Running, Reuniting and Drunk Otis. 

Last week I eaaaaaased back into Marathon Training Mode. And by eased, I mean cannonballed. Straight in. With a big ass splash. I’m using the Hansons Marathon Method and, like I posted last week, am a little freaked out. I’m also bad at counting. And started this whole 18 week thing early. Which really isn’t a big deal, I’m just planning on repeating Week 2 of training because RUNNING. 

I figured out what’s got me spooked. It’s not the lack of a traditional long run in the training program. Nope. That’s not it. 

It’s the speed workouts. Intervals. Strength workouts. Tempo workouts. It’s the -being-tethered-to-my-Garmin-obsessing-about-pace workouts. It’s all stuff that pretty much every runner on the planet does except me.   Why? Because I’m intimidated by it. It makes me sweat. That’s why I don’t do it religiously. I’m more of a run by feel kinda gal. And usually forget my goddamn Garmin because 9 out of 10 times it’s dead. This time, I have a goal. And if I want to achieve it, I need to- in the words of the incomparable Taylor Swift- SHAKE IT OFF. AND GET REAL. So. Here’s what the Fearless, New and Improved Colby ran last week.  

Monday: Easy 6 miles. Well, wait. That’s what it was supposed to be. After our hot, humid, hilly, half-marathon we forgot about last weekend and my 30+ mile zippy ride the next day, I was toast on Monday. So I ran 4 instead. There. I said it. And “Easy” runs in this program aren’t considered fluff. Not every run needs to be a knock down, drag out sufferfest. The volume is beneficial to your body. It’s not junk miles. Besides, suffering is what Tuesday is for. 

Tuesday: 12 x 400, 400 recovery. GAH. 1.5 mile warm up and cool down. GAH. it was the longest time I have spent on a treadmill in all my years on the planet. GAH.  But I did it. YES. And I may have loved it. In that sadistic sweaty way. 

Wednesday: OFF. Sweet Baby Jesus. OFF. 

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: Easy 6 miles. Ran it all and faster than I should have. *slightly puffs up chest*  WINNER!   

Class of 1990

 Sidebar: I also attended my 25 Year High School reunion on Saturday.What in the name of all that is ancient was that about?!?!? 25 YEARS. Damn. I’m getting old. I also realized I had forgotten how much my high school actually means to me. There is something about attending an all-girls high school. There is this sisterhood. It’s really something. Such strong bonds. Such dear life-long friends. Made me choke up a little. Just like it’s doing now. 

Sunday: Easy 8 miles and BOOM nailed my prescribed pace. Legs are tuckered, but I feel a tad- a pinch– more confident. Minimally, I’m learning how to use my Garmin. Oh. And this. This happened Sunday. 

Drunk Otis

 Introducing Otis Brown.! WE GOT HIM! He is just starting to settle in. Drunk Otis, as he will be known, is 11 months old and pretty much goes from being an obedient, athletic, strapping chocolate lab, to a Fraternity Brother on Spring Weekend with a bucket of Jaeger Bombs in the blink of a bloodshot eye. We love him. He’s alllll chocolate lab. Through and through. So far, Leon James hasn’t eaten him. I am convinced they will be BFFs. Evil Beagle, however is wondering when the hell someone is coming to cart his drunk brown ass away. Girlfriend is BENT. 

Total Miles Run: Roughly 39. 

Total Number of Memories Relived and Laughs Had at Reunion: 10,000.

Total Number of Dogs: 3.

I’d say I’m off to a solid start. 🙂

Are you a Pace Head or a Run By Feel kinda runner? Have you attended any momentous occasions lately? Am I going to die a Crazy Dog Lady?  


45 thoughts on “Running, Reuniting and Drunk Otis. 

  1. Ohmigod lady, I love you! I am totally a run-by-feel and enjoy-every-moment (and take ALL THE PICTURES) girl. But. Something is happening and I want to be faster now. I want to see what it feels like to have “a speed”. And “a pace”. Not just a pace for running, but a tempo pace, and a race pace, and an easy pace… I guess I need a Garmin, now…

    Congrats to you for going for it! I’m going to go read about Hansons Method now…

  2. As you know, I’m a run by feel. I’m trying to figure out my “plan”for Baystate and am leaning toward Higdon Advanced 1 because of the speedwork, but I don’t think I’ll have time to do everything the week requires. Bitch, you know my life. So, I may cobble together Tina 2.0 Advanced that incorporates the back to back weekend mid-run and longer-run and speedwork day of Higdon but with extra rest days during the week. And as soon as I get 15 minutes to think it through, I’ll figure it out once and for all, since I think Week 1 probably is this week. Oh, well.

    • Bitch, I DO know your life. And quite frankly, I don’t know how you function at ANY level. Let alone in Major Professional Kick Ass Lawyer Level Who’s Training for a Marathon, Raising 3 Kids, AND JUGGLES KNIVES. I’m exhausted. There is no rush. My training gig is 18 weeks. And for the first time in my life, I’m early. xoxo

  3. A) run by feel b) you already are a crazy dog lady, so just give into it! It feels goooooooooooooood.
    Drunk Otis and I would party so hard. And luckily the Evil Beagle brings the Fritos, so you guys are set for the weekends (or week days, who’s to say).

    • I AM. At least I’m not in a mu-mu, eating Cheetos on a well worn tweed couch. You would love Drunk Otis. Your girlfriend however, is totally over him. Well, sort of. She did chase him across the yard with a ball in her mouth. There may be hope. 🙂

    • It’s off! It’s off! He came that way. I’m not a fan of them. He’s now sporting a leather Coach collar. #fancy We’re re-programming him as we speak. He needs some love. And manners. And you to throw a ball for an hour. We love him. 🙂 I’m the queen of the tequila sprint! That and the egg toss. xoxo

      How’s the knee?

      • Coach? Dude….he’s a LAB. They look down those impressive beaks at crap like that. “Just give me a tuffdog spiked collar or occasion appropriate bandanna hooman. And unlimited belly rubs.” And you think you’re reprogramming HIM??? News flash lady – IT’S ALL ABOUT WHAT THE MUTT WANTS. Knee still broke but……..I CAN RUN NEXT WEEKEND! CAN I GET AN EFFIN’ AMEN?!?!?!!!!!

      • He sure is LAB. He gives absolutely ZERO shits. He might as well be a honeybadger. Only one that loves belly rubs. He’s a Brown Love Bug who will eat the couch when you blink. He’s only wearing the extra fancy collar until his skull and crossbones one comes in. AMMMMEN!!!! 🙂 Great news!!!!!!

  4. I want to see a video of drunk Otis doing his thing. I can’t wait to see more pics of him! Also speedwork… the ol’ 12 x 400 is one of my running club’s favorite workouts. Except one time we only got 100 meters of rest between. UGH! I haven’t gotten the email with this afternoon’s workout yet and I’m sort of dreading it. Getting your intervals done early in the morning has got to feel good, maybe I will try it some day!

    • I was done today AND IN THE SHOWER at 7:30am. BOOM! And after inhaling an egg white sangy, I can now function. That workout is a beast. UGH. Is right. Drunk Otis is going to be a really good dog. He’s still a puppy. A Giant Puppy. He has his shit together one minute, the next he’s on his back with a rope toy in his mouth, drooling, kicking the beagle. I love him. I’ll post pictures for sure! How is that beauty, Piper? They would be BFFs. 🙂

  5. Hooray Drunk Otis! He’s so sweet! I’m not super into the numbers yet, but I’m getting there. I’m trying really hard to get faster this year, which means I actually have to start paying attention to that junk. I find it a bit intimidating, and have a tendency to get obsessive (which is why I don’t count calories), so it can be hard to be balanced and sane about it. Good luck!

  6. I’m totally run by feel unless I am training. Not because I’m overly concerned with the exact pace I’m running, but for workouts it’s pretty much required, and for my long runs, I like to make sure I am running them slow enough – all about time on my legs! One week of marathon training down = very exciting! Hope you have a great Tuesday!

    • I would look at it at the end of a run, but I wasn’t as hell bent on pace as I am becoming. But your right, I’m training. I should be. *lightbulb* I need to make sure I’m running them slow enough too! Thanks for the insightful comment. A light bulb really did just go off!

      Shit. Now it’s dim.

      Oh well. 🙂 🙂

  7. TOTAL pace head. I am really interested to see how you end up liking Hanson’s because I’m leaning toward it for my next marathon (whenever the heck that is haha).

    • I think it’s going to be good for me. I forgot that I LIKED speed work. And structure. I need to give myself checks though—numbers make me a little obsessed (which is why I’m also not a fan of scales). I can go off the rails easily enough. I wanted to tell you that I am loving the Hokas! They took a while for me to break in but I’m digging them!!! Have you tried the Hoka Clifton’s? xoxo

  8. I used the Hansons method for my half marathon this past spring…and LOVED it. I used heart rate training thought with it (rather than pace, except for speed and tempo runs where I used pace more). It also allowed me to break a PR for my half that I set in 2007. I’m a convert to their training plans!!

  9. Love your new running/drinking buddy Otis. I’m a mix of pace and feel runner. I have a Garmin and have never downloaded a second of data from it. It will likely blow up one day for that reason. I also tend to get distracted when I run so I often stop the timer and then forget to start it again or a 10km takes 1.5 hours because I was distracted by unicorns and forgot to stop it. Oh well. I mostly run for my dog anyway.

    • I am chomping at the bit to get Otis Brown out on the trails! My other half took him and he did great! Your pup is so damn pretty. I’m hoping to get some good shots of him in the woods! I just uploaded data from my Garmin from 2013 to now. #spontaneouslycombust

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