Whirlwind Wednesday. And a Series of Fortunate Events.

First of all. I thought today was Monday. Which is what happens when you spend a GLORIOUS 7 days away from work, drinking Heady Toppers, eating delicious FRESH food and watching your Other Half run his first marathon AND KICK IT IN THE CHOMPERS!

Oh, Hi. Boston Called. YOU JUST QUALIFIED!!



To say I am proud of him is a goddamn understatement. There are no words. Just love, love, love. I love him to pieces.  In fact, if I didn’t love him, I might hate him. He’s one of those Naturals. You know. The Athlete. The Dude who can do anything and loves the work that goes along with it? Yeah. That Guy. He’s My Lobster.  I am so proud of him. My heart is overflowing. Good stuff I tell ya. Actually, there have been a few Pretty Damn Good things that have happened in the past 10 Days. Here’s a Colby Good Stuff Sampler!

Running along Lake Champlain

    1. I went to a ‘Ladies Only Wine and WOD’ sponsored by Lululemon! Can you even stand it? One of my dear friends is into CrossFit and her box (I know. That sounds filthy.) was sponsoring a ladies only CrossFit night with wine, paleo grub and Lululemon. And she brought me! I’ve dabbled in CrossFit several times and if it wasn’t so damn expensive where I live, I’d be sipping the organic cool-aid. But alas. I also love shoes. And wine. And delicious IPAs as you’ll read about shortly. So there’s that. CrossFit Bethany hosted it and it did not disappoint. Such a great community of people. Very welcoming. Very friendly. There are some jacked broads there (Exhibit A. Below). Bethany Cross Fit!It was awesome. Vikki and I partnered up and had a blast.  Running, box jumps, rope work, abs, all sorts of stuff. Oh? And Wine. And Shopping. (Hello Vinyasa Scarf!) And my girl Vikki. I see why she loves it so much there. All of the Ladies I met were fantastic and so was the wine. Great. Time. Thanks Vik!


    2. I was finally matched with a buddy! Tina posted about I Run 4 a little while back (here) and if you aren’t familiar with them, I strongly encourage you to check them out. Salt @ Run Salt Run and I were both matched the same week! I know she’s equally as excited. It’s such an amazing group. Here is the link to their website: Who I Run 4 . They pair a special needs “Buddy” with a “Runner.”
      My First Official 5 mile run. #IRun4Wyatt

      My First Official 5 mile run. #IRun4Wyatt

      Your job as the runner is to dedicate your runs to your Buddy and interact with them via IR4’s closed Facebook Group. It’s an incredible community. I can tell you that I have been paired with an amazing little boy named Wyatt. I am already forging a wonderful relationship with his family. And I’ve gotta say, there hasn’t been a single mile I’ve run since “meeting” him where I haven’t thought about his smiling face. My miles have meaning. It is so fulfilling. Sign up. It’s worth the wait.

      Mile 3. Grafton, Vermont is gorgeous.

      Mile 3. Grafton, Vermont is gorgeous.

    3. Leon James and Evil Beagle might be getting a BROTHER!  So this happened as I was running the trails in my neighborhood. Yup. He happened. Chocolate Boy We ran right into one another. I encountered a big, handsome, chocolate lab swimming with a stick in his mouth on the trails. Of course I stopped and chatted with his Human and got the scoop. Long serendipitous story short: I need a running buddy, he needs a home.  It was love at first sight. Note: It’s not that Leon James and Evil Beagle, Pearl Anne, don’t want to run with me, they totally would. Only if I walked. And they ate gobs of treats. L. James is recovering from 2 -yes TWO- knee reconstruction $urgerie$ and Pearl Anne is….well?  Let’s just say this: Girlfriend don’t like to work out. They’re also both 11 years old and the thought of losing one? STOP. I know we’re crazy. But deal with it. I’d rather be an Old Crazy Dog Lady than an Old Crazy Cat Lady any day of the week. Cross your paws that it goes through! Squeeeeeee!
    4. We scored a case of Heady Topper. boooyaYup. In another, The Stars Are In Alignment Moment, we happened upon a delivery of Heady Topper as we were leaving Burlington, Vermont. After asking what all the hub-bub was about (then turning to each other and fist-pumping when we heard why) we immediately hopped in line and waited for our Liquid Gold. You can’t get the stuff outside of Vermont. And then not all of Vermont. It wins all sorts of ‘Best Beer’ Awards. The result: TWO FREAKING CASES OF HEADY TOPPER! For those of you who aren’t beer fans, this is the equivalent of finding a unicorn blowing bubbles while riding a T-Rex. IT NEVER HAPPENS. Fear not, we filled a cooler, loaded it with ice, and gingerly transported our cases of beauties across state lines. TO DRINK. ALL. SUMMER. We also drank them in Burlington… 

      Heady Topper and Focal Banger. CHEERS!

      And even ate them in DELICOUS PRETZEL FORM at the Burlington Farmer’s Market… 

      Heady Topper Jalapeno Pretzel Bliss.

      In short, ALL THE HEADY TOPPER. Happiness. 

    5. We ate great food in Burlington, Vermont

      Asparagus Porn.

      It wasn’t all kick ass beers and tacos. Although I would perfectly content if that were the case. A few notable eating establishments in Burlington:  Hankering for tacos? Run to El Cortijo. Kitchsy. Cool. Not too hipster. And MY FAVORITE joint for good beer and tacos. I love that little spot. It’s hard not to binge on tacos and ‘chos there. Trust me.  

      Revolution Kitchen.

      Next fave: Revolution Kitchen which, in addition to having another of our favorite beers on tap, Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine, has DELICIOUS vegetarian grub. Like really good and not completely typical. The staff couldn’t have been more charming.  And guacamole filled wonton “nachos.”  For real. *drools* We dig it.   


      Last? Hen of the Wood. INNOVATIVE and delicious. Even the ice cubes were cool. Everything here is done with intention. It’s fantastic- organic, sustainable and locally sourced. We had these insane Apple cider fritters with some sort of delectable goodness on them and we swooned. Shit was GOOD. And? I took zero food pictures. Which in hindsight, was a Rookie Blogger move. What the hell do I know?  My other half would have thrown a fork at me if he heard: “But Babe, It’s for the BLLLLLLLOG!” one more time. He loves me. 

So that’s what’s been going down. Take time to recharge. The past week and a half has been such a reboot for me. I’d highly recommend it if possible. Drinking, eating and running for and with people I love. Now that’s Good Stuff. 🙂

How was your long weekend? Have you ever been a spectator at a marathon? Or does it make you antsy? Name you favorite beer: GO! 

Who doesn’t love a Street Performer?

41 thoughts on “Whirlwind Wednesday. And a Series of Fortunate Events.

  1. YESSSSS!!! I’ve been waiting for this post!!! CONGRATS to your +1!!! That’s freaking amazing he BQ’d his first time! Oh, those naturals! I don’t know if my hubby will BQ in Chicago but I’m fairly confident he’ll do well. I hate him.
    I don’t, but you know 😀

    • Helly I was a screaming, crying MESS! So proud!!!! So damn fast. And consistent. He’s a CYCLIST. He’s not even a freaking runner. I hate him.
      I don’t, but you know. 🙂

    Obviously, Congrats to your other half!! I hate him for qualifying straight out of the gate, btw. I can’t even keep track of all the other amazing things in this post other than to say that I love a great many beers as long as they are not bitter or overly fruity, and I suck at box jumps because I have no vertical leap. Seriously.

    • WHIRLWIND RIGHT?!?! Blogging Bonanza! He’s ridiculous. So proud. 🙂 I thought of you, Mighty Blogger as I was chowing down. Suze woulda taken food pictures then recreated the shit next week. I was all… Hmmmm. What Would Suze Do? Then I ate it all before snapping a damn pic. Fail. #WWSD

  3. what is this heady topper you speak of? going to have to check it out. one of my girlfriends is obsessed with beer so i’ll make her try it with me. and Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine?! i have some research to do!! i want to go to Burlington — never been, weirdly enough!

    • GET IT GIRL. Or minimally, come on over this summer. We’ll hit the trails then drink Heady Toppers in Adirondack chairs, whilst chit chatting. Lawson’s is GOOD. They actually brew it in Connecticut at Two Road’s Brewery. So delicious. We love Burlington! And Vermont in general!

      Lemme know when you’re comin’. I’ll chill the Toppers…

  4. Sounds like you had an amazeballs good time! Little ole VT is pretty awesome 🙂 I’ve got my fingers crossed that everything works out with your furry new running partner!

  5. I’ve never been a spectator at a marathon, but plan on being this fall when my boyfriend runs his second marathon, just three weeks before I run NYC. I honestly am more excited to go and watch and cheer and be THAT girl, than I would be if I was running. Long weekend was amazing – spent it in Nantucket at Figawi, which was perfect because that’s where my favorite beer is from, Cisco Brewery Grey Lady!! Hope you have an awesome Thursday!

    • I dig that beer!!!!!!! It is fun being THAT girl. In my case, I was the loud mouthed nut bag, screaming and crying as her boyfriend flew by. It was EPIC. I’ve run NY twice. Ain’t nothin’ like it. Such an experience!! To Thursday! {Clink!}

      • IT’S EPIC! I have a race recap somewhere on here. I’ll attach a link to it. The Best: The Start. Running over the Verrazano Bridge is so freaking exciting. I’ve got chills thinking about it. Also, heading back into Manhattan you feel like a freaking ROCK STAR. So. Great. The Worst: Getting out of the finish area. Patience, Grasshopper. And bring your phone. It’s kind of a shit show but the volunteers couldn’t be nicer. You’ll zombie shuffle your ass on out of there sooner or later. It’s also not flat. You probably already knew that, but train on some hills. It’s hillier than you imagine. Oh! Bring raggedy clothes to wear at the start! You’re outside freezing your ass off for a while. Get comfy. Bring food. And hunker down. You’re all in it together! Here’s my recap: https://marathonandsprint.wordpress.com/2013/12/28/2013-ing-new-york-marathon-race-recap/

  6. Congrats for his BQ! Looks like y’all had a fun time! But why have I never heard of this Heady Topper??? Is it a local brew? Can I get it in Texas? A craft beer place with like 5o taps (seriously) just opened down the street. I’ll have to see if they can get it and then fill my Growler! Grrrrrrrr!
    There’s a place here called Thai Box. The food is good, but always feel like I’m the only one who thinks the name is extremely filthy! Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • Oh, forgot, but that’s cool about I run 4. I’m also part of that…kind of. A run bud of mine is in it and he’s let me piggy back so now his little buddy has TWO big buddies. I give him race medals to send to her. They even added me to the private facebook group so I could participate even more. Love it!

    • I’m gonna go with no. Your joint probably can’t get it. But ask. As far as I am aware, they don’t distribute it nationally. Google around. You’ll see what I’m talking about. And BTW. If a craft beer joint opened down the street from me I’d be doomed.


      My “Check Liver” light just started flashing.

  7. That dog is so cute!! I hope you get him 🙂 We’ve got 2 also and even though they’re only 1.5 and 3 years old, I already get all sappy at the thought of someday not having them so I totallllyyyy get it. Crazy dog ladies unite!! 🙂

    • *raises fist in solidarity*
      Seriously. After L. James’ two knees, and Evil Beagle’s cancer scare, we’re being (sadly) realistic. That Chocolate Boy is something. He really is. Paws crossed! I’ll keep you posted!!! 🙂

  8. YAHOOOOOO!! Congrats to your other half…that’s just awesome. And congrats all around on a great weekend. Mine kinda sucked, but that’s ok!!! The bad ones make the good ones even better. Also, I don’t drink much beer, LOL. Give me all the wine though!!!!

  9. Wait. One. Minute. “Other half”? I must have missed that somewhere along the way, or just chose to ignore it. Sure, I am very happily married, but nonetheless…. Fantasy (but not in a creepy way) shattered.

    • Alas. ‘Tis true. Perhaps you repressed the memory? But it’s all the truth. You’d totally dig him. He knows wine. And beer. And races bikes. I have my very own Drunken Cyclist. 🙂

  10. That BQ is BEAST!!!!!! So many congrats to him!! So amazing. 🙂
    Also I absolutely LOVE that we got matched at the same time. It was such a long wait and so incredibly worth it! I love my little buddy!

    • He’s off the chain. He’s not even a runner. Well. He IS. But he’s really a cyclist. And a really good one. He kills me.

      LOVE that we’re IR4 buddies! And honestly, how long was our wait? 6 months?? I can’t even remember when I applied. #buddylove

  11. Congrats to your other half! What an amazing feat to qualify on his first marathon!! Oh those naturals… (I’m jealous!)
    I’ve never done Crossfit but give me some wine and I’ll try anything! Now you’ve got me wanting wine and it’s only 10:30…AM haha
    I’ve spectated at the NYC Marathon before! It was a blast! I might do it again this year too 😀 In a way, it really is a lot more fun than actually running one yourself.

    • He’s somethin’ alright. I’m right there with you- totally green with envy! Anything with “….And Wine!” begs a try!!! Spectating is so much damn fun. Inspiring too. Even after all these years!!! 🙂

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