A Dose of Reality with a Side of Lies.

I realized two things today.

1. The VT50 is exactly one month away.

chris farley scared


2. Hello Kitty is a goddamn fraud. Really?!?! She’s a little girl?!?! A little HUMAN girl. How is that possible? Who the hell are her parents? Jocelyn Wildenstein and Roy Horn?!?! Well Girlfriend better get a good pair of tweezers to pluck those whiskers of hers. We’ve essentially been fed a bowl of fortified Sanrio lies for over 20 years. I am outraged. Simply outraged.

hello kitty

Now back to that 50K I’m running in 30 days…

I’m not quite sure why I feel as if it’s sneaking up on me seeing as how I’ve been obsessing about it since I Pulled the Trigger in a moment of Post-Marathon Euphoria. Christ. My 3 lost toenails haven’t even grown back yet. 

I can do anything! Weeeee!


Right now I’m not even sure I can walk in the kitchen to pour myself another glass of White Bordeaux, let alone run 30 or so miles on trails, up a mountain and back down again.  My First Ultra Marathon. And it’s in The Green Mountain State. I’m exhausted. And nervous.

Honestly? I’m feeling pretty decent about my training. How I’ll feel on race day is another issue entirely. I’m tired and my legs feel like ambrosia, so I must be doing something right. I did get a new pair of kicks which I am really loving. Purple Pearl Izumi’s. So damn snazzy! I have run a bunch of trail runs in them so far. However, I am holding off giving then “Colby’s Seal of Approval” until after this weekend. My 7 toe-nailed paws are crossed for a good long run. I think I’ll feel better after that. In fact, I am sure I will.

Come on Confidence!

I mean after Champagne and Hill Repeats this week and then the Bomb that was Hello Liar Hello Kitty, there is no place to go but up!

Do you have a favorite trail running sneaker? Will you ever look at Hello Kitty the same way again? White, Red or Rosé? Go!


34 thoughts on “A Dose of Reality with a Side of Lies.

  1. Wait so she’s a human girl and not a girl cat? Huh. I got to run up Mannsfield in VT when I was there for a wedding in May, it was gorgeous. Good luck in your race!

    • Yup. You got it. Little GIRL. Not a Little Cat. What kind of world are we living in? Vermont is such a beautiful place to run. Deep down beneath my nervous self- I’m excited for it! 🙂

  2. A little girl…really…what the heck is pluto then, or goofy. Is snoopy gonna be coming out too. Are they just a group of furries. I blame this all on Miley

    As for the Vermont 50…I can give you 50 reasons why I know you will be awesome! .I only fear what your endorphin-overloaded self will be signing up for 10 minutes after crossing that finish line.

  3. I did not allow myself to get sucked into the screaming vortex that is Hello Kitty, so I’m really not all that surprised. It’s all a human/cat conspiracy. And the shoes ROCK! With those on your dogs – and having survived champagne, hills, cat conspiracies and, oh yeah – when CT attacks – what’s a measly 50 miles in the mountains???

  4. Oooohhhh the inhumanity!!! Are you cereal about hello kitty ummm I mean hello human. How did you discover this??? Cute new kicks bt the way

  5. Vt50! That’s kinda near where I’m at! I totally hear you about races sneaking up on you. I now have to have a countdown thing so that I can keep track of when my big races are.

  6. You’re turning my world upside down. How can she be a girl and not a cat? I’ve been trail running in La Sportiva Wildcats this year. They’re great!

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