Fun Run


While Colby was running through the woods of Vermont, I was busy visiting our friends at The Happiest Place on Earth! Yup, the Fam and I snuck down to Disney for 5 days to get our fill of junk food and vertigo. A good time was had by all.

Of course, the first stuff I packed was my running gear. Running on vacations is one of my favorite things to do. You can check out new scenery, get your bearings on where you have landed, and they are blissfully unrushed.

I didn’t get a chance to run the day we got there or the next day – too busy and I didn’t want to hold the kids up from getting to the parks, and by the 3rd day I was kinda completely jumping out of my skin. The combination of walking a zillion miles across acres of park followed by waiting in line had left me achy and antsy. My body needed to move – at a clip faster than a walk, and for more than 5 minutes at a time. I assume I am not the only person who actually feels more achy when they don’t run than when they do?

Day 3 I got up early, ready to go. Vacation run: new scenery. Opportunity to check out new radio stations. And best of all, no rush to get back for work/school bus/meetings. Aaaah. And, truth be told, given that I am in the middle of marathon training, I was a little anxious to get some mileage in.

Dressed, laced up my sneaks, and spent 10 unsuccessful minutes searching for my Garmin. That I managed to misplace my Garmin in a small hotel suite is quite amazing. But I did. I’m amazing like that. Gave up looking and decided that this was not going to be a training run after all – just a fun run to shake the legs out. (update: turns out I had put it in a “safe place’ in a small zippered compartment in my carry-on. So safe I couldn’t even find it myself.)

Stepped outside and was greeted with a wall of 100% humidity and temps in the low 80’s. OK Orlando, so this is how we are going to play it? GAME ON! It’s The Happiest Place on Earth! A little heatstroke inducing weather isn’t gonna kill my buzz.

Turned on my mp3 player to watch it die before I left the parking lot. I felt like Shleprock. But I carried on.


The run ended up being wonderful. I felt so unfettered – I didn’t know where I was going, what I would see or how far I was running. I didn’t have anything in my hands or on my wrist. I just ran. Like a kid. And loved every minute of it.

Florida has many beautiful areas, but International Drive in Orlando, where I spent much of my run, isn’t one of them. Didn’t matter – this run wasn’t about sightseeing, it was about getting in a run that my body seriously craved and needed. I felt all of the weird amusement-park induced aches fade away while I ran – using my body in such a familiar way. Ran for about an hour and felt like a million sweaty bucks afterward. I have no idea how far I ran, only a loose idea of how long I ran and had no idea if anything interesting had happened in the world while I was gone. And I didn’t care. I got my run on and had a blast.

This was no training run – it was a fun run. And even though I’m usually technically “in training” for one thing or another, I need to remember to take these more often. I don’t get too many opportunities to feel like a kid again, so I want to make sure to grab each and every one. Plus, it reminds me of why I started to run in the first place. Because it is fun.

The next day, I got up and had another great run with my Garmin and my fully-charged mp3. And it was a great run. But this one – this was one worth writing about.

Does anyone else get oddly excited to go for a run on vacation? Do you ever ditch the Garmin and just head out for a “fun run?”


21 thoughts on “Fun Run

  1. First of all. If they ever create a Harry Potter Half, WE ARE GOING. I’m so jealous you went there. And got a wand. Love it!!!! Screw that Garmin. Those are the best runs. I’m currently wrapping up my Week Off. My Zombie Toe is NOT ready for it’s close up. Can’t wait to see you later!

    • Notice I wrote about last week’s Fun Run, not yesterdays Run of Misery. Glass Half Full!! Matt got the wand. I just got vertigo. If there is every a HP Half, I will run it with you even though I have never read the books nor seen the movies. I’m a good friend like that.
      Cannot WAIT until later!! xxoo

  2. Ah, I ditched the the tracking stuff ten months ago and love it! I did pick up a cycling computer for current speed in club rides and for pacing my wife a little better… I’m much happier because I can enjoy a fun ride now that I’m not so tied to data.

    • I have only had my garmin for a year, so I don’t miss it too much when I leave it at home – only feel I “need” it when I’m doing a specific distance training run. I love vacation runs and especially when we visit a city – the BEST way to check a place out, especially in the morning when it is just waking up.

    • I love racing in new places, too. This trip was really for the kids, so I didn’t even bother – we could barely get through Disney and the Universal parks in the time we had. But I love racing in different places!

  3. Not only do I like to run on vacation, I try to find a race too! I was on running in the usa searching for Panama City area races and didn’t find one to race, but to volunteer. Ironman Florida!

    Most people wouldn’t be excited about things like that. I guess it’s a runner’s thing. 🙂

    • People ask – “But it’s vacation?” and can’t understand why I would “work out” on vacation. But it’s isn’t working out – it’s running – and for us running freaks, that’s a whole different thing!

  4. Nice! I love running at Disney. But you can also log some serious miles walking in the parks. My friends turned on their garmin at Magic Kingdom and ended up walking 10 miles during the day!

  5. I remember my first time down in Florida, humidity hit me nicely and was coming from NYC where summer are really humid too.
    I usually look for a roadrace when I’m planning my vacations, it’s a different way of seeing the city you are visiting. On my long workouts I don’t carry any gadget, I throw then in my dog’s backpack and I just go with the flow.
    Have a nice day!

  6. Hahahaha welcome to Florida Tina lol 🙂 ummmm yeah 100% humidity is what I train in almost daily haha! I’m glad you and the fam got to visit mouseland, you were about 2 hours from my neck of the woods 🙂 and I totally agree with International Dr not be much to look at … miles of concrete jungle for sure. I love getting lost in a vacation run just for the pure joy of it. I Colby able to walk normal by the way yet? Haha 🙂 she’s got me on pins and needles over here waiting for a race report lol

  7. Seeing as I’m taking a few days off to rehab the ITBS, I think my run at my second favorite place to run IN THE WORLD – aka the West Orange Trail in Winter Garden, FLA – is going to be GPS free! But no music – Negative Ghost Rider. I can’t stand to hear the slapping of my feet on the ground. Or my thighs. Slapping together. Yeah. That’s a big one. Just like they are. Ugh…..

  8. Vacations are to escape everything but running…yes its a pain at times but it is an absolute necessity and my favorite thing to do when in a new city (or old). I have had a run in this Florida heat you mentioned…not runner friendly and quite blah all the way around so let’s just say I am not moving there…ever.

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