Heal, Achilles. Heal.

Ok, Achilles.


I have been all, Little Miss Rest for over a week and while you’re DEFINITELY turning a corner, you ain’t exactly Let’s Throw On My Kicks And Hit The Trails for 15!

Not by a long shot.

And it’s making me BENT.


I am happy to report that while I am definitely on the mend, I’m not 100% post VT50. In case you missed it, you can relive the glory and read how I busted my paw here. The swelling is long gone. No weird bumps or nodules exist. And I can do a toe raise with very mild to zero pain. So like a good impatient patient runner, I’ve been showing it some love. I’ve been rolling my whacked out calf, doing simple calf drop stretches, bitching, whining and telling Sir Achilles how strong and handsome he is. Yes, in that order. Guess what? Flattery ain’t gettin’ me no where.


I am also learning that I don’t ‘Do’ injuries well. It’s making me stressed. And feel like a blown out Blerch. Amazing how you can go from feeling FIT! to Amorphous Slug! in a weeks time. I’m still moving. And planking. And lifting. But I’m not running. Not like I want to. And to be honest, I’ve never looked more forward to it. Running is such a gift. Soon, Colby. Soon.

Oh. What’s that you ask? How’s my toe?

That poor bitch is about to audition for a role as an extra Freak in American Horror Story, Freak Show. It’s down to her and The Lady With 3 Boobs.


I bet she nails it.

How do you deal with being sidelined? Do you: Binge eat? Binge drink? Binge watch Netflix? Or just rock in the corner and suck your thumb?


23 thoughts on “Heal, Achilles. Heal.

  1. Last year I thought I had the beginnings of a stress fracture and I had to stop running for 7 whole weeks! My boyfriend, who competes in MMA, told me that coping with injury is part of the whole journey of being an athlete. This helped me because, while I am not a competitive runner (with my 9 min/mile pace and all), I liked the idea of considering myself a true athlete-dealing with the ups and downs that come with the territory! Hang in there! You are doing everything right, including lots of TLC and cross-training!

    • Your boyfriend is a MMA FIGHTER?!?! BEAST!!! Shit. I’d totally take his advice, which was spot on. And, My Fierce Friend, you ARE a true athlete. You ARE a runner. Please don’t forget that. Pace. Schmace. You’re getting it done! Thank you for the thoughtful comment and words of wisdom! 🙂

  2. I have been on crutches for two months with a stress fracture in my pelvis. You come to accept that you can’t run, and focus on what you can do. I’ve learned to swim in that time (just with my arms) and now I have enough upper body strength that I can do pull ups. Watching people playing wheelchair basketball put things in to perspective for me. They weren’t crying, they were smashing each other with metal chairs.

    • Oh Amanda. Ouch! I’ve also been doing other things- pull ups is not one of them. You are fierce! While a bummer, my injury will resolve. My nephew is in a wheelchair and plays sled hockey which is also inspiring and incredible. I need to suck it up. #getoveritcolby Heal swiftly!

  3. Sung to the tune of ” Respect” by the great Aretha Franklin. It goes something like this…
    ” RESTTTT, find out what it means to me. RESTTTT find out what it means to me.” This from a runner whose total distance run this week will be under 2 miles. Just put on a Happy Face and remember WWAD – What would Achilles do?

    • At least I wasn’t dunked in a river. I hate swimming. Cannonballing however, is a completely different thing. Go, Lefty! Go! It’s 2 more miles than last week. 🙂

      And BTW, if you come across Aretha in your line of work, send her my way. I just saw her doing a cover of Adele in an ill-fitting, muted teal colored monstrosity of a ball gown. Girlfriend needs a stylist.

      I’m her girl.

    • Leon James (my trusty pup) and I have been sharing ice packs!! He just had ACL repair $urgery, my poor sweet dog. So I’ve been ALL up in his face!! It’s getting there. I’m gonna try an easy run this afternoon.

      In an unrelated note- did you read about the guy in Runner’s World who ran your marathon and won his age while running with Crohn’s? He’s amazing. Just like you. 🙂 It’s on our Facebook page. Xoxo

  4. I’m fighting achilles issues on both sides. Chronically tight and sore after running. Worried that some of this might be the result of age (of course) and weight (i’m 178 vs. 140 when younger) and good old wear and tear. That said, doing yoga is helping some, and orthotics but you’re observations on stretching and rolling the calves are probably meritorious.

    • I (literally) feel your pain. Achilles is a notoriously slow healer. Have patience (she says while gazing wistfully at her sneakers). While I am not a doctor, I have read quite a bit that strengthening the calf can help with the problem. Damn you Achilles. Heal swiftly Chris! 🙂

  5. How do I deal with injury ummmm I simultaneously binge eat (bag after bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup mini’s) while rocking in a corner and sucking my thumb haha lol. Then when I’m healed I feel slower than a manatee for the first couple weeks until my fitness starts to return. It’s soooo not a pretty site. I’m glad to hear that recovery appears to at least be headed in the right direction. You’ll be back at it with us soon enough. It’s just not the same out here with no Colby 🙂

    • I feel like a manatee! (And I see what you did right there Florida Boy! 🙂 ) Oddly, I have not been binge eating. I am finding that without insane mileage I’M NOT THAT HANGRY! Go figure. Never fear, I’ll be back to eating all things very soon! I’m running today. {Gulp!} And I’m sure you’ll be hearing about it!

  6. I’m 7 weeks deep dealing with a stress fracture on my right foot. The past 3 weeks I’ve been wearing an air cast. I am very lucky to have trainers who have modified all my work outs so I can still go to the gym. Since I am now taller on my right side (which is throwing off my hips and knees ~ oh joy) I have to use a couple rubber mats to even out my stance because I have to wear the air cast while I work out. The sight of me hobbling around carrying mats like Linus carrying his blanket is pretty funny. So while I am not able to use weights heavy as I would like I can at least do something. Who would have ever thought I would look longingly at my gym friends as they did burpees, pushed the sleds and powered through mountain climbers?!?

    I am a horrible patient but thankfully my foot will eventually heal. Until then I hobble, laugh at myself and power on. Rest up Colby! You’ll be back at it soon!!!

    • GOOD GRIEF KIM. What the hell?? You are BROKEN Girlfriend. And yet, you power on! Listen to that body though. Don’t get all crazy, Lady. So proud of your dedication! Werk it girl! 🙂

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