And the World Didn’t End

A funny thing happened this past weekend. I didn’t run for three days straight. Even though I could have. And the world didn’t end.

I’m in week 2 of training for the Boston Marathon, and while I was not feeling well, I didn’t have a fever, or strep, or bronchitis, or an injury, or anything else serious enough to make running impossible.

I was tired, had a scratchy throat and felt achy. And went with it and hung up my shoes for three days. During marathon training. Even though I definitely could have pushed myself for at least a short run each day.

And the world didn’t end. The sun continued to rise in the east, the world kept spinning and I saw no signs of locusts.

On Friday, I sat on the couch next to my dad for over 3 hours watching bad TV and making fun of it together, and capped it off with an evening of more TV (this time, sports), wine and pizza.

On Saturday, I did a 20 minute yoga video with my youngest, which, had we YouTube’d it, would have gone viral. He is probably the only person in the world who is less flexible than I am. It was quite a sight and no, it did not qualify as a workout. My oldest, who is actually good at yoga, couldn’t even bear to watch. I spent the rest of the day driving through crappy winter weather to get back to CT. Running was so far from my mind, I almost forgot to pack my running shoes before heading home.

On Sunday, I took down Christmas decorations and napped like a newborn. The closest I came to running was when I bought a new pair of running shoes, which I tried on and promptly put back in the box. Even though it was 50 degrees outside and I saw people running outside in shorts, I took a second nap instead of lacing up and heading out.

And the world didn’t end. Heck, it didn’t even slow down.

This morning, I woke up, felt more like myself and went out for a great 12 mile run. I was rested and felt good. I had not forgotten how to run. My muscles still worked. I had not magically fallen out of shape.

It was good to be back.

It was also good to take a break.

Everything written on marathon training makes it pretty clear that much success in training and racing comes from getting out there and running even – maybe especially – when you don’t want to. I completely agree.

But I also think that much success in life comes from listening to yourself when you really just don’t feel up for something. Even –maybe especially – during marathon training.

If I fall apart during the Boston Marathon, I highly doubt it will be because I took 3 days off in January. And if it does, well, then, I guess I can serve as a cautionary tale for the rest of you.  You can thank me then.

Either way, though, I can say one thing with certainty – I took 3 days off from running. And the world didn’t end.


22 thoughts on “And the World Didn’t End

  1. Hahaha yep! The world did not end Tina and I’m not judging you because I too just recently took like 4-5 off straight and the did not end then either haha! lol love this! 🙂

  2. Sometimes, we all need a reminder that you can take a break/not put up a post/eat that piece of cake for breakfast/do something that just makes you happy/is best for you in that moment, and the world won’t end, we won’t get fat, we won’t ruin our dreams, and, dare we say it, it might be best for us in the end. Glad you are on the mend my dear!

    • And sometimes you need to sit with your dad and watch Judge Judy and all the other Judge shows and listen to his hilarious running commentary in his wicked Boston accent. And then crack open a bottle of wine at 5 o’clock and continue the commentary through every sporting event shown on TV.
      It was nice to wake up and feel normal!

  3. Not to be Doctor Obvious, but Boston is in APRIL. This is JANUARY. I think, just possibly, you’re going to be okay. Unless of course, said yoga muscles snap and you end up permanently twisted like a giant pretzel. I’m not sure, but that quite possibly could hinder said marathon training plan. Just guessing.

    • Ya think? I am the type that could drive myself crazy with training schedules. Not because I really think that it matters in the end, but because I NEED TO DO WHAT IS ON THE SCHEDULE. Because it is on the schedule. Which is why I purposely did not look at any schedules this past week. I know that training schedules are 16 weeks and I’m in week 2. I looked at a few in December and haven’t settled on one, but none of them say sit on your ass and drink wine with your dad and nap all day for week 2. Colby can attest to my massive personal growth over the past few years that permits me to defy a schedule. But the world didn’t end and no one has made me wear a scarlet letter. It’s a New Year’s miracle.

    • Thanks Fallon – it was a nice way to kick off the week! And it looks like it was the last time I could run in temps over 30 degrees for a while….currently 19 and looking to stay that way for the rest of the week.

  4. Isn’t it crazy that we can get so antsy about missing a couple of days? In the big picture it’s no big deal – like you said you didn’t suddenly forget how to operate your legs. Sometimes we runner’s need to take a chill pill (what up 90s slang) and take some downtime to rest our bodies and mind. Not sure I’d pick Judge Judy – Dr Phi is my guilty pleasure!

    • A training buddy!! Hope you’re feeling better. This is my first time training for a spring marathon – staying healthy enough for the milieage isn’t something I had to deal with for fall marathon training (heat & humidity were my biggest challenges). Now one of my kids has strep – I think I may need to start wearing a mask! Best of luck with your training – I’ll be following on your blog!

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