So this happened. Instead of something else.

This week the internet Lost It’s Mind when this photo made it’s way around News Feeds across the Whole Wide World.

In case you missed it, this is a photo of a women’s cycling team from Bogotá, Colombia in the Tour of Tuscany wearing a rather unfortunate kit that features a wide band of fleshy-colored fabric across the crotch and hips. Clearly, it doesn’t photograph well. It’s actually gold, not nude. And those aren’t exposed vaginas. Well they’re vaginas, but they’re covered.

The Colombians didn’t “go all Brazilian” as proclaimed in the Mirror’s “Camel Toe” Headlined piece. Oh, the puns flew over their lady bits. Twitter even slapped a “sensitive material” warning on some of the pictures. The BBC ran a black bar across their bits. And then this from International Cycling Union President, Brian Cookson:

Quite frankly, I think he has more important matters to investigate in cycling than these not-so-cute kits. Just sayin’.

Those kits were designed by team member Angie Tatiana Rojas. Just to make things clear, Angie is a professional athlete. She’s a female professional cyclist. So since we were going to be chit chatting about women’s cycling, maybe we should have discussed more important issues and not 6 labia majoras.

Aoife Glass wrote a great piece over at Total Women’s Cycling about what the conversation should have been about. She touches on inequalities which professional female cyclists have been dealing with for years. Lately, they’ve been reaching a boiling point. While women in cycling have certainly come a long way this year with La Course by Le Tour de France, which brought the top women in cycling to ride the legendary route, and win a respectable purse, there are still miles to go. And they’re all uphill.

According to her piece, here are the 5 Issues in Women’s Professional Cycling that Are More Important Than That Kit:

  1. Equal Pay
  2. Equal Prize Money
  3. Equal Racing
  4. Equal Coverage
  5. Equal Funding and Opportunities

It’s a shame that the dialogue couldn’t be about what’s REALLY going on in women’s cycling and not about which team is going to wind up on the “What Not To Wear” list. When will this end? The theme there is Equality, not Camel Toes. It’s the same goddamn story and it’s unacceptable. Not for nothing, they’re not the first team to sport a gold kit. A Spanish Men’s pro team wore the same unfortunate color. Back in 2010. And the Twitterverse didn’t make a peep. Somehow sadly, I’m not surprised.


13 thoughts on “So this happened. Instead of something else.

  1. I’ve seen the photo everywhere and I feel so bad for those ladies. I bet they had no idea how conroversial and explosive their picture would be when they took it! I do agree that women cyclists need equal opportunites just like women in so many other sports, professions, and activities. One day at time, progress will be made!

    • It was EVERYWHERE. It’s been the same story for years, hasn’t it? And it’s such a shame. Little by little progress is being made. And then something like this goes viral which I hope doesn’t overshadow the issues.

      At least were talking about it. Small steps. 🙂

  2. Oh Dear. I have so much to say once I stop giggling. At your post. Not at the unfortunate gold/nude swath of fabric. I’ve seen worse at the gym. This incident highlights not only what is wrong in women’s cycling, but also what is wrong in the world of social media. I am flabbergasted by the comment by Brian Cookson about the “indecency” of the kits. Unattractive? Maybe. But indecent? Not even close. And for someone with authority to jump on the bandwagon is just wrong. In so many ways.
    Does this mean that you are going to rope me into some nude cycling ride in protest? Just want to know whether I need to have my flat fixed.

    • There will be ZERO nude rides. But honestly, fix your flat, Lady.

      Pathetic that he would engage in a Twitter dialogue to begin with really. Indecent? Listen. I’ve seen my fair share of awful worn thin WHITE kits on men and no one flinches at their Moose Knuckles. But a Camel Toe?!?! People loose their minds. Black bars across? Twitter labeling it “sensitive material?” Ridiculous. I did a double take. Then moved on with my life, and had a beer. #truth

  3. I mean, it’s unfortunate that it looks kind of like they have nude crotches, but I couldn’t agree more: focus on the big issues and get over their uniforms. And how could it be indecent, they are covering themselves and it’s not like they drew vaginas and pubic hair on the outside or something!

    • Indecent? Come on. It was no more “obscene” then some of the men’s kits that make the rounds. I think he’s got larger matter’s to contend with in cycling than launching a Decency Investigation. 🙂

  4. Yep! I saw the picture and still don’t know what to think. I mean the might win a cycling event because those get-ups they have on might cause the competition to lose focus lol. The one thing I do know is the it takes away from the accomplishments of female athletes and put the focus on unimportant topics.

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