I’m a burn out.

Who just re-joined their old gym and kicked her own ass? Me!!!!!  I would raise my arm, but alas, I can’t lift it higher than this keyboard.  COLBY IS BACK IN ACTION!  (Yes. I just referred to myself in the 3rd person which I tend to do often.) It’s been a long, LONG year of running, running, cycling, and more running. Throw in a trip to the ER, an Achilles injury and a SURPRISE!  surgery, and I’m pretty much cooked. If I were a Butterball Turkey, the pop up timer rammed into my quad would have popped MONTHS ago. And lord knows those pop-up timers don’t work for shit.  So essentially, like that bird, I’m a heap of overdone sawdust. Kramer The Turkey

Dare I say I’m burnt out?  I’m daring. I’m goddamn burnt out.  It’s not that I’ve hung up my running shoes, I just need a break both mentally and physically. Have you ever needed that?  I know it’s time because running seems like a chore. {Faints.} And that’s my red flag. I love running with all that I’ve got.  We’re talking serious relationship here. But for now, we might need to see other people for a few months, so I am strong enough and motivated enough to fall back in love with running. Then we can go on long weekends in the country and shit. Oh I’ll still lace up, but not 7 days a week. I just can’t right now. I’m sore in places that I haven’t been sore and I really think it’s because I’m weak in spots that used to be strong. As a result a weak muscle puts more stress onto the muscle it’s attached to because it has to work harder, and before you know it you can play the opening of Stairway to Heaven on your hamstrings when the real problem can be in your lower back. Just my own theory here people, I’m not an expert, but I do know my own body and that’s what I’m missing- strength training. In the efforts of full disclosure, I was a long time gym rat. I used to lift almost every day. I miss it. My biceps do too. I swear, I just heard them sigh.i'm a gym unicorn

So here’s my plan: I need to cross train. I need to work on my core. I need yoga. I need spin. I need torture the step mill. Cross country skiing! Snowshoeing! Hiking!  I need to mix it up, both in the gym and out.  Call it a running reboot. I re-joined my old gym which has a BOAT load of classes including Les Mills’ Group Classes as well as Spinning. Here’s a sample:

Group Active
Group Centergy
Group Core
Group Kick
Group Ride
Group Power
Group Groove
Group Blast
{Note: I have little to ZERO idea what those even mean, BUT I’M DOING ‘EM! So stay tuned.}

Of course with all of the options, I went there and dove right on in, spent close to 3 hours either in class or on the Killer Step Mill. Total Gym Binge. I was belly up to a fitness buffet, gorging myself on exercise. This has been going on for days. And today I can’t raise my arms.

Ahhhhh, I love a break.

Do you ever feel the need to mix it up? Are you or were you ever a gym rat? Do you take classes?  Favorite class- GO!


49 thoughts on “I’m a burn out.

  1. I will not tell running that you are cheating on it. And I will be happy to keep it company while you spend long country weekends with the gym. So funny – I just drafted a post on HOW I HATE TO CROSS TRAIN but saw yours pop up just before I hit “publish,” so came to check it out. I’ll post tomorrow. Isn’t that crazy? I wish you could cross train for me. Sigh. Oh and answers – never really was a gym rat (and have the body to prove it)- it was always my fall back for weather or scheduling issues with running, never my first choice. Did nautilus in high school – that was probably the longest-term relationship I ever had with a gym. I did enjoy aerobics in the 80’s back when it was high impact and probably horrible for your joints. They lost me once step was introduced. I have never really gotten into classes, I guess because I am so used to working out alone and on my own schedule. Oh, and because I hate them.

    • Let’s think of it as playing the field. For now. Weekends will be for running. For sure. But this business of RUSHING to get a run in with headlamps and flashing vests, and knuckle lights needs to be occasional. Not all the time. You know me T-Bone. I love a good hard workout. I’m laughing at Nautilus. Where did THAT go? Please tell me you were in the midst of writing your experience with Pure Barre?? Or as you’ve been calling it all week, Pure Torture??? I can’t wait until tomorrow.

      PS. I’m gonna be JACKED by spring.

  2. I think I love winter for this reason… A very valid reason to dabble in whatever the heck Colby feels like. I’ve definitely been a victim of the burn out fairy, and I’m glad to see you’re back in action! cheers!

    • Oh that Burn Out Fairy whacked me right on the head with her raggedy wand. Seriously. It’s been a year of MANY MILES and lately a whole bunch of stress. Change does a body good. Looking forward to a few months of discoveries! 🙂
      I also can’t wait to bust out my snowshoes. Just sayin’….

    • Shoot. If Bernie can do it, SO CAN I!!! WWBD. What would Bernie do? Sit on his fast ass, that’s what! Great article! Breaks are good. I’m thinking of it as a battery recharge, with a side of running. 🙂

  3. It’s a totally different relationship when you’re the breaker-upperer. And as for gym rats, don;t get me started. Love ’em, not one of ’em, but FOR GOD’S SAKE STINKY WOMAN, PUT ON SOME DAMN DEODORANT! Yeah, I get stuck next to THAT one on the machines. EVERY. FRIGGIN’. TIME.

  4. Ohhhhhh :O say it ain’t so Colby haha! Just kidding, we all need breaks from time to time but I’m sooooo with Tina on this one I’m telling running what you’re doing lol 😉 ummm classes yesssss!!! I like spin classes the best personally.

  5. A break is so good! Unfortunately my serious training has taken like a yearlong break, but I’m gearing up to get my butt in action soon. It does make me more excited about it after being away from it for so long. And that Kramer gif makes me so happy, I saved it on my phone on Thanksgiving and kept looking at it periodically during the day…

  6. i think everyone has gone thru this phase at one time or another. as amazing as running is, it’s hard on the body and eventually you just have to step back for a bit and take a break! Luckily there are literally thousands (okay maybe that’s an exaggeration) of group fitness choices that are so much freaking fun these days so you won’t get bored! plus it’s winter — perfect time to put running on the backburner

    • My gym has so many freaking options its insane. And I’m loving every one of them! Especially spin class. I have a trainer and usually spin at home on my bike. Looking forward to some high energy, spin motivation for sure! I still do love a run in the snow so running is not totally lost. Looking forward to it all! 🙂

  7. Winter is perfect for switching it up! I’ve been injured and haven’t been able to run for the past 2 months, but it’s been a nice time to cross train.
    haha how do they even think of those class names? Group…groove, active, power, blast…let us know which ones you try!

    • Oh no! What happened?? I’ve been a shitty blogger and have been slowly catching up on my blog reading. Now that’s different. A forced break- of which I had two this year- made me insane. I totally sympathize with you. I had to become patient which made me more insane. I’ll keep you posted. I have NO idea what half of them are!! Heal swiftly friend! xoxo

      • thanks! it’s kind of a mystery injury. the pain is in my right knee, but I think it’s because my right hip keeps rotating out of place. Loose SI joint? My PT gave me some stabilization exercises to do on one side of my body, so we’ll see where this gets me. yeah, forced breaks suck, but I’m in an okay place with this one

  8. Mixing it up is essential but I don’t do it consistently. I like taking classes and–like a love affair–am initially infatuated with them, grow tired of them after a bit, and sometimes become so disenchanted that I break up with them. My favorite class is probably TRX because it’s tough but short.

    • My gym has TRX too! I really missed that. And spin. And lifting. I’m a work horse at heart. I think my spirit animal is a draft horse. I think one of my goals for 2015 is to be exactly that- more consistent with cross training. Keeps the body and mind fresh! 🙂

  9. I’m always trying to mix it up. I like to run different courses, different races. I’ve run races out of Davis Sq in Somerville so many times. And I’m going back next weekend.
    By the time I got to my last marathon in October it was less than thrilling. I know people run one a month, but 3 in a year was one too many.
    To change things up, I’ve decided to focus the next year on 5Ks. I’ve run 8 so far and I’m getting better, more consistent anyway.
    When summer returns someday in the distant future I hope to incorporate track work outs into my routine. I have NEVER done that before.
    Variety is the spice of life, as they say!
    Cheers – Andy

    • I ran 3 in a calendar year. Actually 2 marathons and an ultra. Hence, the burn out. I hear ya Andy! You ran your face off this year! I really, really fell in love with trail running. That’s for sure. I plan on hitting the trails this weekend. They’re good for mixing it up. I think I only ran one 5K this year which is odd. I usually run a few. They’re so much fun. 🙂

  10. I definitely know the feeling! I totally overdid it this fall and am now waylaid with a back injury/hip problem? which I am hoping will be short-lived. Lesson learned! Cross training and gym time are so key. I will definitely be mixing it up this winter so that I can be back up to speed with fast running this spring. Sorry to hear about your achilles problem! That must have been sooo painful. njoy your gym time and don’t worry about running, she’ll be ok until you are back!

    • That’s my hope: Get stronger to get faster this spring. There’s a method to my gym madness. 🙂
      Sorry to hear about your injury! Having had one only once {BANGS on wood} in my running lifetime, I was devastated by it. It hurt like hell. And I had to sit STILL for once. Torture! I did it during a 50k which made the rest of the run EVIL. Running and I are going out for coffee this weekend. I can’t wait.

  11. Colby to Running : It’s not you. It’s me.

    Sorry to hear about kicking your own dupa. What is Group Blast? Do you and several friends play with dynamite?? Group Centergy? Sounds seditious to me.

    • That was almost the title of this post! Giggling.
      I can only hope that Group Blast involves explosives and a loooong fuse, like in the cartoons. That would be EPIC. Nice use of seditious. I see someone had a big bowl of Vocabulary for breakfast. Well done Phil. 🙂

      • I was an English major after all I think. You never can tell these days. It was actually a bowl of generic Cheerios aptly called Oat -O’s. Centergy sounds like an anonymous midwestern electric holding company that is probably selling power to China. I’ll be looking forward to your updates and adventures with TNT.

  12. Well you know how I feel about unicorns, so that + this means you are a badass gym unicorn. I’ve definitely been burnt out before, but I am lucky to be riding the allllll the running train right now, thus the decision to do the next marathon (ps, get over being burnt out and do it with us. That is an order). But right now I am burnt out from strength training (still)–I just don’t have the drive to do for the sake of doing it like I used to. But to do it in order to get better at running?
    Sure thing.

    • When the Running Train pulls into the station, I’m hopping RIGHT BACK ON SISTER! I am seriously considering running with you two Badass Unicorns. Depends on a few other silly things. I shall keep you posted. All this strength business is exactly for that reason- to get better at running. Look out 2015. 🙂

  13. I feel like after training for my half marathon this past fall, I was completely burnt out. But the week after my run all I wanted to do was run. I think it hit a few weeks later when I was trying to keep up running as I did with my training – I was burnt out. I’ve had a good break and so looking forward to cross country skiing and snow shoeing this winter!

    • I am LOVING cross country skiing and snow shoeing! There’s a snowshoe race Tina and I have done that is AWESOME. Well wait. It’s awesome when it’s not -6 degrees. Meh. What’s a little cold among friends? To the break! Cheers! 🙂

  14. That all sounds like a good plan. I agree that if one muscle is not so good then it has a flow on effect to just about everywhere else. I love cross training and wouldn’t be without it. I love the mental break it gives from running but still contributes to our running strength. It’s great to go to a class where someone else writes the program and we just do it and have fun in the process (and the DOMS a few days later). Sounds like a great plan!

    • Someone else leading the show and me just focusing on having a good workout? PERFECT! The mental break, especially after my 50k, is definitely in order. I’ve been lifting, taking classes AND running. Lookit me finally cross training! Here’s to a Strong Spring! 🙂

  15. Very smart move, Eva! 🙂 You will be reinvigorated and back to your first love with renewed energy by spring, I bet. And I’m sure the Zumba instructor will just give up and have you teach the class when she sees your moves!

    • You leave the best comments Christina! I always feel like a million bucks after I read your posts!! I’ve been know to shake my groove thing pretty good every once in a while.

      Wait. Who am I kidding? I just danced my ass around the kitchen with a bowl of lentil soup.

      I have issues. Xoxo

  16. If you love something, set it free… I was kinda lost after my half marathon and have finally reached a happy place with “post race” running and cross training. I’m excited to get strong again before spring training starts up. Favorite class? Spin, pump, & yoga. I have 3, can’t choose a favorite child.

  17. You always need to take a break from whatever it is that you concentrate on! You’re lucky in that you love to cross train!!! I think that’s why I do triathlons now- I sort of HAVE to cross train, or I’ll be the fucking loser walking in one minute past the cutoff time. So cross training rocks!!! Although I hate it!!!!

    • I really do like it. But usually my cross training is running and riding. (SCREW swimming. I am SO not a triathlete. I give you credit. HUGE credit. I’m a cannonballer. So if you find a run, bike, cannonball tri, drop me a line. I’m your girl.) This time I’m getting my strength training on, which can ONLY help my running and riding. At least I’m telling myself that as I zombie walk to the coffee machine because squats…. 🙂

  18. I was a gym rat… once, about four… no, six years ago (dear lord how time flies!). For about six months. I dove in face first, the step machine, performing actions with weights called the “Skull Crusher”, “dead lifts”, and “sled drags” – all unassisted, scaring attractive men away from my singleminded determination. I got to a point about three months in, and after a clean diet and about 1.5 hrs of weights and .5 of cardio – I started to look scary masculine to myself. Super strong. I backed off. Then stopped. I loved it while I was there, but needed a middle ground, and wasn’t sure how to find that comfortable place so I would like what was going on with my body. I was never good at sticking with anything on a consistent basis until last year – running became my “thing”. I was a little burnt out after the 50k. But it didn’t last long. And then I signed up for a Yoga Teacher Training Immersion adventure when I had no time to run because I was busy trying to bend in the proper fashion (very difficult for a tight muscled ultra runner). I had no idea how strong Yoga can get your body, it was amazing, but I missed running so much! Now I am back outside, wind in my hair, letting my feet move me. And I love it. 🙂

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