get your thoughts wrangled after 3 hours in the pouring rain, you never will. Trust me. You can relive the horror should you chose, here.  It occurred to me during the depths of misery, that I need to start paying a little more attention to our baby. I love our Little Blog.  I need to show it some love. I’m stoked to have a BFF like Tina who’s bright idea this was in the first place. Love her. Tina stays on top of blogging. I wax and wane. Thank god there’s two of us. I’m also feeling like lately, I have a lot more to say. I like writing. A lot. It makes me feel creative. And like I’ve accomplished something when I hit “Publish”. It’s like a little finish line. I need a little more creativity in my life. Doesn’t everyone? I’m really just a nerdy scientist in skinny jeans who laughs and runs. A lot.

Here’s to waxing!


8 thoughts on “Wax On!

  1. I love our little slice of the blogsphere!, too! But I feel like I have been terrible about posting, too. Must. Do. Better. It is a great outlet to get some of the zillions of thoughts out of my head and keep the creative muscles working. Love it. But then again, what do I know? I’m really just a nerdy tax lawyer in skinny jeans who likes to laugh and run. A lot. No wonder we love each other so much!

  2. I love writing on and sharing and being creative in my space, yet I have been on the “wane” for more than one cycle around the Earth. To Waxing, indeed! (And I have no idea about Bloglovin’ … Let me know how that goes!)

  3. I am now bloglovin’ your blog on Bloglovin’. Every time I hear the word Bloglovin’ it makes me think of McLovin. I have my blog on there, but I never actually look at it. People might follow me and they might not. Maybe I should go see what’s happening with that.

    Really though I love your blog and I’m glad you’re here. ❤

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