The Friday Five! It’s All Good.

Well look at us go!  Big week for us in Bloggerville! First, we have an actual giveaway (WIN A FREE SPARTAN RACE!) and link up with with SD Mom and Erica Finds on their weekly Wednesday Giveaway Special!  And second, we have FINALLY linked up with 3 of our favorite bloggers Cynthia @ You Signed Up for What?, Mar @ Mar on the Run and Courtney @ Eat, Pray, Run DC, for their Friday Five. The Topic? 5 Good Things!

Sweet Cadbury Crème Eggs.  Dare I say we’ve grown up?snow white SNL

The Friday Five: 5 Good Things That Happened This Week!

  1. Sunshine! Ah YAAASSSS! Mr. Sun has finally reared his gorgeous, yellow head. And as a result?  The snow is melting. The temps are warmer. The birds are chirping. The buds on the trees are forming. And Colby and Tina are finally starting to get HAPPY! I should just stop this post right there. That’s Five Stellar Things! Winter has been a bit much for those of us in the frozen North East. Like. Way too effen much. And while my fireplace is still smoldering, the feeling of the sun on my face has been GLORIOUS. Instant mood booster. Phew. I was losing it.Hello Gorgeous
  2. Runch! That would be Run at Lunch. AND IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK!  It actually happened several times!  Total GOOD THING!  I ran and ran. In less and less clothes. (Wait. That sounds dirty.) I was able to bust out my new Janji duds during my lunch time runs and I even managed to hit the trails this week too. Without snowshoes. Fantastic!Run For Another!
  3. Sleep! Well smack my ass and call me Rip Van Winkle! Guess who has slept soundly for 5 consecutive nights? THIS GIRL!  This isn’t a Good Thing. It’s the BEST THING. I feel like a newborn baby who’s done teething.  I am winning the sleep war! And for the first time in at least 6 months, I am feeling refreshed. Sleepus Interruptus NO MORE!  My new bed, my lack of “screens” before bed time and a little bit of meditation and yoga— all helping TREMENDOUSLY. I have been trying to make sleep a priority and it’s definitely working. It’s also no coincidence that my lack of sleep directly correlates to the amount of stress in my life. Low stress = Sweet Dreams. Such a good thing.sleepy
  4. News! Evil Beagle. I have mentioned my Tri-Colored Furnace a few times on the blog, always in a silly, loving light. Her real name is Pearl Anne Marie (Marie, is her Confirmation name which she rarely uses). She is an absolute riot. She is a former research beagle whom I adopted years ago. I love her to pieces. I have two dogs and I love them both to the 100th power. Pearl Anne and Leon James, my two loves. Two Peas in the Proverbial Pod. And no, she’s not really Evil. Although if she could take over the world, I’m quite certain she would. The Beages recently had a lump on her elbow which I had removed. That’s the Good Thing. I had it removed. It’s gone. And so is the cancer they found in it. Paws crossed it stays Good. This is my Glass Half Full view which I have embraced lately. I’m hoping that sticks around too. GOOD THINGS, People. Good Things.Evil Beagle
  5. Knowledge! I haven’t had a good run lately. And yes, that is both literal and figurative. Between the dreary weather, stress, lack of sleep and the legitimate cancer scare that I had a few months ago, I have been a wreck. A. Wreck. STOP. Just STOP.  My skin is a mess. My hormones are off. My running stinks. (Sit tight, I’m getting to the Good Part. Promise.) I hate feeling this way. And in an effort to Take Back The Colby, I am being proactive about my health. So this week, I scheduled an intervention. A health intervention. I did it through a company called InsideTracker. InsideTracker is a health analytics company which takes a look at different biochemical and physiological markers in your blood and determines your personalized optimal zones for each marker. I know. It’s a mouthful. In short, the goal is to empower yourself with information you need to manage and optimize your health. Via food. Via supplements. Via lifestyle changes. Knowledge is power, People! And that’s a GOOD THING! So. I had my blood drawn. And I got my results. {YIPES.} That’s a post for another day. Not necessary a 5 GOOD THINGS! More like 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO TAKE CONTROL OF SISTER!  And post it, I will. It was a total wake up call- which is also a Good Thing. Stay tuned. It’s a doozy.Truth

What Good Things happened to you this week? Has Spring finally sprung in your neck of the woods? Are you tired of your Own Self?


35 thoughts on “The Friday Five! It’s All Good.

  1. Ohhhh a new look to the blog Colby … LOVE IT!!! And spring sprung … chica SUMMER HAS SPRUNG here!!! The first official shirtless run of 2015 was this morning and I was soaked by the end … thank you wicked humidity. The only reason I’m cool with is because you are getting some sunshine finally and you very much deserve it 😉 Best this week was running 10 miles PAIN FREE for my long which hasn’t happen since December 2014 … ack!!! :/

    • So fancy! SHIRTLESS?!?! Damn Lee! That’s full on summertime humidity! And to think I’m thrilled I ran without mittens. IN APRIL. #babysteps Your news is the BEST news! And a long time coming—so happy for you Lee! My fingers are crossed for many more pain free runs!! YOU GET IT FRIEND!!! 🙂

  2. I re-worked my web site also. Moved the blog to it’s own page. Trying to have a proper home page now. Doing all of that was fun.
    Business is a challenge though. I thought I was onto a good prospect, but it fell through. ;(. On the bright side, I have a Boston Marathon promo that I’m announcing Monday and I’m hoping that will be a good thing.

  3. I like good things. I heart sleep. I hope you keep getting good weather and keep taking off more and more clothes. I had a good week too – birthday celebration, fun runs with friends, and I also took off clothes…to soak up some sun in the backyard. Sun on skin feels good.

    • Happy Birthday Scott!! New age bracket right?!? Welcome to the Other Side. I like good things too. I’m glad they’re finally happening. I felt like I was bobbing around in a Sea of Misery there for a while. I’ve got my shorts On Deck…. 🙂

  4. We had a day of spring on April 1st but I knew immediately that it was Chicago’s version of April Fools. It tried to trick me, but alas, I am much too smart for that. NICE TRY BITCH

  5. Tired of myself? Decades ago, it’s been a great ride since. Spring did, uh, spring in Michigan, yes… 620 miles in March and April looks to be even better!

    • GAH. I’m a mess! I’ve been processing it all and let me tell you, now I have a better understanding of why my recovery and performance has been total CRAP lately. Stay tuned! I’m working on it! 🙂

  6. Hooray for sleep and a healthy beagle! I’m a former beagle mom and they are the best. I sure do miss those stinky beagle kisses. And spring can come and get it! I’m interested to hear about this blood work and what they say.

    • Beages. She’s ridiculous. 🙂 As for InsideTracker, the results were EYE OPENING. I’m looking forward to seeing how I progress. I’m putting together the post as we speak!

  7. Soooooo happy the awful cold weather is breaking in the Northeast as well! I ran in a short sleeve shirt on Thurs night and was ecstatic. Have a wonderful wknd!

  8. Lots of good things! I’m excited to bring back Runch very soon. Once this show is over and I don’t have to baby my shins anymore I’ll be ALL OVER THAT.

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