Running, Retesting, and Laughing My Head Off. 

Disney PixarExciting week here in Colbyville! Big. Stuff. The Cliff Notes:

  • I nailed my runs. BOOM. *drops ipad*
  • I went and had my InsideTracker retest!!! And now am impatiently waiting for the results. Stay tuned. Maybe I can ditch the AARP card. And then get carded when I buy champagne to celebrate my optimal new results. A girl can dream, People. A girl can dream. 
  • I saw Kevin Hart perform and haven’t laughed that hard in forever. Funny. Shit.

    Now for the deets. Here’s how Hansons Marathon Method training went this week. It’s getting REAL.

    Monday: 6 “easy” miles. We’ve talked about “easy.”  They’re not. They’re imperative to this training program. They provide a “gentle” overload of volume so you’re body is constantly tuckered. You’re perpetually uncomfortable. It’s sadistic, really. But I love them. 

     Tuesday: 6 X 800, 400 recovery.  Warm up. Cool down. Ice cold shower. Early morning intervals. 7. 5 miles total. I punched those intervals right in their sweaty FACE.



    Wednesday:  I kept the Rest Day Holy. I had my InsideTracker retest! GULP! Stay tuned! As I was walking out of my appointment, Tina texted me about an oppressively humid run. She was none too pleased with the air quality. I told her what I was doing. Here is our actual exchange:

     She kills me. There it s. The Day in the Life of Colby and Tina. Love my girl. But she does need a nap.

    Thursday: 6 mile early morning tempo run. 8.5 miles total. NAILED IT. Gotta admit. I felt FIERCE after this one. Pace totally on fleek. I’m starting to think I can actually do this. Oh. Hi, Confidence. I’m Colby. Nice to meet you. YES.

     Friday: Easy 6 miles. I snuck them in just before My Other Half and I went on a date. Dinner at our favorite vegan restaurant, and then off to see Kevin Hart perform before a sold out crowd. What a comedian. That dude may be small, but he’s the biggest performer I’ve ever seen. Total presence. He was a riot. We were belly laughing. Heads thrown back, tears crawling down our cheeks, laughing from our toes. To laugh like that? The best thing in the world. We felt so ALIVE. I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. Nor had he. Such a great night with My Guy.

    Saturday: Easy 8 miles. With a hangover. No Bueno.

     Sunday: Easy 8 miles. Or, a running adventure around a beautiful little lake! My Other Half, His Two Quarters, Leon James, Evil Beagle, Drunk Otis and I, all went to the lake My Guy spent his childhood summers on for the weekend. Total zoo. But FUN. Got my run in, my tan on and Drunk Otis went swimming. We all had a blast. Hot summer fun!

    Oh, Beehave.

    Drunk Otis, sober.

    Total number of miles run: 44

    Total number of finger nails I have chewed off waiting for my InsideTracker results: 3

    Total number of times I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants: 2

    When’s the last time you laughed, I mean BELLY LAUGHED at something? Who’s your favorite comedian? Lake, pool or ocean? GO! 


    38 thoughts on “Running, Retesting, and Laughing My Head Off. 

    1. Pool by the ocean. Or a lake. I grew up with lakes, but now I don’t like not being able to see the things around me, but also not wanting to. It is a contentious issue.
      At this point with my marathon pacing, I’m just going with whatever I get–a) because I already did my goal race b) training with allthepaces is totally throwing me off!

      • My hope is that I will write: I already did my goal race AND KILLED IT!!!! at some point in the near future. Lakes sort of freak me out but I was happy to jump in one straight after my run. Like left a trail of sneakers, socks and singlet….

    2. Duuuuuude….one hour drinking on our lake – literally ON our lake, (because we don’t mess around down here in the tropics i.e., fully stocked floating booze cooler) = laughing so hard you pee yourself. But it doesn’t matter because you’re already in the middle of a great big fish toilet!

    3. Great job nailing those workouts this week! Ha- on fleek – I’m having PTSD now from the end of the school year with my high school kids teaching me about on fleek. LOL. I love Kevin Hart! Sooooo super jealous you got to see him – I think he’s coming somewhere around here soon. Hmmm. Better look into that!

      • Look into it. He was straight up FUNNY. On fleek is one of my favorites lately. Because it’s ridiculous. And because in my quest for youth, I feel it is my duty to remain up to date on the lingo. 🙂

    4. Awesome week! I failed miserably at trying the Hanson’s half method, I can’t imagine how tired one must be using it for a full!
      I’m definitely a lake person! Now you reminded me how I have to miserably get through this work shift before I can jump in the lake later. Living on Lake Champlain has been my savior this summer.
      I’m not a huge stand up person but I do love Jeff Dunham!

      • Thanks Sam! I’m hanging in there. Although it’s not a cake walk. I love Lake Champlain! We were there for the Vermont City Marathon a few months ago. Such a beautiful lake! If I lived there I’d be cannonballing in daily. Oh. And drinking copious amounts of delicious beer. That’s for sure. 🙂

    5. Sounds like an awesome week. I can’t remember the last time I had a good belly laugh, although I get frequent giggle fits at rehearsal. It’s not a funny show at all, but somehow we all end up cracking each other up 🙂

    6. I am SO jealous you saw Kevin Hart. I love love love him. Borderline obsessed. He is my spirit animal. Although I did see Aziz Ansari live last winter at MSG and holy cow… I was crying tears of laughter. Congrats on a great week of running !!!

      • He was FANTASTIC. I feel the same way about him. I believe they’re going to film this show for a special when he’s back in Philly. Totally worth it! Funny you should mention Aziz Ansari, I just saw a Groupon for him! For some Comedy Tour. In Connecticut. Please hold….

      • I found it! Groupon! Here’s the story:
        One G-Pass to Funny Or Die PresentsThe Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival starring Aziz Ansari with veryspecial guest star Amy Schumer featuring Dave Attell, Bridget Everett, Nikki Glaser, Anthony Jeselnik, and Nick Kroll. Hosted by Jeff Ross.
        When: Saturday, September 12, at 5:15 p.m.
        Where: XFINITY Theatre
        Door time: 5 p.m.

    7. I’m going to see Kevin Hart at the end of August in Philly with my favorite guy!! I can only imagine how hilarious he was!! In regards to your lake, ocean or pool question.. all 3. But if you want me to actually get in the water… lake or pool are the two best options! Deep, open water isn’t my thing.. and neither are sharks so… yeah. Keep up all the hard work and training!!

      • I am so not a swimmer. Cannonballer, yes. Swimmer, no. No thank you. But I’ll jump in any time. Triathlons, however, are not in my future. And I’m ok with that.

        You’re seeing him in Philly!?!?! That show will be off the chain!!! He’s from there!!!! I’m jealous!!! Enjoy it. He doesn’t disappoint. 🙂

    8. My husband and I play a trivia game every night and his lack of pop culture knowledge always throws me into a fit of serious gigs. Like, I could compete for a world record of longest continuous laughter. Love it.

      No water for me. Nope.

      Killed all your runs this week and those pics….dying.

      • “Who the f*ck is Rebecca however the f*ck you say her last name?” Dead. (He meant Rebecca Romijn and all I had to offer was that she was once married to John Stamos and he didn’t know Uncle Jesse’s real name LOL I mean, what else is she known for?)

      • Helly. I laughed so hard at that damn picture of that poor hungover broad in last night’s makeup, that I could barely breathe. Seriously. Doubled over. I’m having a good laughing week! What’s up with the Hubs and pop culture?? I’m giggling thinking of you losing it! xoxo

    9. Well… the last time I belly laughed was probably last night. And again when I saw the pic of the hungover chick.
      As you well know, I do not enter any body of water that does not reside in a bathroom. But I love to sit near water, and when I do, I prefer it to be the ocean.
      I don’t think I have a favorite comedian. Is that bad? Should I just say Andrew Dice Clay to make you laugh and forget that I am lacking in the favorite comedian department?
      Little Miss Muffet…

      • That hungover chick SLAYED me. I know you do not, will not enter any body of water that isn’t your bath tub. And even then it’s debatable. No it’s not bad that you don’t have a favorite comedian. Truthfully, I’m not a huge comedian fan. But Kevin Hart? He’s a laugh riot. We were in stitches. 🙂

    10. Great week! You got this, sistah!

      I’m a big fan of Fluffy (i.e., Gabriel Inglesias). I saw him last year and I swear, the sold-out arena was like a house of worship to Fluffy.

    11. Swimming wise….give me a lake or river (in my case a bayou)! My fav comedian is Greg Giraldo. So sad he left us so soon! Kevin Hart is funny…you should watch him with Jerry Seinfield on his Comedians with Cars Drinking coffee web series. Kevin is so freakin’ funny!
      Great to see you still working the Hanson’s training. I am still staring at my book….my time is not improving doing that! Drunk Otis ROCKS! Love your post…..they make me smile. TY from NM.

      • I love that Seinfeld show! I haven’t seen the one with Kevin Hart. BUT I WILL NOW! He’s also doing this ‘Run with Hart’ 5K series all over which totally skyrockets him in my book. Hansons. The Bastards. They’re killing me. But I am determined! Drunk Otis is a complete riot. He’s too much! 🙂

    12. Noice jarb on the training! But I hope you get your iPad fixed. Maybe you’re on to something, maybe the Hansens are sadists who get their jollies by knowing all the pain they’re causing. Try not to think about that on your next run, tho. I’ve got respect for KH, seems to be a hard worker. My fave comedian is Brian Regan. But you have to watch him perform – his mannerisms are almost as funny as his jokes.

    13. Honestly, last time I belly laughed was at an episode of Americas Ninja Warrior last week. I don’t laugh at the athletes’ mistakes but the voiceover guy makes some really hilarious comments.

    14. Woot woot! Nice job this week! Those easy miles are real tricksters with Hansons. I remember breezing through them in the beginning of the cycle, but in the last month I felt like a strugglebus on most of them. Thankfully it all paid off, so here’s to hoping it will for you too 🙂
      Keven Hart is HILARIOUS. I’m constantly re-watching his specials on Netflix. A favorite though? It’s too hard to choose! I saw Amy Schumer live and laughed my butt off. I think Aziz Ansari is pretty high up there too.

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