Run Where I Live: Connecticut!

hello kitty tour bus

We’re busting out the Hello Kitty Tour Bus and hopping on board the Run Where I Live Blogging World Tour hosted by the lovely Danielle at Live, Run, Grow!  Grazie mille, Daniella! Though Tina and I both live in Connecticut, we live on opposite ends of the Connecticut Shoreline.  And though Tina and I both are runners, she does NOT enjoy running trails. She’s a city gal. She prefers pavement to dirt. And she’ll tellyou herself- bugs, snakes, and prickers ain’t her bag. Like at all. That being said, I’m going to cover one of my favorite running spots in Connecticut- Westwoods Trails.

I am lucky to live within running distance to the Westwoods trail system which is chock full of trails- 39 trails on 1,200 acres! All for the running! Or hiking. Or even mountain biking. It’s the largest recreational area for hiking in Guilford, Connecticut. And it’s gorgeous. I have blogged a few times about running in Westwoods up in here.  So when asked to join the Run Where I Live World Tour, it was a no brainer. Westwoods would be my place of choice.  It’s a total gem.


Bimbler’s Bash Trail Race in Westwoods. That’s me!

The ownership of the land is a combination of Connecticut State Forest, Guilford Land Conservation Trust (GLCT),  the Town of Guilford, and private ownership. All trails are maintained by the Westwoods Trails Committee of GLCT. And maintained they are. The first trails in Westwoods were blazed in 1966 and have grown ever since.  What I love about Westwoods is that it is absolutely beautiful-  caves, water falls, carved rock sculptures and rock formations pepper many of the trails. There are also salt and fresh water marshes and even a lake.  It’s so pretty.

Don’t let all that beauty fool you or lull you into a false sense of security. The trails ain’t easy. Many are quite technical, but really well marked and maintained. They are perfect for running. And racing. Back in April, I ran a trail race here, The Bimbler’s Bash. Relive the glory, HERE. If you recall, it was the day after my birthday. {Read: I ran it hungover.} When I run here, I do not feel like I’m in Guilford, CT. In fact, forget Guilford, I don’t feel like I’m even in Connecticut. Even though I can pick up a trail head a stone’s throw from the center of town, I feel like I’m running in some beautiful far away place. If you do find yourself with your trail shoes on the Connecticut Shoreline this summer, check out Westwoods. It does not disappoint. See what I mean? 🙂

Lost Lake. I found it! Westwoods, Guilford, CT.

Lost Lake. I found it! Westwoods, Guilford, CT.

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From Westwoods in Guilford, Connecticut and on to New York City! Head over to Kellie at Will Run For Ears and see where to run in The Big Apple! 

Want to join the Run Where I Live world tour, or visit the cities we’re “running in”? Check out Danielle’s complete link-up list HERE

35 thoughts on “Run Where I Live: Connecticut!

  1. These trails look wonderful! I wasn’t a runner at all when I lived in Connecticut and I wish I was, there are so many great places to run! I’m thinking of doing the Hartford Marathon this year since I used to have to work at the expo for it and I’d think, “these people are crazy!” I think it’s about time for me to come full circle and re-visit as “a crazy person”!

    Thanks for joining us on our road trip, I’m off to visit Kellie!

    • Thanks for hosting Danielle! So many great trails in CT! I’m recently a road to trail convert. Although I straddle the line often. There are TONS of trails and some great racing series too. I haven’t run Hartford but it is on my list! DO IT! Come home!!!! 🙂

  2. Great photos. I was and sometimes am still an elite runner an cc was always the worst bc you could train to prep for different courses but if you don’t have hills to train you’re in trouble. I’ve coached diffetently to ensure kids were more ready. Great photos and they can lure someone in to training that’s for sure

      • Have you tried a mud run? They are all different. In some instances it is pure runners, some pure weight lifters and some are cake walks. I did a cake walk out of shape, finished first in my heat and in the top 1% and I could only imagine the others.

      • You have done 200 mile bike rides? What kind of running times do you put up or do you stay mainly with obstacles? I have done both but oddly enough find it easier on me to do the obstacle runs as they are interval training. I must admit you have a nice pic. The bus is cute too 🙂

  3. Looks absolutely gorgeous. Soon, hopefully, I can hit some trails again. I don’t love falling down (which I seem to do a lot on our rooty, stumpy TX trails), but I do love running in the dirt!

    • You know me Angela, I’m a HOT MESS in the woods. But I am happy to report I am getting better which means far less blood shed, stitches and bruises! Nothin’ better than the dirt! xo

  4. The trails look awesome!! I haven’t had a chance to run in Connecticut yet (I think I have it pegged for 2016 though). Gotta love doing races hungover too. I’ve done a couple of those myself…LOL

    • Hungover races. Sad. But true. Connecticut has some great trails AND great races. Check out the Trail 2 Trail series as well if you’re up in these parts. Or, the Fairfield Half Marathon (road) and the New Haven Road Race. Two EXCELLENT races. I just ran Fairfield yesterday and for the first time in 7 years I didn’t melt. (And was not hung over!)

      • Haha the nice thing about running hungover is that you sweat everything out and as long as you drink enough water while you’re running, it clears up your hangover a lot faster than just laying around all morning…haha

  5. Those trails are gorgeous – lucky you that they’re so close to home!! There are a few trails near me but they require a little driving to get there and they are not quite as beautiful as yours! I am just starting to look for more opportunities to go trail running with others (I refuse to explore an unknown trail alone!), but it’s something I’m really looking forward to doing more of. Have fun!

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