Superbowl Musings

So, almost a week has passed since the Superbowl. Parades have been celebrated, Gronk appears to have clocked around 75 seconds of sleep, Memes have been multiplying like rabbits, endless discussion, rehashing, Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday/ Friday morning quarterbacking, has ensued.

And oh, yeah, my beloved Pats won. In a spectacularly Disney-like way, with an incredible pick in the endzone by an undrafted free agent and former Popeye’s employee. #truestory

I love football. I come from a big football-watching family. But let’s be honest. Isn’t football just a backdrop for the commercials and halftime show at the Superbowl? Let’s chat about the real important stuff, shall we?

Nationwide: Oh, Nationwide. What made you think that I wanted to watch dead children during the Superbowl? One minute, I’m happily sitting with a Shock Top in my left hand and Tortilla chips in my right. A mere 60 seconds later, I’m on the floor consoling my shell-shocked children and explaining to them all the precautions we have taken in our home to prevent those childhood accidents that could kill them. WTF? If I wanted to watch dead children talk on TV, I would put on “The Sixth Sense,” not the freaking Superbowl. And I’d make my kids leave the room. Way to kill the Superbowl buzz, Nationwide.


Although I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed all the parodies that followed. Almost made the therapy my kids now need worth it. Almost.

Budweiser: I don’t care that they manipulate my heartstrings ever year with something that is written for the sole purpose of making me cry or go, “Awwwwww.” I fall for it every time and actually look forward to it. Put those puppies and Clydesdales together in front of a frigging green screen and I’ll just cry at this point. It’s all good.

Shamelessly playing with my emotions. And I loved every second of it.

Shamelessly playing with my emotions. And I loved every second of it.

Toyota Camry: Didn’t really get the connection to the Camry, but loved watching Amy Purdy – World Class Paralympic Athlete – kick ass at, well, life, and I’m always happy to listen to Muhammad Ali do his thing, so I liked it. It would have been a perfect Warren Miller-like mini-movie if they just removed all the parts that had the Camry in it.



Always: Colby and I have always been fans of this commercial. Love that it was shown during the Superbowl. Love all the discussion it has prompted. And love that a Superbowl ad for feminine products was the one that probably received the most positive attention this year. My, have times changed since Superbowl I.

Special shout out to my 11-year old daughter, N, whose Instagram tagline reads “Playing Like a Girl Doesn’t Mean What it Used to.” Sometimes spying on your kids’ social media activity brings pleasant surprises. That’s our girl, Colby!!

Halftime Show: I am not a big Katy Perry fan, but she did put on a Really Big Show. Missy Elliott rocked (of course). But we all know the real star of the halftime show: The Left Shark. I love the Left Shark. I want to be The Left Shark when I grow up: Unafraid to do my thing, even if it is the wrong thing and in front of millions of people. Brave enough to express my own individuality even when trapped in a matching shark costume and with choreographed steps. A lot can be learned from The Left Shark. Left Shark embodies “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching.” Even if they are! Millions and millions of them!

If they ever publish The Tao of The Left Shark – and they should – I will be the first in line to buy it.

Did you watch the Superbowl? What was your favorite ad? What did you think of the halftime show? Do you love The Left Shark as much as I do??


16 thoughts on “Superbowl Musings

    • Seriously! Isn’t that crazy? My kids are all vaccinated, but it occurs to me that I should check for myself! I had chicken pox, but think I was vaccinated against measles and smallpox? I think? But would it still be effective? Scary stuff. And I had a horrible case of the chicken pox – developed encephalitis on top of it, and have already suffered one round of shingles as an adult. I am so grateful that my kids never have to get the chicken pox (or any of that other pox-y stuff).

  1. That’s my GIRL! And I love that you’re stalking her social media accounts. You are a fantastic mother. Even if you are the Left Shark.

    The left shark is my spirit animal. And I want to go out, get loaded and eat chicken wings with Gronk in Minion Hats. And I’m a vegetarian. So there’s that.


    • I love Gronk. He is A’s spirit animal. (For those not in the know, A is my 9-year old son who loves a good time and has a mad crush on Colby). What I really love about Gronk is that he danced all night after the Superbowls he didn’t play in, too. I wonder if he has ever had a bad day. It doesn’t seem so.

      I can guess from living with A (a/k/a Li’l Gronk), that being around Gronk all the time might get exhausting, but watching him on TV sure is fun.

      Now A wants a minion hat. Of course.

      Bring me when you party with Gronk. I’ll eat the wings and you can just get loaded.

  2. I didn’t watch the SuperBowl, but I caught on to the faux pas of the Nationwide commercial and the hilarity of Left Shark and Left Shark commentary/memes. I’m kind of worried s/he got a berating for messing up the choreography… I hope s/he didn’t!
    Also, didn’t see the #LikeaGirl commercial yet, but glad you shared it and glad it was shown.

    • Fear not – the Left Shark was the breakout star. The Left Shark explained his dancing by saying that they were supposed to interpret the choreography a little goofily. And he is a long-time backup dancer for Katy Perry, so I think his job is secure.
      When I see commercials that tank, I wish I was a fly on the wall in the room when they were brainstormed and developed, to hear why people thought that they had a great idea on their hands. Did no one raise their hand and quietly offer the suggestion that people may not want to think about traumatic childhood accidents during the Superbowl?? Or ever?

      • I agree. One would think ensemble projects involve a little more group thinking. It’s like when Benedict Cumberbatch gets laughed at for repeatedly failing to correctly pronounce “penguins,” and then points out how many people should have called him out on it before the documentary was released.
        Happy to hear about Left Shark though!

  3. I freakin’ loved Katy Perry’s show! I am also not the biggest fan, but I have a newfound respect for her, and Left Shark.

    • What a kind spirit you are to think of The Right Shark! And let’s give The Right Shark his due -without his precise, controlled moves, we would not have noticed how hilarious The Left Shark actually was!

  4. That Nationwide commercial pretty much ruined my life. Betty was none too happy about the fact that I wouldn’t stop hugging her afterward either. Biggest Super Bowl buzzkill ever.
    That Katy Perry performance was kind of nuts, but I did love the dancing sharks!

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