Running, Racing, Riding and Kohlrabi. Or, Where in the World is Colby?

Sweet Sweating Baby Jesus.

I’ve been on a Running-Working-Life-Crazy ROLLERCOASTER the past week.


And here you thought I’d gone and flown the coop.  Nah. Just busy. And although I am waging a campaign to Stop the Glorification of Busy, I really was this time. For reals. I hate the “Busy” excuse. If you want to make the time, you’ll find the time to make. More often than not, it’s a sham. I usually can figure out how to squirrel something in. But this time, I couldn’t find shit. So. Let’s see. Here’s what’s been keeping me “Busy.”

Over the past 10 Days I…

Ran the Branford Road Race on Sunday, June 15th!  Fantastic, fantastic race if you’re ever visiting your Pops on the beautiful Connecticut Shoreline on Father’s Day, have your kicks with you and feel like running a pretty 5 mile road race with several thousand friends. Always a great time. JB Sports puts this race on and they’re truly a class act.  Ample water stops. Great post-race festival.  Pretty scenery. And I DIDN’T ALMOST UTA PIPPIG MY PANTS THIS YEAR!  (You can read last year’s Almost Debacle, here.) In fact, I had a pretty decent race considering all I’ve been doing is running on tired legs. I’ll take 9th in my age group! And no. There weren’t 10 broads either, Smarty Pants.
(Photo credit: Melanie Stengel, New Haven Register.)

Rode Henrietta Pussycat, My Cancer Fighting Bike, in the Critérium du Dauphiné 2014 .  I’m kidding. I’m not a professional cyclist. I’ve just been riding with My Zippy Cycling Boyfriend which is exactly like riding in the goddamn peloton.  He’s fast.  Not just fast for Colby. I mean fast for anybody- Superheroes included. I ride with him on his “Rest” days. {Insert guffaws here.}


I am training for my 10th Pan Massachusetts Challenge and I SERIOUSLY NEED TO GET ON MY FLIPPIN’ BIKE.  She’s not going to ride herself 200 miles in two days across the great state of Massachusetts now, is she?  So I’ve been squeezing in long rides on rest days. So far, so good.

Rest? What’s rest?

Spent 36hrs in Denver. Flew in. Worked. Sprinted thru the Denver Art Museum, combining both culture and a nice quick workout. Drank great craft beer. Slept. Ran intervals on the hotel treadmill. Huffed and puffed. Worked. Flew home. At 1:30am. The end. In short:  The 3 seconds of Denver I saw, I really liked. Until next time Denver! We shall run again! On real trails. Up mountains. Over Red Rocks. Instead of on a goddamn hotel treadmill. There’s got to be a law against that in Colorado. Fo shizzle.


A Clean Sweep. Outside of the Denver Art Museum.

Ran hard, hilly trails. And loved every doggone minute of it! Getting a little more agile on the trails these days. While I’m not quite Mountain Goat, I’m improving. The day after I flew in from Denver I headed out for a 1.5h tough-hilly-dehydrated-exhausted trail run. The masochist in me loved it.  Despite the whirlwind week, I managed to get a bunch of quality runs (and rides!) in. Score 1 for Colby!


Picked up my CSA Crop Share! And realized that kohlrabi is an actual vegetable, and not one of those screaming Mandrake Roots from Harry Potter. HELLO VEGGIES!!!  We are LOVING being a part of Bishop’s Orchard’s Community Supported Agriculture Crop Share!  Basil plants, spinach, romaine, bok choy, strawberries, Cato Corner Cheese, kohlrabi, sugar snap peas, asparagus….the list goes on.  And it’s fresh, local and fantastic. Support local agriculture. Or at the very least, hit up your local farmer’s market.  Bossy? Very. But completely true. I love that we’re a part of it. More to come on Adventures in Weird Vegetables! Promise. In other news, my own tomato plants ARE KICKING ASS! Let’s hope the trend continues.


Ran the Stratton Faxon Fairfield Half Marathon with Tina, Diva Cindi and some of our fantastic friends on Sunday June 22nd.  AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENED???  We didn’t combust and burst into a flaming ball of running fury from the extreme heat!  It was—dare I say—GORGEOUS OUT! I have now run this race 6 times and this was the coolest one. In fact, they announced that since the race’s inception it was the coolest Fairfield Half to date. And they’ve been running this shit since 1981. Remind me to send Mother Nature an Edible Arrangement. Or something made with Kohlrabi once I figure out what the hell to do with it.

In case you haven’t been following Tina and I for long, you can read last year’s Hellish Race Recap here and here. They are totally worth the read. We each swore this race off completely. This year was a WHOLE DIFFERENT HALF MARATHON. Minimal humidity. Temps in the 70s. Breezy. Challenging, rolling course. Extremely well supported. Another stellar JB Sports event. Lots of people along the course cheering, hosing you down and offering you orange slices. This race always gets high marks from The Running World.  That being said, it attracts some hard core runners. Ethiopians and Kenyans were tops. Seeing as how I didn’t feel as if I was running on the surface of this sun this year, I actually LOVED IT.  And that was reflected in my time. I was pretty pumped to have run it under 2hrs the day after a 33 mile hard bike ride which was the day after the 1.5h hard trail run after 36hrs in Denver. With my first 50K on the horizon, it was just what I needed- A Super Confidence Boost. I am really starting to believe I can do it.  Tired legs and all.  And that is what feels so fanfuckingtastic.


Yeah. I just patted myself on the back. 🙂 Now onto that ugly kohlrabi…

How many times have you run a favorite race? Are you a fan of weird vegetables? If you could be a vegetable, what would you be?


38 thoughts on “Running, Racing, Riding and Kohlrabi. Or, Where in the World is Colby?

  1. Welcome back! 🙂 I’m am all for the stopping of the glorification of busy too but and I mean BUT, when I say I am busy, I mean it. 🙂 Between 5 jobs (freelance writer, remember) and DEADLINE driven ones at that, marathon training, life, social activities–well not much time for those but those are necessary for sanity– I have no time for anything but running, working, and sleeping. Even showers are optional and isht is getting funky up in here. I will shower tonight. When I am done writing. it is nearly 8pm. I’ve been at my desk since 7am. I think I am having a nervous breakdown.

    RE: Fav races– mine is a series. The Beach Cities Challenge. Surf City, Orange County, and Long Beach. I am 2/3rds of the way though my 2nd go around with them. OC 1/2 has the most gorgeous course. All are beachside. And if you run the 3 you get a giant “challenge” medal for your efforts. I’ll get my 2nd one (we call it the pie plate, as it is that big) in October at Long Beach.

    Veggies? Hmmm. Not a fan of weird ones. Just barely a fan of regular ones. But I eat them because I am (supposedly) a grown up who takes care of her body. 😉

  2. Holy crap, dude… You are totally allowed to pull the busy card. And as far as running and shit goes, you are definitely winning at that. I love kohlrabi! I think it’s one of like 3 veggies you can get at our farmer’s market this early in the season. I just salt it and eat it raw, but I’m sure there are probably less lazy options as to what you can do with it. Weird veggies and fruits are kind of my thing. I go to the farmer’s market every Tuesday in the summer and try and find stuff that’s different and then I integrate it into weekend food specials at the bar. I think the only thing that didn’t go over well was this gooseberry compote stuff I made, but seriously wtf is a gooseberry anyway and who cares/why does anyone need to eat it? I love hearing about people’s CSA’s though because I have to drive an hour to pick one up if I want to participate and I feel the environmental impact of doing that probably outweighs the good of buying one.
    This was a ridiculously long comment. I’m glad you had a happy half, and you got to enjoy Denver. Take care!

    • Gooseberries are bullshit. Kohlrabi on the other hand is badass. Raw and salted huh? I’ll give it a whirl. That’s a bummer about a CSA being an hour away for you. This one is right down the street. Score! To weird cruciferous vegetables! Cheers!! 🙂

  3. Oh man, I wish I’d known you were at the fairfield half — I ran it too (last year it was my first ever half marathon). I really love the race and I’m glad you had a good one 🙂

    • DAMN. BUMMER!!!! Would have love to have met up for a post race slice of watermelon!! Congrats on your 2nd half!! Christ last year was so freaking hot. Tina and I were MELTING. We both had much better races this year!!! To next year!! 🙂

  4. All of those picture–hilarity. I’m actually not a big race repeater, for whatever reason. I think part of the reason that I like racing is to have an experience completely outside of the norm. And the glory and the bling, obviously. I’m surprised your legs haven’t just given you the middle finger yet. But then again, I have an overly aggressive body, so there is that.

  5. Holy busy batman!! I was tired just reading!
    Sadly, I’m not a vegetable gal.
    I’m so pumped for your 50k–can’t wait!! And omg, I adore that pic of you and your medal. Perfection. ❤

  6. My one year-raceaversary is coming up in late July so I’ll be re-running a couple of favorites after that. 🙂 Good lord lady this post made me tired! You’ve been EVERYWHERE!! Congrats on some great races and running those trails like a graceful mountain goat. ❤ I need some of your extra energy please!!

    • Are you kidding?!?!? You’re all that AND A MOM. I’m not packing Leon James lunches. Or taking Pearl Anne to ballet. Although the beagle would LOVE a tutu. That trumps any kind of tired. Period. The End. 🙂

  7. And I thought I was busy. I did 4 races in 9 days, hosted a party at my house and did a little work during the day.
    I love being busy doing things I like and want to do. Being bat shit crazy at work and getting the evil eye is BS. I could run every weekend but the family isn’t into it so much.

  8. While I usually agree with you on the busy front (seriously, it’s not like productive people have more time, they just know how to manage it better & have their priorities straight), lately I’ve been super busy too. Free time? Hah.
    Sounds like you’ve been having fun though, and that’s what matters, right? 🙂

  9. So like nice job and stuff. Sounds like you’ve been a busy beaver. Seriously, congrats on your races and everything else. And your trips sound like mine – cram in as much as possible! Haha, Denver does have some good craft beers. As for weird vegetables…

    • I mean if they’re gonna send ya somewhere, might as well suck the life outta the joint. Right?!? I’m cracking up at that picture! Nothing too insane in today’s crop share. Lots of leafy greens. Holy roughage. And. No ‘shrooms. 🙂

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