Fever, Frenzy and Hometown Pride

America has crowned the next American Idol.  

Nick Fradiani. WINNER!


Can you even stand it?!?! 

*beams with pride*   

Big Pimpin’ American Idol Style!

I don’t even like American Idol. But seriously, how could I not watch and root for Guilford, Connecticut’s Own Hometown Hero, Nick Fradiani?!?! I’m so stinkin’ proud of him. The best part?  Handsome Italian dude can sing. Guilford has been in a full-on Fradiani Frenzy for Weeks and it’s been so exciting to be a part of.  They even filmed a concert on the green which aired a week ago on the show. It was AWESOME. We took our old Schwinn Cruisers down to the Town Green to hear him. The town went ALL FREAKING OUT. It was fantastic.  

Waiting for Nick!


The closest I will ever get to being on American Idol.



Everywhere I run and ride around town there are signs rooting for him. The local businesses have been so supportive. Such excitement. Such a wonderful community.  Especially among the kids. You couldn’t go a day without seeing a kid in a “Team Fradiani” shirt.

Nick Fradiani LIVE!

The kids really seem inspired. And that’s wonderful. Why shouldn’t they be? Here’s a talented local guy who can sing and play guitar and has strong sense of family.  He’s smiley, appears humble and while he’s an ‘Italian Guy from Connecticut’, he embodies ZERO of the Italian-American stereotypes that lately exist everywhere. (Note: I am an ‘Italian Girl from Connecticut’ who might embody some of the Italian-American stereotypes portrayed on TV. Either way? I’m qualified to make that statement. Capisce?) Around town, people are smiling! They wave! Hi! The kids are inspired! They chit chat! GO NICK! 

The Guilford Green Pre-Frenzy.

There’s been this palpable energy around town that has really brought out the best in Guilfordians. Wellllll actually…Maybe not all Guilfordians. The Exception being some broad who laid on the horn, screamed obscenities and scared the snot out of me while I was riding my bike through down town last night.  

Post-Road Rage Frenzy in my new Betty Designs Kit. LOVE!

She doesn’t have The Fever. She has The Irrational Road Rage and needs an intervention. Or maybe a Fradiani Frenzy ice cream cone. That’ll take the edge off of her. 

Congratulations Nick! May you be 10,000 times more famous than Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken and Fantasia Barrino combined!!!! You’ve made us so damn proud!!!  🙂

Bishop’s Orchards, Fradiani Frenzy! Yum! (Photo: foxct.com)

37 thoughts on “Fever, Frenzy and Hometown Pride

  1. So freaking exciting! Even M, condescender of all things pop, said, “That is pretty cool.” You know him well enough to know that statement is the equivalent of A making a youtube video to celebrate and getting a tat of the guy on his arm. Love when stuff like this brings communities together – so fun to ride the wave of excitement.
    Fradiani Frenzy ice cream? Awesome. And reminds me – did you see the launch of the PMC 192 Red Blend? Why, don’t mind if I do….

    • OMG I DID! We need a case of it!!! How did that slip by our radar?!?! And It’s been a fun few weeks around here. Such a pretty little town. Bishop’s makes their own ice cream now WHICH IS SO GOOD. I might treat myself this week in fact!

  2. Dude, first you look awesome. Second, when you encounter a chick like that, go one better and floor her with the “c”-word… I’d pay to see a foul-mouthed road rager chick’s jaw drop! That’d be awesome!

    • 1976. We have a Schwinn Breeze and a Schwinn Speedster. (Trixie and Carlos, respectively.) Red. They are truly quite a pair. They’re in great shape. A little bit a rusty gold. 🙂 We also have a really old Colombia Rambler. She’s pretty cool too.

      • Love the old Schwinns. I have a ’73 Breeze and ’74 Stingray Fastback both Lemon Yellow as well as a ’64 Columbia Thunderbolt i black. I saw your Columbia on your instagram. That thing ROCKS! Bet the pair of Schwinn’s gets lots of heads turning.

      • Love the old Schwinns. I have a ’73 Breeze and ’74 Stingray Fastback both Lemon Yellow as well as a ’64 Columbia Thunderbolt i black. I saw your Columbia on your instagram. That thing ROCKS! Bet the pair of Schwinn’s gets lots of heads turning.

      • That Columbia is so damn cool. Such a great find!!! She’s cute right?? The Schwinns are pretty damn sweet. I should really write a post about them. They’re beautiful. Every time we ride them, people comment. And twice people have offered us money for them. NEVER! They’re so special. You’ve got some cool whips too!!!! I love lemon yellow. And that Columbia must be looker! Nothin’ like an old bike. 🙂

      • That Columbia of yours is definitely the bomb dot com! And YES please blog about your vintage bikes in the near future please. I’d love to see them. 🙂

  3. I love this! I actually did try out for American Idol once. Yep. I can tell you now, I have Great Respect for anyone who goes through that audition process and still wants to be on the show. Takes heart, drive, determination, talent (of course), and a good thick skin to keep going. Yeay, Nick!!!

    • OMG ALAINA!! You are kidding me!!!!?? That’s so damn cool!!!! Was the try out RIDICULOUS?? The crazy thing about him is that he went to the try outs with a friend- he played guitar for her. And they asked him if he could sing. That’s so neat! Lookit you! A running, singing, yogi!!! Such talent! 🙂

  4. I do not follow American Idol but when I heard this on the radio yesterday I was like WOOHOOO I KNOW THAT PLACE! Haha so cool he’s from your town!! And I love that they named an ice cream for him… that would be the ultimate compliment in my mind haha

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  6. that’s awesome! i love these singing shows but i don’t watch Idol anymore — i did see him sing a few times in the past month, tho, and he has a great voice. Sawyer on the Voice is from near where i grew up, so i’m rooting for him, too!

  7. How cool is this? And yeah, the road rage thing. I was trying to park my car on the street the other night, and the care in back of me, who could have made it easier on me by moving out of his spot, instead stayed in it and yelled at me when I got out of the car. Ugh! 🙂

    • So cool right?!?! Exciting stuff! People need to CHILL. Riders. Drivers. Runners. Anybody on goddamn wheels. I was driving home last night and witnessed the worst case of road rage between two GROWN MEN on the highway. Swerving. Tailgating. Fingers. Hands. Expletives. On the highway during rush hour. It was ridiculous.

      Yoga. People need yoga. 🙂

  8. That’s so awesome!!! That’s one of the things I like(d) about AI is that it really plays up the hometown deal. When Jordin Sparks won (she’s from Glendale) the Phoenix Valley totally embraced it!

  9. I’ve never watched that show, but best of luck to your boy! I will say this – I fly those camera drones for some of my videos and you are NOT supposed to go above 400 feet, says the FAA – that looks higher than that. Go crack some heads!
    You need to apply the zen you’re supposed to be learning in yoga to your rage.

  10. Awww that’s so cool!!! Congratulations to him! I always love when they send the contestants back to their hometowns and would have loved to see someone from here go that far.

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