I Need to Relax. And Kurt Loder is 70. 

I’m still reeling from discovering the following:

Kurt Loder is 70.Kurt Loder is 70

My InsideTracker InnerAge is 60.3.InnerAge

I look 35 according to that silly “How Old?” app.  Bless it’s tiny little electronic heart. 

GOOD. GRIEF. In case you missed it, read why at 43, I am really 60.3 years old but look like I am in my 30s. Read my eye-opening InsideTracker review and Big Reveal here. You’ll see why I am in a tizzy. It’s a doozy. Ugh. I’ve got a stomach ache just thinking about it. If that app told me I looked 75, I’m sure you would have heard the sound of computers crashing and a howling wail coming from me one million miles away. It wouldn’t have been pretty. 

Serenity Now! The Norwich Inn and Spa.

In light of those harrowing results and in celebration of Tina’s First Boston Marathon, Tina and I decided to check our tired stressed out asses into The Norwich Inn and Spa last Sunday with rejuvenation in mind. Or minimally with sitting STILL in mind.  And when I say “checked  in” I mean a full on 12 hours of padding around in white fluffy robes. Complete with yoga, steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi, and a delicious-wine-soaked lunch. Oh and we got treatments too. Two anti-goddamn-aging facials. One for each of us. (No. I didn’t do a double sesh. I’m not Magda for Pete’s Sake.) And two glorious body wraps which were other-worldly. Ahhhhh. What a day! I felt like we emerged younger, and visibly firmer.  There is nothing. I repeat NOTHING like spending the day with your best friend. It is a glorious treat. One that will occur far more regularly if I have anything to do with it. I know I won’t have to twist Tina’s arm. Like at all. She was booking the next Spa Day while we were still paying for the first. A total day of relaxation at a gorgeous spa with my BFF! Bonus X 1000.

  This was the first time Tina and I did yoga together. And honestly? I could hear her eyes rolling. My girl is NOT a yogi. I’m not either. But at least I happen to enjoy it. T-Bone? Ummm. I’m not so sure. I’m working on her. We couldn’t make eye contact for fear of being called into the Spa Director’s Office and being de-robed. THAT’S IT. HAND IN YOUR ROBES , YOU GIGGLING, CHILDISH, INFLEXIBLE COWS.  Thankfully, we were allowed to keep our robes for 11 more hours. Crisis averted. 

I have been doing yoga a LOT lately. For me that translates to three times a week which is three times more than I ever have in my entire life. I am loving it.  I leave and feel more calm, centered, grounded and open. Un-Stuck, if you will. I feel like my stride is also less stuck. It’s lengthened. What I am really hoping is that the sense of calm I feel in class trickles into my everyday life. Shutting off the “noise” even for that one hour is helping me learn how to shut out the stress that creeps into the daily grind. It’s also helping me wind down. And lo and behold, sleep is returning. If I want that god forsaken #InnerAge to decrease, I need to work a bit on stress and sleep. So my insides match the outside. There’s more work to be done, but I need to approach it piece by piece. Baby steps, Colby. 

Or my head will explode…

we won’t have faces to anti-age…

and we’ll never go to the spa again. 

Do you practice yoga? Are you a Rubber Band or The Tin Man? How do you tune out the daily noise? Day at the Spa or Girls Night Out? GO! 


56 thoughts on “I Need to Relax. And Kurt Loder is 70. 

  1. I don’t actually hate yoga. But I also don’t dig yoga unless it is to a video with the sound down, so I can call it a “stretching” session. I do believe it is a really helpful counterpart to running. For reals. But my eyes were mostly rolling because the teacher kept confusing her lefts from her rights. Really? I think I Warrior Two’d 3 times more than my left because she was directionally challenged.
    PS we’ll always need to go to the spa. We’ll just have more time to sip wine since we won’t need facials.

    • I know you don’t, Poodle. I just don’t think that you and I have ever done an activity so QUIETLY. That was more challenging than my wobbly eagle pose. Girlfriend was really good, but possibly hungover. Like we were 9 hours in. Until next time! Our skin has never looked so good! 🙂

  2. So not a yogi. I tried. I signed up for a semester’s worth of classes and spent the few months dreading Mondays and/or skipping yoga to head to happy hour.

    That spa day sounds wonderful, so jealous!

  3. These age apps/games are driving me mad. I apparently LOOK 57. WTH? I have to do yoga at home, and last night as I went in to my warrior 2 pose, my youngest came running downstairs to get dog treats for our dog. SOOO not relaxing at all. Arg.

  4. I haven’t done a spa day in forever, but I’m planning on it soon. My good friend’s husband gave her a spa day for Mother’s Day and she doesn’t want to go alone, so I very selflessly offered to go with her 😉

    • Now that’s a friend!!! While they certainly can be budget breaking, I am a huge HUGE fan of the spa day. It’s decadent. It’s relaxing. And dammit, we are WORTH IT!!!! 🙂

  5. Ugh. That “How Old” app told me I was 42… then 37… I’m 27 so in order to keep my sanity I’m staying away! : ) I do not practice yoga but I really need to! And total day at the spa…

  6. I am a recent yogi convertee. I think it has really helped with my running…those tight hip flexers are not as tight. I, like you, also feel more grounded and find I stress a little less about work. I will take what I can get…..but a spa day might really help also.

    • Go for it Wendy! And my hips? So much more open. It was really ridiculous. I was at a new class and the instructor asked us to sit in lotus. She then walks up to me with a look of pure pity and says. “So. You’re a runner, huh? Those poor hips.”


  7. I used to do yoga, but the class times up here don’t fit my schedule at all. I try to do some dvd yoga once in a while. I do need it as I make the Tin Man look flexible. Because I live and run in the middle of nowhere I get to tune out a lot. Mostly because I fear for my life because of all the large predators up here. Fear certainly keeps you present! Oh, and definitely day at the Spa.

    • Large PREDATORS?!?!? Where the hell are you Angie? Bear-ville??? Fear will most definitely keep you present. I would say grounded, but I know I’d be running so fast my feet would barely touch the earth!!!! Here’s to being a Tin Man! Cheers! (And please be careful.)

  8. I thought Kurt Loder was 70 back when he was on MTV.
    And yes, I love yogaahhhhh. I’ve been going once a week for probably a decade now. You’re right, when it’s a really good practice it really does center, calm and connect you. Like the instructors like to say at times – nobody can take this moment away from you – it’s yours.
    Go get nama-nasty!

    • Oh, I forgot to answer your question of how I tune out the noise – yoga, running, dog walks, and, er, uh, well, the thing is, at the end of the night I like to make a White Russian (is there any other kind?) and watch a DVR’d episode of one of my vampire dramas (Vampire Diaries, The Originals) or watch recorded concerts – Dashboard Confessional is a particular fave. So yes, I am a teenage girl.

    • Yoga is where it’s at. Lookit you- a decade! I binge on yoga. Then? Nothing. I’m trying to be more consistent. I need it more than I realize. And Kurt freakin’ Loder. 70. I always thought he was Older, but hearing he was 70 threw me!

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