twerkkidBig Spartany CONGRATULATIONS to DANIELLE who won herself a free entry to any Spartan Race in the continental US!! I emailed her this morning and am pleased to report she is STOKED. Well wasn’t that exciting?!!! It was for us. Awww. Our first real giveaway. Gotta admit. I’m kinda choked up. I feel like This Little Blog has graduated. We might be in kindergarten now. Or straight up 1st grade. *wipes tear*

What’s next for us? Here’s a few bits of randomness. 

Tonight’s Good Fortune!

  1. Uhhhhh. Somebody is tapering for Boston…and it ain’t me! I am so, so excited to cheer on my BFF and Blogging Partner in crime, Tina as Little Miss Boston heads home to run The Marathon in mere days. I’ll be the fool screaming and crying her head off when she trots by. Seriously. We are talking full on scene up in here. THAT’S MY GIRL!  My strong, amazing friend.  I am proud of her already. *wipes tear* 

    Boston Strong.

  2. I am busy aging this week. I’ve gotta birthday limping on up this weekend. After receiving my InsideTracker Inner Age Results last week, I fear my AARP card will be arriving via FedEx on Friday. WHAT. THE. EFF. I’m still trying to pick my jaw up off of the floor after that one. I am working on the post with all of my InsideTracker Results. Never fear. The Big Reveal is coming. And it ain’t pretty. *wipes tear*

    Happy Birthday Colby! Courtesy of Tina.

  3. File this bit of randomness under: AWESOME. I was milling around on our stats page and started reading the How People Find You section. And? Someone found our Little Blog by searching “Beagle Ass.”  Yes. Beagle. Ass. I’ve gotta tell Evil Beagle she has arrived! That is THE funniest goddamn thing that has happened all week. And it’s only Wednesday. I can’t stop laughing.  *wipes tear*
    Four Paws.

    Beagle Ass.


Anyone heading to Boston for The Big Show? We’ll be there! 


23 thoughts on “WINNER! WINNER! Spartan Race DINNER! 

    • I was milling around the “Stats” page and caught sight of that gem. Which prompted me to dig further into the “search terms.” Either Tina and I write about some really weird shit or there are some crazy people out there. I smell a blog post.

  1. Beagle Ass? Best. Search. Term. Ever.
    I just spit out my hot water with lemon and honey. Yeah! You read that right! I’m being all healthy! I have read numerous places that having a teaspoon of honey every day before allergy season can help with seasonal allergies, so I’m giving it a whirl. You should be able to tell by looking at my eyes on Sunday, when we celebrate Your Big Day, if it is working.
    Or maybe I’m becoming a vegan. Time will tell.

  2. I’ll be there! First time in Boston too – and I will be screaming like a crazy lady when I see my husband run past. Although he has claimed he has never seen me at a race – maybe I’m too embarrassing?

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