Warriors Dashing. The Connecticut Warrior Dash Recap!

Well smack my ass and call me a Viking! Guess who held The Key to the Battleground, muddied up and ran like a Crazy Person during her 50k taper? (So. Bad. Not recommended.)

Colby, the crowned Mayor of Warrior Dash.

20140922-204048-74448888.jpgWhaa- Whaat?!?
True story.

Mr. Merriment, a Customer Service Sensei at Red Frog Events, tracked me down last year after reading our recap. (Here.) And just like that, I became the Mayor of Warrior Dash. How about that silliness??? 🙂

Warrior Dash made it’s way to the Connecticut shoreline this weekend. Truth be told, Tina and I questioned last year’s Warrior Dash in Thompson “Where the hell are we?” Connecticut from the get go. But after 2 years in Thompson, Red Frog switched the venue to Madison, Connecticut WHICH IS IN MY BACKYARD!  I’ll cut to the chase here:  The change did Warrior Dash Connecticut GOOD!!  Sadly, Tina couldn’t Dash with our crew this year, but we kept her spirit alive with Diva Cindi, Fast Kid 1, Fast Kid 2 and Dare Devil Shawna, who we think has wings.

Here we are Pre-Dash. Clean and happy.

20140922-205830-75510232.jpgWe were fortunate to have a friend who lives directly across the street from Camp Laurelwood, Warrior Dash’s new venue. We were able to park at her house and walk on in. (WINNER!) The rest of the Warriors parked at a location several miles away and were bussed in. This was probably the biggest change. And from the people we chit chatted with, was met with mixed reviews.

Here’s what wasn’t met with mixed reviews. The Damn Dash!

This year’s Connecticut installment was FANTASTIC! It kicked off with a refreshing “swim” in a lake to a teetering platform then a cannonball back in and a “swim” to shore. The tall folks had no problem wading in. Us People McNuggets, were in over our heads which is why I am convinced I am going to wind up with Giardia. Gulp lake water much? Eek. Once you made it out of the Lake of Parasites, you were off and running. Real trail running! Tons of mud! Walls! Ropes on top of ropes! Mud mounds! Barbed Wire! Trenches! A (small) wall of fire! A mud slide! Did I mention there was mud?? There were 12 obstacles over 3-plus miles. It was a BLAST.

The obstacles themselves were not horrifying. They were just plain fun. However the massive amount of mud covering every square inch of you made them super fly slippery. I was more concerned with pulling a hammie, rolling an ankle or contracting a water borne illness during my 50K taper than anything. I know. Not recommended. But I am sure glad I did it, bruises and all. After our hose-down-baby-wipe clean up, we made our way to the Shock Top after party which was a blast. And yes, there were turkey legs galore! They also had these cool post-directly-to-Facebook photo stations. Well played, Warrior Dash. Well played.

If you haven’t done a Warrior Dash, you should. Like for real. They’re just plain FUN.
No burpie penalties.
No barking drill sargents.
No electric shocks.
No fuss.
Just muss.

And sometimes that’s exactly what you need.



Have you ever run a Warrior Dash? Would you ever run one while tapering for a 50k? What’s worse: mud in ears or mud under finger nails?


15 thoughts on “Warriors Dashing. The Connecticut Warrior Dash Recap!

  1. Waaah. I am so sorry I missed all the fun! You’re killing me with the Shock Top. Killing me. You did forget to mention when we spoke over the weekend that the event included that dreaded 4 letter word – a “swim” – huh? Eek. Did you really have to break into a breaststroke, or was it more of a running through water up to your neck situation? I already need a sedative just thinking about next year. To answer your questions: 1. Yes, I have done a Warrior Dash. With you, in fact. LOVE that race. 2. Yes, your fool bestie would also run one during the taper. I’m running the Spartan a week before the Philly Marathon, so we’re both Tapering Idiots. I think mud in the ears is worse because you can get mud under the nails doing gardening, but mud in the ears is unusual and a sign you were doing something freaky. Plus, you can always cut your nails to get the mud out as a last resort. Not so with the ears.

    • Welp. It would have been “wading up to your chest” but seeing as how I am I only 3 Apples Tall, it was over my head in portions which resulted in a swim. You would have FREAKED out. FREAKED. You also could have gone around it too. But not us, Warriors that we were! Shock Top. Which I know you are quite fond of. On tap.

      Next year T-Bones. 🙂

  2. I would have mixed feelings about Warrior Dashes as I HATE mud in and around any orifices and I don’t do cold water and I don’t like ruining things. It’s funny, for all the years I lived in a bar ruining things, I think I just like to avoid doing so whenever I can.
    I would just be cheersing with Shock Top. That I could get down with.

  3. I’m not a swimmer so the beginning would have freaked me out – but I still want to do one. Mud in the ears definitely worse – how do you even get it all out? I’d probably still be cleaning dirt out of orifices for days after.

    • Let’s discuss. It took me 3 (YES 3) showers to get the mud off of me. I can’t tell you the number of Q-Tips required to extract the mud from my ears. It was so silly. I am NOT a swimmer either (I’m a cannonballer) and I managed. Tina would have run around it. And many people did. So much fun. Definitely do one! And buy Q-Tips on the way home. 🙂

  4. Ummmm yeah you’re a BEAST and a BOSS Colby hahaha!! I have never considered trying a Warrior Dash for the simple fact I think it would leave me somewhere in a corner balled up in the fetal position and crying for mommie haha lol!! 🙂 Yep your are definitely more BEAST than me chica, those suckers look crazy tough. One of the girls I work with runs them. I might consider but you’d have to hold my hand hahaha lol 🙂

  5. Glad you had fun! I did the Warrior Dash the first two years and.had.a.blast. I’ve kind of rebelled/boycotted against mud-adventure runs the past few years due to bad experiences though. I don’t know if they are a direct result of your mayorship or not, but either way I’m sure your administration is corrupt.

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