Get Fit With Fido!

20140602-003028-1828446.jpgI know two kids who were THRILLED their Mom didn’t run long this weekend! Meet Leon James and Pearl Anne. The two lights of my life. Leon James is Heinz 57, a mish mash, if you will. A little pit bull. A little lab. Some Shar Pei and a lot of Love Bug. Pearl is the Evil Beagle on the right. She’s not really evil. Although I think if she could talk, she would methodically discuss her master plan to abolish all UPS men. Globally. They’re simply fantastic dogs. They’ve also been getting serious attention lately- long walks, swimming (Beagle needs her bubble though), and a trail run for L.James. They’re exhausted!

I’m in this weird -So I Just Ran a Marathon. Now what?- space. Even though I am recovering and clearly suffering from PMWS (Post Marathon Withdrawal Sydrome), I am still getting short runs and work outs in every day. They just haven’t been of the super long run variety. It’s been a nice change of pace.  A circuit workout followed by a short run followed by a Leon & Pearl Cool Down Walk. Everybody WINS! Theses mini-workouts have been helping me combat the post-marathon blues. And keeping my pups happy!  I’m just gonna say it. I am starting to LOVE these transition periods between races. {Gasp!} Why? For 3 Super Simple Reasons:

  1. They’re DIFFERENT.
  2. They’re CHALLENGING.
  3. They’re FUN!

As luck would have it, we were contacted by and asked if we would give their Get Fit With Fido challenge a whirl. Hello?!?! PERFECT TIMING! We pawed at the chance. (See what I just did right there?) The circuit has 5 Dog-Inspired Moves created by Certified Fitness Trainer and Yoga Instructor, Julia Chan. And no. Before you ask, butt sniffing is not involved. Sassy Pants. Along with 5 Moves for you, there are 5 Dog Fun Facts that will help you understand your pooch. Did you know that when a dog does a “burnout” after doing his business, he’s marking his territory WITH GLANDS ON HIS FEET? And you thought he was just wrecking your lawn. For shame.

I did the Get Fit With Fido circuit this past weekend and it was PAWSOME! (Man, I am on FIRE here!) I haven’t done Mountain Climbers in a while and now I remember why —they’re tough! Especially if you do them fast. And I love a Squat and Jump Squat. Any time. They’re a Runner’s Friend. Leon James thoroughly enjoyed running Ladders (an interval workout) with me, rounding out the 5 Moves. I figured I’d get him in on the act. We did it for time on the trails. He was in heaven.

Check out the challenge! You don’t need a dog to do it, Silly. Although it was super fun with my stinky pup. You really don’t need anything but a little space and the will to try.  It’s a fantastic circuit to incorporate into your workout. I’ve done it several times now and am planning on rocking it again today.  It will definitely combat PMWS or just give you a little something different to keep you motivated. If you change nothing, nothing will change, right? So MIX IT UP! Get that body confused. It will LOVE you for it.


What do you do during those “in between” periods? Do you weave circuit training into your routine? Do you take you dog on vacation or hire a sitter? If you were a dog, what kind of dog would you be?

18 thoughts on “Get Fit With Fido!

  1. What an adorable couple of faces those are and what a cool opportunity from DogVacay! I’m with you on the Post Marathon Withdrawal. Right now I’m getting back into running, but also filling it in with cross training (was on the boring ass elliptical today, but at least it let me sweat a little bit) and chasing around the toddler which is exhausting.

    I think if I were a dog I would be one of those hyperactive breeds that jumps all over your guests.

    • There should be a Chasing Toddler Circuit. Maybe we can come up with one, with Miss Betty as the model. I’m having fun mixing it up! And this Challenge is really fun too. The Beagle is the Queen of Downward Dog. She’s my Yoga dog. Little maniac. You’d be a lovely, ZIPPY pup Salt! 🙂

  2. Haha, nice! And yes, dogs have all kind of weird secretions. You know how they smell a little weird when they come inside – it’s cause they release scents when outside to let other dogs know their around. That’s why ours have to stay on the tile after coming in until I’m convinced they aren’t releasing any more smells so they don’t stink up the carpet.
    If I could be any dog, I’d be one that could fly.

      • Are you ok? Give this woman some air, someone get a glass of water. Call a doctor – just make sure he’s in her insurance network and a preferred provider.
        Really, it was right after the Rooskies put the first man made object into orbit sometime in the late 50’s. Was it 1956 – wait – I’ll look it up – It was 1957. That really ramped up our duck and cover exercises in elementary school although hiding under a plywood and metal desk would have provided about as much cover as covering ourselves with tissue paper.

  3. If I were a dog, I think I’d be a yappy small one with a napoleon complex. And lots of energy. Maybe a Jack Russell?
    I think I’ll try the exercises with Andy, since he acts like an unneutered puppy anyway.

  4. d’awwww such cute puppies! I’m with you on the weird in-between period of a marathon after running VCM. I’ve just been cross-training, but will start back up running on Wednesday – already got my sights set on the Baystate Marathon. The Fido challenge sounds like a better way to spend the in-between time, though!

    • Thank you! Leon James is right next to me snoring like an overweight guy with a deviated septum. I’m back to running and cycling but I really do need to incorporate more cross training. These little mini circuits are great! I was toying with Baystate! Nothing like a new goal. 🙂

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