And That’s a Wrap!

Who just rode her last two long rides and wrapped up training for her 10th Pan Massachusetts Challenge?

{Cue Running Man}



Welp. Nothin’ left to do but pack, obsess about my bike and GET EXCITED for the Pan Massachusetts Challenge!  I can’t believe this is my 10th year riding. I really can’t. I’m getting that PMC-All-Choked-Up feeling every time I think about it. Come this time next week, I’ll be planted firmly on Tina’s Cape Cod Rental House’s Couch, drinking copious amounts of beer and re-capping our 200 mile ride across the great state of Massachusetts all in the name of Kicking Cancer’s Ass! It’s an EPIC experience. One I can’t imagine living without.

I “Officially” wrapped up my training this weekend, a Tour de Sunflower, if you will, with my Zippy Other Half. I told him I wanted to do a long ride this weekend, my last before the PMC. And of course, off we went. He’s good like that. There is nothing better than doing something you love, with someone you love. A perfect, long ride with My Guy. A meandering 73 mile jaunt that took us to Buttonwood Farm which is currently teaming with sunflowers. Oh and I mean TEAMING. Happy, inviting, smiling sunflowers grown for the Make a Wish Foundation of Connecticut. It’s freaking beautiful.


It was quite the hilly ride. And 73 miles ain’t short. But seeing as how I’m Little Miss Hill Climber lately, it wasn’t all that bad. Tough. But not impossible. Today’s ride was a Race Against the Storm which rounded off two fantastic rides. Just the two of us. Two Peas. My Other Half is so supportive. He’s so great riding with me. Always looking back. Always looking out. Always smiling. He’s been part of my PMC journey for years now. He knows exactly how important the PMC is to me. And I love that about him. It’s nice to ride along with someone by your side. I am lucky.

My Last Long ride is an emotional one for me. It always has been. It’s less about the training and more about why I’m training. I can’t help think about why I am riding. And for whom I am riding for. I can’t help but remember those who have lost their fight with cancer. Each year the list gets longer and longer. My heart just breaks. The ribbons I wear in honor of those who have been impacted by this insidious disease will gently flap behind me. Like wings. Generating lift. Propelling beyond cancer. Towards hope.

And that’s exactly how I see it.

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19 thoughts on “And That’s a Wrap!

  1. That is so awesome, 10th anniversary, you are very cool! And love the sunflowers, just gorgeous. Doing something you love with someone you love? Best thing ever. Wishing you a fantastic 10th Pan Massachusetts Challenge!

  2. Your relationship with the race is longer than just about any relationship I have in my life! And sunflowers are freaking awesome. They are the satellite dishes of the flower kingdom.

    • Walk right over to that guy and hug him for Tina and I! Ok. Maybe that’s frowned upon in the workplace. How’s about giving him a huge THANK YOU FOR VOLUNTEERING from us instead!!!! That’s harder than riding. Hands down. PMC Volunteers make the whole weekend happen! So excited for this coming weekend. I can barely contain myself. 🙂

    • Where in CT did you live Kimberley??!! It’s so, so pretty out there. I’m on the Shoreline, so this was a HAUL but it was such a nice ride. The sunflowers made it all worth it! 🙂

  3. You’re the cutest ever. I wish Mr. Salt would run with me. 🙂
    That ride sounds spectacular. I am so proud of you and I can’t wait to hear all about your journey. And those pictures are STUNNING! We have a sunflower farm right near me too, but every time I remember it’s there and want to go see them, all the flowers are gone. Fail.

    • We caught it just right. I should also add they sell very good ice cream there but the line was IMPOSSIBLY long and we wound up with nothin’. Which initially I was crushed about. Instead we stopped for nachos, beer and quesadillas on the way back which totally trumps ice cream in my salt deprived book. 🙂 I wish I remembered what everything tasted like but alas, it was a ravenous blur. Mr. Other Half runs. Like a stinkin’ gazelle. He’s one of those annoying gifted types. So I usually run and ride with him on his “rest” days. (Actually he drags and pulls me. Same diff.) xoxo

  4. That is so awesome! Way to go! Those sunflowers look sunbelievable! I do know what you mean about thinking of others on a run. I do this quite often…especially in marathons. My first came pretty close after my grandma passed. That was a tough one. I know she was helping me though it though – I actually saw ‘signs’ along the way.

    • I always wind up thinking about someone fighting cancer or battling any illness when I’m running or riding. Especially when I have to “dig deep.” I really believe that they help you through it. I’m sorry to hear of your grandmother’s passing. It’s never easy to deal with. At any age.

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