Half-Marathon Amnesia

So this happened.

Unless they are Colby and Tina.

Yup. This actually happened. Tina and I BOTH forgot we were running a half marathon TOMORROW. How the hell does that even happen? To be fair, the thought crossed our minds late last week, but I honestly thought it was on Sunday. Which makes sense, because I had the “Today is Monday” feeling all goddamn week. I have zero idea what day it is. Although I was just informed (to my absolute delight) that it was Friday. WINNER! That’s what happens when you come off of a FANTASTIC vacation filled with copious amounts of beer. I blame it on the Heady Topper. Relive the fabulosity here.

Apparently we are running what has been billed as “The 2nd Hilliest Half” in Connecticut. Which begs the question: What the hell is the 1st Hilliest Half in Connecticut? Where is the ranking? Or is it a weird marketing ploy? Second Hilliest Half my ass. We’ve run two in particular that would make a billy goat puke. This one will be at least 3rd Hilliest by our standards. So as you can imagine, our touch of Half Marathon Amnesia has us both mildly concerned. So does tomorrow’s humidity. And the allergies which have suddenly crippled me. In all of my years on planet earth, I have never so much as batted an eye at pollen. This year? I am a wheezy puffy sniffy hot mess. T-Bone ain’t feeling so hot either. Should be a Classic Colby and Tina Shit Show. (Sadly, pun intended.)

What jogged my memory, you ask? This text from Tina bright and early this morning: Half Marathon AmnesiaFollowed by a string of expletives, an arched eyebrow and a CAN’T WE JUST MEET FOR BLOODY MARY’S AND BAG IT FOR CHRIST’S SAKE?!?!?

No, Poodle. No we can’t. We can give up Bloody Mary’s, but we’re not quitters.

Have you ever forgotten about a race? Have you suddenly developed allergies that have left you in a sneezey wheezy heap?


67 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Amnesia

  1. Usual response: We paid. We’re running. Allergies are horrible this year, and take it from someone who always has allergies. It’s not you – they are terrible this year. I look like I have 2 black eyes.
    It’s also been billed as the “Second Hardest Half” in CT. I WANT TO KNOW WHO IS RUNNING THE TALLIES???? I don’t think it could be hillier than the old Fairfield route. Heck, the new Fairfield Route is hilly, but the old one was downright cruel. And Danbury ain’t no slouch either.
    I don’t even know where this race IS. I just know from a random e-mail that I can’t park in some Dunkin Donut’s parking lot. As if I know where that is. I can’t even remember why we signed up for this? And Chris keeps asking me where my marathon is this weekend, which is freaking me out. It IS only a half, right?
    BTW, afterwards, I have 3 separate photo day slots for little league, 2 ball games to attend, chauffeuring to 2 birthday parties and a bar mitzvah, so this hypothetical half might be the most relaxing part of my day.
    And why are we running it? Because we signed up, that’s why. Reason enough.

  2. Hahaha!!!!! I thought I was the ONLY FOOL who forgot about races that I signed up for months in advance. Ben and I have done that a couple of times, where we wonder what we’re doing the upcoming weekend and then belatedly (er, thankfully?) realize that we have a race somewhere. Then it’s a mad scramble to make arrangements for getting to the race.

  3. Blame your allergies. Or Margs. I don’t sign up for enough races to forget about them. I think. But then I might have. I wouldn’t remember. Right? Good luck!

  4. Bahahaha! I can honestly say I’ve never forgotten about a race but I hope it goes well for you. As for the suddenly developing allergies thing? *Puts hand up* I suddenly started having allergies this year too out of nowhere. (Not cool, nature. Not cool.) I regret every single time I ever downplayed my family’s allergy complaints.

    • You know, I never understood what all the allergy fuss was about. UNTIL NOW. Funny how that happened to us, huh? So not cool, Mother Nature. This race is going to be interesting. Fun. And interesting. Don’t touch that dial!

  5. That’s too funny. I’ve never forgotten about a race before. But I’d say go suffer through it as best you can and then get your well-deserved Bloody Marys! When have you ever regretted running a race, right? Even the bad ones serve to remind you that at least you can celebrate with #allthefood and #allthebooze at the end and not feel guilty about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I can’t say I’ve ever forgotten a race. You ladies are crazy! I suddenly developed really severe allergies during college, experienced them for a few years and then they disappeared just as suddenly. Hopefully yours don’t stick around too long!

  7. An angry yes to the allergies question! I don’t remember getting more than a slight throat tickle in the past but this year I’m a hot mess. I have had race amnesia too, but thankfully for a chill 5k and nothing too scary! Good luck!

  8. haha. oh goshh. well this will be an interesting recap.!! can’t wait to hear how this hilly half marathon goes for you guys. You guys are troopers for going through with it.!!

  9. It’s not quite as bad, but I keep forgetting about a race I’m running next weekend. Not really a big deal but I can’t forget the whole “Time to drive 9 hours to Maryland” thing. I also have a half on Sunday. Good luck to you and Tina tomorrow!

  10. Well, not exactly. I had a race coming up that I thought was on Sunday but turned out it was on Saturday. Glad I figured that out BEFORE Saturday!! I have also been late to my share of races. Literally, you hear the gun go off and you’re still a quarter mile from the start line. One time I heard the gun go off while my Other Half was pinching a loaf. Talk about last minute! This is why you get up at 4am on race day to get all the shit out BEFORE the race begins!!! Ugh. Men.

    I have also run my share of hilly halfs. Which kinda sucks since I have zero hills to train on. I’d love to know how the second hilliest half in CT ranks with the hilliest half in OH… How does one know these things??? LOL!

    Hope you both had a great hangover-free race today! Although, I have much more first hand experience than I’d care to admit to which verify the fact that long runs and races are the perfect cure for a bad hangover! Case in point, today’s humid-as-fuck trail 10-miler with two liters of water in my camelbak! I really need to look into hiring someone to lug that shit around for me! LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Stay tuned for the recap. But if that damn thing was the second hardest/hilliest/toughest/God awful-ist race in Connecticut I don’t even want to know what’s first. Screw it. On an 82 degree day with 97% humidity in the morning—it was a beast. GAH.

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    • See? I’m glad I’m not the only one! Although yours sounds WAAAAAY better than the hot humid hilly BEAST we just ran. Sweet Lawd. And? Your medal is cooler. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the shout out!

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