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Was I being Punked this past weekend? Did I miss a Pre-DeMila (See what I just did right there? Demi + Mila = DeMila. πŸ™‚ ) Ashton Kutcher lurking in the woods somewhere ready to jump out and Punk my ass?!?!


I ran 3 runs this weekend.
And they all sucked.

Every hot, oppressively humid mile of them- AWFUL. 89 degrees and 95% humidity. EveryΒ damn day.Β NINETY-FIVE PERCENT. What kind of nonsense is that?Β  Shouldn’t it just be raining at that point? Oh it was Labor Day alright. More like- My heart is in a severe arrhythmia and might just leap out of my chest and cannonball into the goddamn Long Island Sound ‘cuz I’m breathing Be-Labored Day.Β  I haven’t had 3 Consecutive Awful Runs EVER. Usually you have one. Maybe two. But 3?

Such. Shit.

This Humid Sufferfest ruined my confidence. The VT50 is in less than a month and I am in full on freak out mode. I had to cut my long run short. Heart rate way too high, breathing way to gaspy. Bad stuff. I recovered (on the couch in the Meat Locker that is my house) but I was still disappointed. Way disappointed. I felt like I quit. It’s definitely not what I needed this close to the 50k. But, I listened to my body which flashed a “Tilt'” sign and I knew it was time to stop. Humidity, 1. Colby, -3.

On the bright side, I did run on beautiful trails and used my new Nathan Zeal 2L Hydration Vest! A full review to follow! In short: I LOVE it.
No bounce.
No bite.
It fits.
Just right.

WHAT THE?!?! Where the hell did THAT come from? Who am I? I’ll tell you who I am…

A dehydrated, disgruntled, delirious runner. Who’s on a goddamn mission.
That’s who.

How far did you get this weekend? Did the humidity kick you in the teeth? Have you run with a hydration vest?










40 thoughts on “Sweatember

  1. Never doubt yourself ..you got this! When you are running thru hell you keep going! NOW SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP, WE WILL HAVE NO MORE DOUBTS. Lookout Vermont, here comes Nicole!

  2. Now those are some beautiful trails! I’m sad that you couldn’t fully enjoy them though 😦 Ive def had my share of shitty runs (pun intended) but like they say, a good one will pick you right back up πŸ™‚

    I love love my ultimate direction hydration vest!

    • Aren’t they pretty? And the kicker? They’re 2 miles away from me. They’re tough— but gorgeous. Shitty runs are the worst. I’ve had my share of those too!!! But honestly, I shouldn’t have expected to have fantastic runs in outrageous humidity. We’ve had zero humid days this summer which is SHOCKING. Why do we get so hard on ourselves?

  3. Bad Run, Shmad run. They come and go. But your determination never wavers and you’ll do great. This weekend royally blew as far as the weather was concerned. It was the weather, not you. And you didn’t quit – you still got your run in; just a different one than planned. xo

    • Ah T-Bone. What would I do without you? I love that we have each other to send “I’m DYING and I’m lost in the woods. I’ll send up a flare. COME GET ME” texts to each other. You’re right. My determination isn’t gasping under a tree in a puddle of sweat. It put it’s Big Girl pants on! The confidence however, is rocking in the corner sucking it’s thumb. I’ll toughen her up. Xoxo

  4. Ugh, we’ve all been there, letting the humidity get to our confidence. Summer is by far my favorite season EXCEPT when it comes to running. Then it’s Fall πŸ™‚
    Cutting one run short won’t ruin you. Those runs you suffered through will most definitely pay off come race day!

  5. That looks like a beautiful run! The uber-sweaty bad runs will make the cooler awesome runs all the more awesome. You’ve got this! I did my first 10 miler on Saturday and did something to my knee. It’s feeling better today, but sure did make for a humid short easy run pretty awful on Monday.

    • It sure was a beautiful run. I always wonder if people who live in the area even know how pretty it is there. Those trails are 2 miles from my house and go on for a decent ways. Love it. Ouch! How’s the knee?? Go easy, Lady. πŸ™‚

  6. I only did 6 miles on Saturday, so I was done before it was too bad. Don’t let a few bad runs get you down, you’re awesome, and you’ll be just fine come race time πŸ™‚

  7. My last few runs have all been pretty bad. The humidity in Ohio has been ridic. Thankfully those runs were all less than 7 miles BUT STILL. It was so bad one day that I actually did four miles inside…..on a treadmill….wearing the totally wrong shoes….I absolutely refused to take that one outside! I’m actually excited about my long run this weekend because it’s supposed to be in the high 50s when I get out there! And maybe my pace won’t suck quite as much. I feel ya, girl.

    • You and me both Corinne!!! Bring on the 50s! Watch. We’ll be like lightning! The humidity simply sucks all speed from me. And this weekend was the worst this year. I just was not prepared. 4 miles on a treadmill is death to me- You’re a beast! Good luck this weekend Corinne! I’ll be thinking of you!!! πŸ™‚

  8. Hahahaha not laughing at your pain chica! But I love your writing style, you crack me up even when talking about the cruel and unusual punishment of run in wicked humidity annnnnd yes this Florida runner boy gets your pain 100% TOTALLY!!! After the humidity won’t start leaving our state for another 6-8 weeks. Hmmmm sooooo your house is a “meat locker” eh’ hahaha love it. Sorry for ya pain but it’s also nice to know that this Floridian isn’t the only one getting kicked in the teeth by the wicked high humidity.

    • You and Scott (aka Pirate Bobcat) I HAVE NO CLUE HOW YOU SWING IT IN THE HUMIDITY. You’re both freaks of nature. Granted, we usually get some beastly humid days here accompanied by ridiculous temps. But this Summer we were totally spoiled. Zip. Hot. But dry. Totally different ball game when you up the ante with humidity. My house is frosty. You know that scene in Rocky when he boxes in the meat locker and beats the shit out of a side of beef? Yeah. That’s my house. Only instead of beef it’s beets dangling like speed bags. I’m a vegetarian. πŸ™‚

  9. I, too, decided this was the weekend to jump start my own (admittedly lackluster) marathon training for Philly in Nov. and was horribly discouraged with my poor performance. Felt like I was back to square 1…or 2. I am hoping it was just the humidity.

    • We’re going to chalk it up to the humidity. Fo shizzle. Tina and I are running Philly! Actually, Tina is running the full and I’m running the half! No sweat Andrea. You’ve got time. And cooler temps coming! πŸ™‚

  10. Good gracious! No fun, but holy moly, that trail is BEAUTIFUL!!! I ran only once over the weekend (she says sheepishly), and it was cool at first and gorgeous. Only 5 miles, and with family. πŸ™‚ I’m still recovering myself and deciding how much I want to be running when I am not madly training for a freakishly long race (good luck on yours next month! I know you’ll have a great experience, regardless of Mother Nature’s curve balls).

    I love my hydration vest! Mountain Hardwear Fluid Race VestPack. πŸ™‚ Tested out for the first time on the 50k – no trouble at all. Hope this weekend’s runs treat you a little more nicely!!!

    • I do too Alaina! I’m ready for her curve ball this time. I also plan on getting up at the crack of dawn. Christ. I’ll throw on my Petzel head lamp if needed. I’m getting this run in.

      The trails around these parts are really pretty. I see your trails and think the same thing. I really try to not take them for granted. They’re a blessing. And a welcome refuge from the goddamn pavement. πŸ™‚

  11. Nice lookin trails there. I’m with you on the humidity. It’s killing me. I was on a trail run Sunday and couldn’t stand it any longer. Cut my run short. After a friend asked, ‘I was ahead of you, how’d you finish before me?’ I told him I took a more advanced route back.

    • And in the woods it’s even steamier. I actually thought of you. I have no freaking idea how you manage in your humidity. It’s such a Game Over moment for me. I threw a flag when I got light headed. Such. Shit.

      • Thanks for thinking of me! I thought of you too on my run – thinking that we should start a comedy run podcast or youtube or something. But I was also light headed, ha! Seriously, I was light headed on my Saturday 11 miler. That can be scary.

    • YOU LUCKY DOG! I have a friend who moved from CT to CA who loves to remind me of that wonderful fact! It’s BRUTAL. It’s been a mild summer which has been fantastic but, it makes you drop dead when the humidity train rolls in! πŸ™‚

  12. Yeah I moved away from humidity…don’t miss it here in the mile high city. Plus the mountains are always at least 10-20 degrees cooler. But, bears. So. It’s a tradeoff!

    • If I thought last weekend was oppressive, it’s BEYOND oppressive right now. Love your part of the country. Just love it. Running in Connecticut in the fall is pretty awesome- not quite running in the the breath taking mountains beautiful- but it ain’t bad. Now about this bullshit humidity…

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