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hello kitty bus

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So this is how slow we’ve been. We were invited to go on a Blog World Tour by Meg @ The Half and Half Blog TWO GODDAMN MONTHS AGO, and we’re JUST packing our bags and boarding the Hello Kitty Tour Bus TODAY. It was near Halloween. It’s freaking Christmas.  What can I say? My spirit animal is a sloth lately.  If there is one New Year’s Resolution to make and keep in 2015 it’s to follow Meg at The Half and Half Blog. That broad is funny. I mean really funny. And she’s Freshly Pressed which in my mind is like wining the Academy Award and showing up in a bad ass Marcesa Gown and getting the Best Dressed award to boot. Follow her. She’s going places. I mean it. Which is why I was GIDDY when she contacted Tina and I and asked us to participate in her Blog Tour. Contact her if you want to board the Blog Tour Bus with Megyonce. She’s driving. I asked her to stock our dressing room with green M&Ms and grapefruit Jo Malone candles. So there’s that too.

The Blog World Tour consists of the following:

  • Acknowledging the blogger/blog that invited you to the Blog Tour
  • Answer the following questions in your post:
    • What am I working on?
    • How does my work differ from others of its type/genre?
    • Why do I write what I do?
    • How does my wiring process work?
  • Choose a blogger (or two) to join in on the tour and give ’em props in your post.

In true It’s a Marathon AND a Sprint fashion, you’ll here from both Tina and I. I know, right?!?!?  TOTAL BOGO! Which is why you dig us I’m sure. Who doesn’t love a two-fer?

What am I working on?

Tina: . I’m working on the same thing I have been working on since 1969 – being the best version of myself that I can be. NOTE: best version of myself. Not best in the world. I’m not delusional. It’s a never-ending process and changes as I age. Freaking exhausting, sometimes frustrating, but I don’t know how to do things any differently. Can. Not. Stop. Trying. To. Evolve. Over time, I have worked on being the best reader, best soccer player, best student, best lawyer, best friend, best cook, best writer, best daughter, best sister, best girlfriend, best runner, best softball player, best tricycle rider, best babysitter that I could be. Nowadays, I try to be the best mother, best wife, best friend and best family member that I can be. I also WANT to try to be the best runner I can be and the best lawyer I can be these days, but I cannot move them up in the queue with the 4 listed above and don’t always have the time to work as hard in those areas as I would like. So I have to go with the best runner/lawyer I can be RIGHT NOW. Priorities, priorities – until they get me a 36-hour day, I have to make cuts. Could be in a very different place in a few years when my kids are older – I will probably have more time to expend on work and running. Interestingly, when I think of my priorities for being the “best at” now compared to, say, my 20’s, each of my current goals takes me outside of myself – connecting with others and giving parts of myself –which I think is a good place to be. I’m not working at external goals so much as working at relationships and bonds. I like where I am on this.

Colby: I’m just a squirrel tyrin’ to get a nut. I mean really. I’m just trying to be better. Isn’t that really what it’s about?  To evolve. To become a better listener. To become more patient. To stop swearing. (JK people! J-goddamn-K! )

How does my work differ from others of its type/genre?

Tina: How does my work differ? Mostly that I never stop. Am never content with where I am in terms of evolving as a person and always see room for improvement. Not one to rest on her laurels, that SeeTinaRun. Somewhat crazy and exhausting, but I know no different and it works for me. Even though I am never content to stay where I am, it doesn’t mean I am not content with my life. I love my life and am grateful for everything in it. I just like to keep growing.

Colby: My work differs because it’s OUR work. That’s what makes this Little Blog unique. We’re a blog of two. Two different points of view. Two very distinct voices. I will tell you this, we’re honest. This shit really happens to us. I would add genuine and authentic too but then I might sound like Gwyneth. #nogoop

Why do I write what I do? And what is my writing process?

Tina: I write about running because it is such a part of who I am. I am a Runner. I have always been a Runner. It has shaped me in ways that probably can’t even be described properly in words. I have always love to write and combining two of my passions just made sense. And I love it. My process is this – I usually think of something I want to write about on a run. Then, the next time I have a chance to sit at my computer, I write it down. Usually in one sitting. Review, edit and post. Not a lot of planning or organization. Once I have an idea, I find that it usually writes itself. If it doesn’t I find that I didn’t have anything good to write about in the first place.

Colby: This blog was Tina’s idea. From the moment she ran it by me, I was ON BOARD. I love having this creative outlet to talk about things I love, like running. And cycling. And anything else that moves me. Running has changed my life in more ways than I can adequately express. For both of us, that is true. Blogging sharpens the mind. Thank god. Otherwise, I’d be dull. And that would stink. Process? What process? I write like I talk- fast, tangential and all at once. Kind of like getting caught in a goddamn hail storm. If you met me, you’d probably be like: “Huh. This broad is exactly how I thought she’d be.”  Not much by way of surprises. This is really me.

Our nomination? Kimberley @ Black Dog Runs Disney. Tina and I love her. Partly because she’s a Connecticut girl (GO HUSKIES!), partly because she loves the Boston Red Sox, partly because she’s a runner and dog lover and mostly because SHE IS FUNNY. Go check her out. Read her stuff. And comment. I guarantee her reply will be insightful, spot on and FUNNY. Ok Kimberley, like Meg did to us, we are passing the proverbial torch. Blog On!!

Black Dog Runs Disney Photo


21 thoughts on “The Blog World Tour!

  1. Good GOD that picture is HORRIBLE! But that dog is pretty damn cute! Thanks so much for the blog love and I promise not to embarass you guys. Too much. Would you really expect anything else from this transplanted Husky girl? And Tina, the next time I travel home to the Frozen Tundra of CT, we are SO on for a tricycle race. Backwards. Using just one foot. Loser buys. GAME ON.


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