May I have another challenge? Why, Yes!


Ok People. Who’s ready for a challenge?!

You. Yeah You. In the back.Waving wildly. YES YOU! 

Ready for the Big Reveal?!?!?  

The May Challenge that’s behind Door Number Two is {Insert drumroll}:


Our friends over at Reebok Spartan Race began another 30 Day Challenge. Actually, they began the “30 Day Push-Up Challenge” back in April, but yours truly was too busy training for a marathon, freezing her ass off and complaining about the weather to engage in it. So alas. Better late than never! Time to get those pectoral, muscles, triceps, and anterior deltoids back in action. Good-bye bingo wings!

So Drop and Give Us 30! A Day. For 30 Days.

The Task:  Starting today, complete 30 push-ups each day for 30 consecutive days. You can be a brave little Spartan and do them all at once, or split them up in to sets and do them when you can. We don’t care how you do them. As long as you do them. Makes sense, right? Make the commitment and get them done. Easy, peasy.

I do solemnly swear that Tina, Myself and the Spartans over at Reebok Spartan Race will keep this push-up ball rolling!  Like us on Facebook. We promise to inspire and motivate you every day as long as you commit to doing them. Let us know how you’re doing! Chime in on the conversation! We’ll post variations too just to mix it up a bit. Come on, it will be fun. I Spartan Swear.

Are we good? Cool. LET’S DO THIS.  30 Day Push-Up Challenge Begins NOW!

We’re proud of you already. 🙂


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