CSA-Ya Later, Gator!

Sad week in Colby Ville. It’s the final week of our local CSA. For 20 weeks we were happy as could be, buried in local produce.

Mae MobleyGoodbye fresh weekly vegetables. Toodles, magnificent tomatoes. Later, kohlrabi. You were weird, but you sure were tasty. Buh-bye, yummy butterkin squash. You kicked our risotto up ten notches. Even Giada was scared.

Until next season. {Sigh.}

I’m devastated. Now it’s back to crummy, zombie veggies from our local big ass superstore.

zombie veggiesThis was the first year we became shareholders, if you will, in our local Community Supported Agriculture program. CSA programs are fantastic. And as you can imagine, with the influx of people actually giving a damn about what they’re eating, they are gaining in popularity. Yahoo! 

20141024-203053-73853591.jpgCSAs link the consumer directly to the farmer. You commit at the beginning of the growing season to purchase a part of the farmers’ crop. It’s all paid up front. It boils down to roughly $20 per week. Which ain’t much, considering the quality and freshness of the veggies. Well worth it. Paying up front off sets production costs. The farmer plants exactly what is needed for their shareholders. So, less waste. In turn, the farmer gets cash way early on in the season, when they are typically cash poor, and have a guarantee that their produce is already sold. With our CSA, we had a Full Share or 2/3 share option. We opted for the 2/3 share and were SWIMMING in fruits and vegetables.

All. Summer. Long. 

Some weeks there were CRATES of extra veggies which you could help yourself to. Subsequently, we od’d on pears. And beets. You know that moment you wake up, hit the loo, and think you are dying? Nope. Just beets. Crisis averted. Here is just a short list of some of what we got. Stress SOME. There was a lot more. For real.

mayamo veggie Peaches, kale, green beans, sweet peas, beets, corn, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, asparagus, yummy peppers (That’s an actual kind. And, yes, they are yummy.), eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, apples, lettuces, fava beans, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, garlic, pear cider, apple cider, cranberry beans, spinach, local honey, local cheese, basil plants, herbs, pumpkins, seckel pears, acorn squash, collard greens, butterkin squash, butternut squash, Brussel spounts, The Evil Kohlrabi and these little weirdos:


Ground Cherries. Who knew?!?! Kind of like if a cherry tomato punched a tomatillo in the face then pelted her with mangos and pineapples. Weird? Yes. Tomatoe-y, mango-y goodness. Whatever the hell they were, I liked ‘em. I liked supporting our local farmers even more. 🙂 Here’s to 20 weeks of fresh, local, delicious, weird veggies! Until next year!

Have you ever participated in your local CSA? Do you have a local CSA? Have you ever eaten ground cherries? Kohlrabi? Cranberry beans?

24 thoughts on “CSA-Ya Later, Gator!

    • Look around. I live right next to a fantastic orchard and farm- Bishop’s Orchards. They partner with another local farm and provide fruits and vegetables for the season. It was really great. Fresh, local produce. Ain’t nothin’ better!

  1. You should do marketing for your CSA because I would totally sign up if I could. I don’t like a huge variety of veggies, but I would certainly try them if they came fresh off the farm. Maybe I’ll look into one here. I know they were lacking a few years ago, but hopefully it’s better now.

    • Ha! I should! The kicker is I have lived a stone’s throw from this farm for years and wasn’t aware they did it until this year. I’m going to miss it! If you had a serious aversion to a particular veggie, they let you swap it out. I’ll tell you fresh potatoes? OUT OF THIS WORLD. So, so good. Check it out! Very worth it. 🙂

    • Tasty little gremlins aren’t they? They aren’t winning any Vegetable Beauty Contests. That’s for sure. They might even kill you in the middle of the night, but boy are they yummy!

  2. Very cool! I’m not sure if we have something like that here. I need to look into it. I have had some bad experiences at local farmers markets – a few times I bought veggies, got home and noticed the residue from the grocer stickers that they peeled off. They probably went to costco, bought in bulk, ripped off the stickers, and sold for a marked up price. I wrote some strongly worded emails, but was basically told, ‘buyer beware’.
    Ps, I always love a good humiliated dog face.

    • YOU WERE DUPED! Deceived! Hoodwinked! Such. Shit. And at a Farmer’s Market. {Shakes head slowly.} That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of something like that. 😦

      Nothing better than a humiliated Beagle. I’ve got one and she smug mugs me often.

    • If that were my beagle which is it not (It’s Mayamo, The Lemon Beagle) she would WIG. No. Not wear the veggies like a wig, she would WIG OUT and tear them apart. Leon James, my other mutt, would totally sit still for it. Such a good pup. Believe me, I had zero clue what we were in for but man, it sure was delicious!

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