Brighten Up! 6 High Visibility Items for Running in Low Light

driving scaredTo The Guy Running in All Black in the Pitch Dark:

I totally get that you need to get your run in. I’m a runner too. In fact, I just got my run on IN A HEAD LAMP AND LIGHT UP VEST. How’s about a little bit of reflective gear next time? A lil’ high visibility gear for running in low-light conditions. Low light = dark, in case you missed the equation. A bright shirt? A flashing light? A glow stick? Did the two cars honking, swerving and skidding to a stop because WE COULDN’T SEE YOU AT ALL scare the snot out of you? Good.

Thankfully, you’re in one piece. Now go get a goddamn light up vest. Here are 6 items you might wanna pick up for running in the dark. It’s either that or Roadkill. Your choice. Meanwhile, I’ll take a Xanax and wash it down with a glass of wine to get my heart rate down after nearly running your Ninja-ass over.

The sun sets early. Get your shit together. Fool.

Colby, A Runner Without A Death Wish.


This actually has happened FOUR TIMES in the last two weeks, promoting this rant on our Facebook page. The odds are NEVER in your favor when you play the Running Ninja Game in the Northeast after Daylight Savings. Sun sets around 4:30pm. And it’s only going to get earlier, People. Something horrible is bound to happen. And I ain’t volunteering as Tribute. This troubles me as both a runner and driver. I have put together a list of high visibility gear for running during these dark days of winter. I have several of these items and I can tell you that they have saved my ass on many occasions. Multiple points of light are better. Drivers can then tell that you’re human, and not a fox who snatched a flashlight. Sweet Jesus, BRIGHTEN UP. More Running Bellagio Hotel and less Grim Reaper in Black Nike Frees. Got it? Good.

1. Tracer360, by Noxgear.
Wear it over a t-shirt in summer, or bulky jacket in winter. Finish up your run and head straight to a rave. It’s a vest and glow stick all rolled into one. LED. Fiber optic technology. Battery operated. Light. And super bright.


2. Glow Beacon Jacket, by New Balance.
The color pops in low light and reflective trim gives 360-degree visibility at night. In pitch black, this baby glows. I need this. For real. I do.


3. Glow in the Dark 1400, by New Balance.
These sneaks are at the corner of Awesome and Bombdiggity. High visibility colors, super reflective details. In my humble, non-proessional opinion, more running sneakers need reflective bits. Most have some, but I think they all could use more.


4. StrobeLight, by Nathan Soorts
This little sucker clips right on you- belt, gear, or apparel. They also aren’t super expensive either. Get a few. High visibility blinking and steady light modes so drivers can see you at a distance. She’s also water-resistant. So you can run at night, in the rain. Joy.


5. TIKKA® XP, by Petzl
I love my Petzl head lamp. This one is a multi-beam lamp that also has a Boost mode and red light and strobe mode. It also features constant lighting technology- the brightness does not decrease. I love my Petzl and have used it for camping, running, Ragnar relaying, taking out the trash, black outs, bank robbing, mining….


6. Knuckle Lights
I have these. And they are badass. You will kick the shit out of The Night with your Knuckle Lights! You put them on your hands and they really do light your path. Bright, even, steady. Light the way!


Photos of products were taken directly from their own respective website.

Do you run at night? What’s your favorite piece of reflective gear? Have you had a brush with death either running or riding at night?

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18 thoughts on “Brighten Up! 6 High Visibility Items for Running in Low Light

  1. Pedestrians have a tendency to freak me out, day or night, but I, too, have had the crap scared out of me by a ninja runner several times in the past few weeks. There was one I saw four days in a row. I put a cheap flashlight and reflective velro band in my car, so next time I see that maniac I can pull over and force him to take them and stop scaring the crud out of me. Now when I do it, I can also refer him to this! 🙂

    • I’m laughing because I too have a flashlight in my car to head to that Crazy Ninja Bastard. I’ve seen him 3 times. The fourth fool was a woman. Refer away! Christ. We’re saving lives here! Ignorance is not BLISS in this arena! 🙂

  2. Luckily, I am Susie, #idontdoquiet. I honestly don’t understand people running in the dark in all black. We don’t care if you look more svelte. You are gonna look a helluva lot more svelte when you are flattened by a car, you nitwit.

  3. Ha, good stuff. And yesss, glow in the dark shoes are da bomb biggy. I really need a light – but I run in the mornings, and since the time change, it’s nice having the sun up finally!
    Ya know what my friend did – went to the hardware store and bought a $3 clip on LED light. Works good!
    BTW, my 5 year old says there’s two ninjas that live in our front yard trees. There names are GO and Johnny Go. Maybe that’s who you saw?

    • I love that your 5 year old has 2 Ninja friends. I used to have “a friend” named George who only I could see and who only spoke French. Go figure.

      $3 clip on lights ROCK. Any lights do!!! White on front, red on back. That’s how to roll. 🙂

  4. Those knuckle lights seem amazing!!! I’m going to need to look into getting some. Nice find Colby!!! Thanks for sharing chica 🙂

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