Don’t let me catch you.

I’m smack dab in the middle of Week 4 of training for Colby’s Ultra Big Adventure, also known as She’s Lost Her Mind and Signed Up for a 50K. And so far? All is good. I’m pushing myself harder than I have in a long, long while. And I’m digging it. I am also sticking to the Training Plan I cobbled together off of The Internets. It seems insane reasonable, so I’m going with it. In the midst of all of this running madness, I am also riding my Cancer Fighting Bike, Henrietta Pussycat.

Henrietta Pussycat.

Henrietta Pussycat.

She’s totally badass. My 10th Pan Massachusetts Challenge is in exactly one month. 200 miles in 2 days in support of cancer research. I can’t say it snuck up on me. I’ve been riding it for a goddamn decade. But somehow, it did. The two weekly “Rest” days in my 50K Plan have been spent on the bike. And I’ve gotta admit. I love that damn bike.

Sunday’s Hungover Central Park 6 Miler with Tina (we should make t-shirts and have pudding shot stations) was followed by Monday’s After Work 25 miler on Henrietta. It was just she and I, spinning wildly. I say this every damn time I finish a good ride. I love cycling. Love it. And I love riding with my Other Half. But Monday, I rode alone. Even without my Missing Piece, I kept the pace up. In the big ring. Like a big girl. Just me and Henrietta. That was until I came upon Some Guy on a mountain bike. Whom I passed. Politely. I’m going to say this. He was not THRILLED by my zippiness. Nope. Not one stinking bit. I think the pony tail got him. How do I know this? Because he pedaled his ass off to catch my wheel and bark at me.

Mountain Man {Yelling}: DON’T LET ME CATCH YOU!
Me: {Snippy} What?
Me: {Calmly} I wasn’t planning on it.
Mountain Man: {Annoyed, panting, semi-crazed} You know, the ONLY reason you passed me is because you have thinner tires. You have THINNER TIRES.
Me: {Slows} The reason I passed you, is because I am faster than you.

And then I turned the screws.
And didn’t look back.

Really? And what were you going to do if you caught me? Knock me off my bike? Shame me? Throw thumb tacks? Who yells that at someone? Was he really that put out by a girl passing him? Or was he himself having a bad day? I didn’t imagine it. It really happened. Quite frankly, I didn’t care for his shitty angry tone. After a fantastic weekend, a mid-grade hangover, a touch of lingering alcohol induced gastritis, a long ass day at work, and now a Hurry Up and Race the Sun bike ride, I was in zero mood to deal with The Defeated Mountain Man and His Bruised Ego. Back off Dude. I’m just going about a really good workout. I’m not a fan of anyone getting all up on me when I’m alone on a bike. Or when I’m alone anywhere; running or riding. So I got all sassy. Let’s be honest. I got obnoxious. What I said to him might not necessarily be true 100% of the time, but it was at that very moment. On the heels of the Like a Girl post earlier this week, I was feeling empowered. So I flexed my self-confidence a lil’ bit.

And dropped him, just Like A Girl can.

Riding STIRLING STRONG in honor of Stirling, my PMC Bunkmate, who lost her battle with cancer.

Riding STIRLING STRONG in honor of Stirling, my PMC Bunkmate, who lost her battle with cancer.



41 thoughts on “Don’t let me catch you.

  1. That is freaking hilarious. Was he short? A little Napoleonic perhaps? What was his beef? Love that you blew him out of the water. That’s what suckaaaahs get when they RIDE LIKE A BOY! On a related note, once I was running up my road, be-bopping to the Go-Go’s and minding my own business when two walkers yelled at me “WE CAN DO THAT TOO, YOU KNOW!” WTF? I never said they couldn’t. I never said anything at all in front of them other than a few lines from “We Got The Beat.” And (probably contrary to their assumption), I keep my headphones low and could HEAR EVERY WORD THEY SAID.
    Road Rage: Not Just For Drivers Anymore.

  2. LOL, I can’t believe that dude was so upset to shout like that! If he wants to keep up he better ride more (and yeah, get a faster bike, ha ha).

  3. I think he was trying to score a date in the very worst way possible, and then when you obviously weren’t giggling over his advances, he tried to save his ego by showing that he could in fact dominate over you (BUT THEN HE COULDN’T WHICH IS AMAZING!). Way to kick ass like a girl! Incidentally, I passed a man running last week, and while he didn’t make any comments, he tried to re-pass me for about half a mile before he couldn’t keep up. I’d like to think I helped push him out of his comfort zone!

    • Honestly. What was I supposed to do? Write my number in sweat on his gray cotton t-shirt? Fool. Oh that poor silly man trying to pass you. He didn’t know who he was up against now did he? GO AMY!!!! 🙂

  4. You’re a rockstar! Go on with yo bad self. Funny story – in my college co-ed dorm was a gal who had played bball for Boston College before transferring. Everytime we’d go to the gym to play in pick up games, she was ruthless with her trash talk. If she scored on the guy guarding her it was, “You just got scored on by a girl!” If the guy scored on her it was, “Oooh, big deal, you scored on a girl.” I was always on her team cause you couldn’t win on the other team. Haha!

  5. Nicole I’m sure you ride like you run, no man likes to see that they always seem to be surprised when you can pass them on a bike and what fun it is, sounds like you had an awesome ride .

  6. You go girl! Drop that hammer 🙂
    Still. Very. Creepy.
    I don’t know when it became so cool to not mind your own effing business.

    • Holy Insecurity is right! I don’t get it either. Because when I passed him I wasn’t all YEEEEAAAHHH! SCORE ONE FOR COLBY, SLOW POKE!!!! I honestly didn’t give a shit. I was far more interested in getting back before sunset. And eating. I was starving. Crazy Pants. 😉

  7. AHhahaha! You’re so badass! Good thing you showed him who is DA BOSS on the road. Some people are plain crazy and aren’t even worth any of our attention. Your bike is definitely a beauty! ❤ xoxo Olena

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