Cut me Mick.

I’m not sure what sort of miracle I was expecting but man, I look ROUGH. Ten rounds with Apollo Creed rough. I think I thought I would wake up and all of those little woodland critters that helped that godamn Cinderella, would have skin grafted and dermabraised me into a gorgeous, smooth skinned, unblemished Princess. Alas. ‘Tis not true.

I am hideous. hideous The good news is that the swelling is down and the abrasions are actually healing nicely, albeit not as speedy as I would like. I wanted Yesterday. It’s looking like Forever. But, there are no signs of infection. High-five! DOUBLE HIGH-FIVE! And?

Wait for it….

I went for a run. yeah My first run post long run catastrophe. I felt like a toddler, planting each foot as carefully and as firmly as humanly possible with eyes glued to the road. It wasn’t pretty. But I did it. Back in the saddle. After That Long Run Where I Wrecked My Face, I must admit, I was a little nervous. Who the hell am I kidding? I WAS AFRAID.

But I survived. 🙂

In other news, the sickly greenish yellow hue that’s creeping across my face is really bringing out the hazel in my eyes.

Silver lining, People. Silver godamn lining. {Deep sigh.}


20 thoughts on “Cut me Mick.

  1. So glad to hear that you are doing better (albeit in a hideous fashion). I could not read all of the last post as I get rather queasy opening a bottle of ketchup, but I made it through this one with my breakfast still under wraps. I am sure your doctor said no running, right? So….

    • ….lace up n’ go!

      I’m a horrible patient. 😦 But. I have been tending to my wounds rather fastidiously if I do say so myself. Heal baby, heal! Stitches out tomorrow! I’ll be removing them…..

      I know. Horrible. Patient. 🙂

  2. I’m assuming I play the role of “Mick” in this scenario? No, I will not cut you. And I think you look better than you think. (Yes, everyone, I have seen the pics. They will not be posted because there is bound to be some bruise fetishist out there and Colby doesn’t need a stalker). It will always heal slower than you want, but you’re looking good.
    Congrats on the run. I would have done the same, so no judgment here. At least you listened to me yesterday and took the day off.
    She’s BAAAAAAACK!!! xo

    • Yo Mick,

      I’m cracking up. You know, THAT’S EXACTLY WHY I WOULDN’T POST THEM. I mean if that’s your jam, then go ahead. But leave me out of it. Ick. Ahhh. My voice of reason. Thank you for talking me out of it yesterday. My body is much happier today. 🙂

      Oh. BTW. Did you find Giada’s Pizza Muffin recipe. That shit is off the CHAIN good. Of course I subbed portabellas for chicken…..



  3. YAY YOU DID IT YOU DID IT!!! I’m so glad you got back out there. The worst of this is all behind you and you will be all healed up and looking as beautiful as ever so soon!

    • Right?! Match made in heaven! Personally I’d prefer my usual amber eyes and tan, but alas, it’s going to be a wide brimmed hat, total sunblock, and oversized sunglasses kinda summer for me. 😦

  4. I just read your post detailing the fall – OUCH! In a weird, sick, twisted way I kinda want to see the damage. I know. Sick. Weird. Twisted. But good on ya for healing up nicely and getting out there again!

    • I can’t stop LOOKING at the damage. Who the hell am I?!?! I catch a glimpse and shudder. You can’t even imagine the conversations I have brought to a grinding halt this week. We’ll see how tomorrow’s rainy 20 mile run goes. Maybe I’ll post a highly filtered mug shot. 🙂

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