The Boston Marathon: A Recap in Pictures.

I have never thought of myself as particularly vain, and I’m going to prove it now by recapping the Boston Marathon through some pretty ugly race pictures. I don’t really “run pretty” to begin with, and the rainy, windy weather didn’t help. Who cares? Anyone reading this blog has seen ugly race pictures before. I assume I won’t scare anyone off.

For those who don’t know, the weather for the 2015 Boston Marathon was less than optimal. Temps in the 40’s (fine by me), BUT bands of steady rain and a 10-20 mph headwind, with gusts up to 30 mph. In the days leading up to the race, I kept hoping the depressing forecast would improve.

Instead it got worse.

When I asked Colby for an update as I was heading out the door, her reply was, “Oh, Poodle. You don’t want to know. Just run.”

So I did. And it was cold, and wet, and windy. But it was Boston, and I loved every step. Well, almost every step.

Here’s a pictorial tour:

Athlete’s Village. Look how happy I am! I am at Athlete’s Freaking Village in Hopkinton! Who cares if I’m functioning on 4 hours of sleep and it started raining while we were on the bus? The rain stopped when we got there! That has to be a good sign-right? RIGHT? RIGHT???


My Corral has just been called to line up at the start. Holy Crap. Sh*t’s getting real.


Early miles. Oh, I guess the very definite forecast was right after all and the rain won’t hold off. I don’t even think this picture shows how torrential it really was. Pouring. Soaked to the bone. And then the rain got worse. My race pictures from the Natick and Wellesley sections of the race barely came out because it was so dark and the lenses of the cameras were covered in raindrops.


Heartbreak Hill. I did it! At a solid pace! Feeling strong! I’m thrilled! And cold and wet! But mostly thrilled!


Just past Heartbreak Hill. Still thrilled! But also confused: where is my freaking family? I’m wasting precious energy searching the crowd for my loved ones. (They were there – just a little farther up than I expected).


Beacon Street. Probably Mile 24. But it could have been mile 23, 24 or 25, because the conditions were equally miserable for all. The wind is outrageous and I am looking for ruby slippers to take me home. I look like I am “digging deep” in the picture, and I probably am, but mostly I am trying to block the wind from my eyes. My fists are clenched because my hands have been numb since mile 10. Soaking wet tech gloves can only do so much. I am wondering whether I even like to run.


I have already turned right on Hereford and have just turned left on Boylston! The home stretch! It is a very loooooong home stretch, but I’m here!  I can see the finish line! The crowds are amazing!!! Yahoo!! I suddenly remember that I love to run.


The finish line. HELLO GORGEOUS!! So very happy to meet you!


I have my medal! And, possibly, a slight case of hypothermia! But I don’t care. I just finished Boston! I JUST FINISHED BOSTON!


54 thoughts on “The Boston Marathon: A Recap in Pictures.

  1. Congrats! It was not a pretty day to be running, but you did a great job–you finished Boston! I had the same issue with my gloves, by the way. They got so cold after getting soaked that I finally just ditched them–not that it helped my fingers thaw.

    • I probably should have ditched them, too. If I were to run in those conditions again, I would put an extra pair of gloves in a ziploc bag in the pocket of my jacket. i think dry gloves halfway through would have made a huge difference for me. I actually was a little unsettled by how numb and shaky my hands were and they definitely contributed to overall being just too damn cold.
      Congrats to you as well! A PR and a negative split – wow! Absolutely wonderful. I got neither of those but did get BQ, so will be back for more in 2016….

  2. Omg that weather. I had all the feels about it leading up to (and on) race day. It seems fitting that we’d run through a downpour for the entirety of the race after training through what felt like the never ending winter, doesn’t it?
    Congrats on your finish! I hope you’re recovering well (those hills though…)!

    • Can you believe that the weather actually was as bad as they predicted?? The optimist in me kept thinking something had to shift!!!
      Recovery muscle wise has been fine. Not surprisingly, the main issue with my recovery is the upper respiratory infection I have – no mystery where I picked it up!!!
      Congrats to you as well. How are you faring????

      • I was shocked the weathermen were right after they’d been off for half of the winter season!
        The first week post race was kind of rough- my quads were aching for days afterwards. But thankfully aside from that I felt great, and was on cloud 9 🙂
        I hope your infection has disappeared!

    • The rain without the wind and cold might have been welcome. The cold without the wind or rain would have been a pleasure. The combination of all 3 was indeed yuck. And a headwind is never welcome.

    • It is such an amazing memory. And had it snowed, sleeted, hailed, it still would have been worth every step. My first marathon in my hometown. No race will ever be as special.

  3. THERE SHE IS!!!! I can’t begin to tell you how proud, choked up AND NERVOUS I was for you. (Readers: Girlfriend doesn’t do well when she’s soaking wet. Excellent thermoregulator she is not.) I’ve never been more proud of you. BRAVO! BRAVO! To Boston!!! xoxoxoxo

    • Thanks. The day was so miserable weather-wise, but so incredible in every other way! Could not believe the size of the crowds given the weather, and the volunteers should be sainted!

    • Yup. Boston. It ain’t no local 5K you’re going to bag so you can stay home in your warm bed. I hope there is better weather waiting for you next year. And if not? It’s Boston. You won’t care.

  4. Woohoo!! You’re a rockstar for multiple reasons, including but not limited to the following: 1) qualifying for and running Boston; 2) finishing in crappy conditions; and (3) looking great in your photos despite those crappy conditions and the fact that you were running 26.2-freaking-miles. Great job, and great post!

    • Many thanks!!! Once i got home and showered (and ate the chicken soup my dad made the day before when he saw the forecast), the marathon glow took over and I forgot I was ever cold. 🙂


    You have serious bragging rights. You not only ran Boston, but you did it in very ugly conditions! … and yes, you look soaked!

    You say you don’t ‘run pretty’. Well, I think you look just great! 🙂

    • Thank you Michelle!! I was so fortunate to have 30,000 fellow runners who had to slog through the same weather I did. Nothing bonds like running through miserable conditions!

  6. I love this. My race photos from Boston have to be the most unfortunate. Like the worst of the worst I think. Haha. Congrats on a great race! 🙂

    • I thought mine were the worst of the worst. Especially the ones from Wellesley, where it looks like a twister is passing through and they are barely developed. One for the books, for sure.

  7. Hi Tina,

    Just wanted to offer you my belated congratulations! Glad you had such a great time on your home course!


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