The Big Reveal!

Skratch LabsReady for this?!?! A few months back I applied on a total whim to be a Taste Agent for Skratch Labs. I have been a fan of Skratch Labs for the past several years, having been introduced to it by my cyclist Other Half when it was known as “Secret Drink Mix” and came in cool silver tins. We felt so fly. Like we were in on some big badass super performance secret. {Note: We were.} We trained hard, sweated buckets, chugged what would become Skratch Labs Hydration Mix, and performed our hearts out.  As athlete demand increased, Skratch Labs, created by Dr. Allen Lim, was born in 2012. Voilà. Just like that. The secret was out. And now so is this one….Skratch Labs!

As of today, I’m a Skratch Labs Taste Agent for 2015!! 


So. Stoked. And after 2015? My guess is that I’ll be a Skratch Labs Lifer. Simply put, their products are excellent. And my endorsement of them, pre-dates Today’s Big News. It’s got all of what you need in a sports drink- real, natural ingredients, electrolytes, sodium- and nothing you don’t.

My personal draw?

  • It’s easy on the gut.
  • It’s super tasty.
  • It does it’s job. And does it well.

{Drops Mic.}

In exchange for mentioning their product here and on social media (which I’ve done before without the cool Taste Agent title), giving them product feedback, attending events and spreading the good word that is Skratch Labs, I will get their products at a discount. Which is great because I’m dangerously low on Hydration Mix. Phew!  I believed in what Skratch was doing before becoming affiliated with them. I feel like this is the continuation of a beautiful friendship, if you will. How could you not love the company with a promo video like this? Totally, my kind of company. 🙂


19 thoughts on “The Big Reveal!

  1. Congrats my partner in crime! I still am only an agent for Cool Tax Lawyers everywhere. But that’s ok, since I can steal some of your secret sauce! 😉 you are the perfect Taste Agent. So thrilled for you!

  2. As an agent, will you be infiltrating other hydration teams? Do you get any high tech gadgets like a pen tranquilizer dart. What’s your code name? Do you have a nemesis? I have so many questions!

    • Total Secret Agent Mode. Screw the pen tranquilizer dart. I want badass accessories. Like a chunky bracelet with a camera. Or earrings that shoot lasers. Why? Just cuz. Code Name is Itch. Nemesis is G.Ade. BRING IT! 🙂

  3. Yeah!!! First, I love Sugar Bear ❤️🐶❤️. Second, I am thrilled to see an alternative to Gatorade and Powerade. It would be great to see something like this in a vending machine at the rinks instead of Blue 40, Red #6 and soda. Congrats on your new swanky title 😘

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