Spring Training

So…who else is training for a spring marathon?

I know you’re out there. You’re the ones with the frozen hair and eyelashes. Chapped skin. Blue Lips. White fingertips. Permanent chills. Crazy eyes from looking around to make sure no cars are careening toward you. Yup, I’d know you anywhere.

This is my first time training for a spring marathon. (Colby is an old pro.)

It ain’t easy.

And it’s not the cold. I like running in the cold. I sometimes even love running in the cold. And I’ve even made my peace with running in the polar vortex/arctic blast/whatever those fools are calling the crazy bitter freezing cold these days.

It’s the damn snow and ice. IT IS KILLING ME.

And I feel bad complaining, with most of my family and many friends up in Boston, where they have gotten 70+ inches of snow in the past month. No joke. Maybe you have seen the memes below measuring the snow in ”Gronk’ s” and “Big Papi’s.”

After the next snowstorm, Gronk may be buried completely. Or at least too buried to spike a snowball.

After the next snowstorm, Gronk may be buried completely. Or at least too buried to spike a snowball. Sorry for poor image quality – it was the best I could find. You get the gist.

This was taken after the first snowstorm, when we thought there was a lot of snow. So young and naïve! I'm pretty sure Papi would be buried now.

This was taken after the first snowstorm, when we thought there was a lot of snow. So young and naïve! I’m pretty sure Papi would be just about buried now.

At approximately 3 and 3.5 apples tall, respectively, Colby and I would be fully buried. BURIED!

People have started joking that the snow will probably still be there for the Boston Marathon. But no one is laughing.

While the snow here isn’t as bad as Boston, it is here. And we have had 2 separate ice storms in the past few weeks, which is 10 times worse than snow. How the hell do you get a long run in when the days are short, the sidewalks are buried, and the roads are icy and narrow? Ugh. Yaktrax are great for traction, but even they don’t help if there is nowhere to use them.

What’s a runner to do? Improvise and strategize, I guess. I have seen some people taking their runs indoors.

That, my friends, I just can’t do.

Or won’t do.

I hate saying can’t.

BUT, running long on the treadmill might push me over the edge into complete insanity, and I don’t want that. I’m hovering on the edge as it is.

I was supposed to run 18 tomorrow, but the forecasted combo of subzero temps, wind gusts and snow squalls made me revise my game plan. Instead, I got up and made a last-minute decision to run 18 on Wednesday, with the first 10 miles being laps on my dead-end road to avoid having to run in morning traffic. That’s 5 complete loops of my road before the traffic died down and I headed out into the big, wide world. And if I had to do all 10 loops on my road to get my 18 in, I would have. Despite the strange looks I got from neighbors.

One silver lining is that I ran the Philly marathon in November, so I never really fell out of “long run” mode. If I ever run a spring marathon again, I will be sure to sign up for a marathon the fall before so I can build a good running base before winter fully hits.

Already being used to longer distances has kept me from completely freaking out. Emphasis on “completely.” Because, rest assured, I am still kind of freaking out. Oh, yes, I am. And did I mention that more snow is on the way?

Are you training for a spring race? How are you getting your runs in (Floridians need not answer)? How deep is the snow by you (Floridians, don’t you dare answer!)???


9 thoughts on “Spring Training

  1. I feel so badly for you runners (and, well, everyone else) in the Northeast, having to contend with all the snow and weather you’ve had. I have a difficult time training for spring marathons and I only live by the Puget Sound in the PNW, where it’s quite temperate. Good thing you and Colby are badasses!

    • Thank you for calling us badasses. Our relatives call us fools and masochists. Many adjectives apply to New England, but “temperate” is not even close to making the list! Sounds heavenly right now!

  2. You are awesome for running 18 miles on a weekday morning! I’ve been using the treadmill more than I care to admit this winter – but as long as I’m still getting the miles in, I’m satisfied for now. This is only my 3rd marathon, but training for a fall race is sooo much better.

    • Kudos to you for getting on the ‘mill!! I consider that mental training. Impressive.
      I have a hard time on treadmills. I feel like I get vertigo if I stay on too long. It’s only my 3rd marathon, too!

  3. I live in coastal NC so it’s not Florida!! We are having a cold streak for us, and it’s annoying, but definitely doable. Sorry you’re having to deal with it! I lived and trained for a May marathon and found a gym that had a 1/10 mi track so it wasn’t the dreadmill. It kept me from going over the edge. And I ran several long runs, just me, running around with my little lap counter on my finger, going round and round 200 times. But I didn’t go insane so it was worth it. Warm hugs!!

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