Glass cases of emotion brimming with potato salad.

10101Friday. How in the name of Ron Burgundy did that happen?!? A lovely four day weekend segued into a yucky four day work week peppered with trail runs, road runs and {music swells} The Dreaded Hill Repeats. It was a whole bucket full of same old, same old with a dash of sadness and pinch of disgust thrown in for good measure. As a result, my blogging promptly fell straight into the shitter.

The Week in Numbers:
Miles run: 40
Miles biked: 45
Number of vegetables in this week’s CSA: Bushels upon bushels
Glasses of wine consumed:  Copious amounts
Amount of money raised by some dude on Kickstarter in Ohio to make potato salad: Upwards of $40,000
Amount of money raised by Colby to ride across Massachusetts in the Pan Massachusetts Challenge, a 2 day, 200 mile cancer fighting odyssey to benefit life-saving cancer research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute: $2,842.25

See where the pinches of sadness and disgust came from? Has the whole world gone mad!?!?! Or is the Potato Salad Dude on to something? Are people funding potato salad because it’s quirky and silly and it’s just the lightness they need to balance the BATSHIT CRAIZINESS that has saturated the rest of the goddam place? Perhaps.

This guy wants to make potato salad.
I want to help fund a cure a for cancer by riding my bike 200 miles across the state of Massachusetts.

Who are you funding?

I know, right?!  Tough Call!

I’m being facetious. Perhaps the guy will do something noble and feed the homeless with 1,000,000 pounds of potato salad. Or donate it to potato farmers across the country who can certainly use the influx of cash. Or better yet, start an education campaign alerting parents to the dangers of leaving helpless children alone in sweltering locked cars while they run in and grocery shop for potato salad ingredients.

Just a thought.

Welp. Ohio Dude raised it. Fair and square. At the very least I hope he uses his potato salad for good, not evil.  He with the best shtick wins. Here’s a thought: What if I made potato salad WHILE riding my bike? Or better yet, juggle, peel, yodel and make potato salad while riding A UNICYCLE in support of cancer research!  I think I’m on to something.

Kickstart THIS, Baby!

Tina and Colby, Pan Massachusetts Challenge 2013!

Tina and Colby, Pan Massachusetts Challenge 2013!

Have a dollar to spare? Hate cancer more than potato salad? Then donate to our ride! Any amount will do! We’ll ride, you donate. Together we’ll kick cancer’s ass!  🙂  Many heartfelt thanks in advance!

To donate to Colby’s Ride:

To donate to Tina’s Ride:

16 thoughts on “Glass cases of emotion brimming with potato salad.

  1. OMG the potato salad guy. My husband is enraged at him. I hope he intends to feed a lot of people with all the potato salad he can make with that amount of cash. That picture of you two is amazing. I have your link bookmarked. ❤

    • Between the Porato Salad guy and the sheer number of children left in cars this week in CT with one poor baby actually dying, I’ve been completely bent out of shape all week. Thank you for bookmarking our link!!! That’s one of my favorite pictures from last years PMC. Such silliness. 🙂

  2. Yes, you need to be quirky to get a big fundraising pay day. I will also bookmark so hopefully I can contribute. Gotta make sure rent gets paid by friday 😉 And of course I hate cancer more than potato salad. In fact, it’s no contest. I have a heart on for potato salad. Opposite of hate for it!

  3. I hear you! This is my third year riding in Pelotonia where thousands of people come together from all over the place for the sole purpose of raising money for cancer research. It’s actually a phenomenal fundraiser because all of their operating expenses are covered by corporate sponsors so that 100% of every dollar raised goes directly towards cancer research. Everyone has been affected by cancer in some way. You wouldn’t think it’d be like pulling teeth to convince them to donate a couple bucks to such a great cause. Yet, somehow, through the generosity of a handful of people, I always manage to reach my goal by the time fundraising is closed for the event each year and I’m always blessed to be a part of it. I’ve watched too many loved ones suffer as a result of this dreaded disease to just stand by and do nothing. Ride on, ladies!

    • First—THANK YOU FOR RIDING!!!! I have to check your ride out!! Look at us all united in our quest to kick cancer’s rotten ass!! As with your ride, the PMC also has wonderful sponsorship so every dollar donated goes directly to the cause. That’s so impressive! And fairly rare. Most charities are not 100%. The fundraising commitment always gets met. Once you commit, you figure it out. And people are wonderfully generous. Chokes me up every time. 🙂 Keep on riding!! This year is my 10th PMC. I am honored to be a part of this wonderful cancer fighting family. Pedal on! Xo

  4. I’m annoyed in large part because I hate potato salad. Mayo skeeves me. Just one of the many things I share in common with Honey Boo Boo’s mother. Now if he was raising funds to grow tomatoes and basil for a nice caprese…
    The kids in the car thing has me all up in arms, too. I cannot understand it. I feel sick about it. I can’t think too much about it because it is devastating and there is nothing I can do other than check parked cars as I pass by for sleeping children and pets (which I now do).
    Kickass weekly mileage, my friend. I have officially turned the tables from running to riding, clocking in 20 miles running and 92 miles on the bike. Gonna have to keep it that way for a few weeks if I’m going to tackle the great state of Massachusetts on the 2nd & 3rd. Worked out better with my broken toe, anyway. Much easier to ride on it than run on it. Kind of miss getting in my running zone, though.

    • TBone YOU’RE A BEAST! And I abhor mayonnaise. However, if it was that ridiculous Barefoot Contessa potato salad I’d be ALL IN. I really need to get in more time on the bike, but I’m goddamn exhausted. It will have to do.

      • You actually do not need more time on the bike. Muscle memory is your friend and you are in fierce shape. I’m a little concerned for myself – this is the first week I have gotten any serious miles in on the bike and I’m nowhere near as fit as I was last year. Willpower will be my friend.

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