100% Chance of Run

I ran in the rain today. And I didn’t melt. So there goes that theory. Runners. Debunking myths left and right I tell ya.

I may not have melted, but a big bundle of stress did. Melted and dripped down right down across my face. It stung my eyes a little. And rolled down my cheeks in salty droplets, washing away a month’s worth of worry. The faster I ran, the quicker those droplets ran in rivulets down my back, leaving behind a wake of concern. It felt fantastic. There is something about the power of a solo run, on an otherwise dreary day, that brings such clarity. And that was just what I needed today. Goddamn Clarity.

Running Called today. Like an old friend who knows just what you want, when you want, sometimes without even knowing it. And I’m so happy I didn’t let the call go to voicemail.

The Power of the Run. Do you believe in it? Lone Wolf or Member of The Pack?


13 thoughts on “100% Chance of Run

  1. I have had a relationship with running longer than I have been with my husband. Longer than I have known my kids. I always feel like I’m with an old friend when I lace up and head out. My favorite is running in the cold because I feel like the crisp cleans my body out from the inside. Rain is good, too, though – it literally washes your worries away.
    I’m a frequently user of caller ID and let most calls go to voicemail. But when running calls, it’s a whole different story. I heed the call. Glad you had that run, my friend. You needed it. xxxoo

  2. I ran in the rain today too! It is a wonderful feeling to go out alone on a run, especially on a dreary day when non-runners avoid being outside at all costs. I returned feeling refreshed, stress-free and clear-headed (and yes, maybe just a bit soaked!!). 🙂

    • The BEST! Does the GSP run in the rain with you?!? My pups are anti run in the rain. By the way we LOVE GSPs! And want one BADLY! I just covered Leon James and Pearl Anne’s ears. 🙂

  3. Sooo happy for you Colby!!!! You deserve such a run chica!!! I totally believe in the run and I’ve been a lone wolf for 6 years strong now!!! Occasionally and I mean occasionally I have someone run with me.

    • It’s so easy to get bogged down by all the bs going on in life. Running is such a gift! Lone wolf too! Except on the rare occasions I run with my other half. But he’s so damn FAST it’s like I’m alone anyways! 🙂

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