Running, Riding and Just Plain Tuckered. 

Another week of torture Hansons Marathon Method in the books. Which is another week of training I have survived. Yippee! THANK YOU, SWEET BABY JESUS! twerkkidWhy so dramatic? Because the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge is a mere 11 days away and my fundraising has hit an unfortunate lull. Which stresses me out. I’m also juggling marathon training with riding and am slightly frazzled. This PMC, a ~200 mile, two-day cycling extravaganza geared towards raising money for cancer research, will be my 11th consecutive one. And one I haven’t trained nearly enough for. Come on legs! It’s all good though. Riding 200 miles is nothing compared to what a cancer patient endures. And honestly? I dodged a very real cancer scare this year. I have my health, while many do not. This year I am riding for Hope. For Beyond Cancer. I’m officially excited. 🙂 

 Shifting gears (See what I just did right there?), here’s how Colby’s Week in Marathon Training went. 5 weeks of Official Training down! I may have just put down my iPad and did the running man with Drunk Otis in my living room, whist Phil Liggett yelled about a descent during Stage 16 of the Tour de France in the background.  I will say Evil Beagle was not impressed. Here’s what went down!

Monday: 6 miles. Easy. Ok. So I finally am getting it. Hansons Method is geared towards training you for the second half of the marathon. You know, where the magic happens. Or, where the wheels fly off of you goddamn bus.  The Method to the Hansons Marathon training madness has a lot to do with these “Easy” runs. You are fatigued. Chronically.  These runs, which seemed easy at first, are not. They’re run slower than your marathon pace and take a decent amount of time. At least for me. These runs make you stronger. They’re not “junk” miles at all. They’re important in developing slow-twich muscle fibers, which to a marathoner are incredibly important. The more you use them, the more they develop. I hate these runs. But I need them.

Tuesday: Intervals. 5 x 1000, 400 recovery. 7.5 miles with warm up and cool down. I’m starting to dig these damn intervals. See text below. 


Wednesday: Thou shalt keep the Rest Day holy. I did a big fat NOTHING. Drunk Otis and the crew were THRILLED

Drunk Otis, Evil Beagle & Leon James

 Thursday: Tempo run. 8.5 miles total. Before work on a new route and I NAILED IT. I really think it was because of my new Janji Kenya shorts. Seriously. How awesome are these? They’re cute, don’t ride up AND provide a Kenyan with a year of water. Saving the world, looking cute while nailing my pace all before 7:30am? PRICELESS. 


 Friday: Here’s where I pulled the old, “Bend and Ride.” I was supposed to run an easy 7 miles. Instead, I rode 30 miles. Because Pan Mass Challenge. 

One of the many reasons for riding.

 Saturday: I was supposed to run an easy 6, instead I ran an easy 7 miles. Definitely not easy. Quads may have quietly wept. I had every intention of running outside, but the moment I closed the door behind me the heaven’s opened up and a lightning bolt cracked across the sky. Shook fist skyward. Grabbed keys. Ran 7 miserable miles on the Dreadmill. Yuck.

Sunday: Long run. 12 miles. It is here, Poodles, that I was reminded how bad running in the high 90s with oppressive humidity is. Even though I had Endurolytes and drank enough Skratch Labs to choke a pig, I still refilled my bottle THREE TIMES and still completely came UNDONE. Awful. Just awful. I followed it up with an ice cold shower, an insane amount of liquids and a nap. I am not made for running in that shit. Camel, I am not.

Total number of miles run: 41.

Total number of miles ridden: 30.

Total number of dollars I need to raise in 11 days:  $1,930. (!!!)

Help a Cancer-Fighting-Blogger-Friend out! To donate to my ride, click HERE! I will give you a big ass shout out and a big old virtual hug! 🙂 



23 thoughts on “Running, Riding and Just Plain Tuckered. 

  1. Wow, what an awesome week!! Great job on your runs, especially those intervals and that tempo run! Awesome! Weather you were happy with it or not, you got that 12 miler DONE and in this heat, that’s all we can ask for. You are going to be so ready fr this race! I use Pfitzinger for my training but I’m interested in Hansons. Does his book offer different levels of plans? Is he the guy that doesn’t make you run more than 16 miles? That one might be Hal Hidgeon…I can’t keep them all straight!

    • Yup. That’s the Guy. The one who doesn’t make you run more than 16 miles, but beats the snot out of your for 18 weeks. He’s a peach. 🙂 The book offers a Beginner and Advanced plan. I’m doing the Advanced and despite the fact that I’m pretty spent most of the time, am loving it. The discipline! I needed to kick my own ass a bit. And thank you- you’re absolutely right. As much as that 12 miler sucked the life out of me, I did it. Dammit. 🙂

    • THANKYOUTHANKYOUSUZEYOU! You are the BEST! Muuuuah!!!! And please send me your link. Fundraising is tough. Unless you’re that guy with the potato salad. He raised millions. 😉

  2. You are seriously killing it with your training, woman! I’m lucky if I hit a 15 mile week, and you’re all like, nbd, I ran 41 miles this week and then rode 30. Pssht. Keep it up!

  3. Gurrrl, you so crazy! Way to go! How did I miss the fundraiser? I shall donate asap!
    You sound like my 14 mile run on Saturday – hot, humid, dew pointy – my muther truckin wheels also flew off. It was pathetic. I seriously considered Uber. So I like you, am also no camel…though I think if I wore those fancy tight shorts you have there, that there’d definitely be a camel toe. Hey-YO!!!!

  4. I am so happy you are Guinea pigging Hansen’s for me unknowingly. I’m intrigued, but also lazy and don’t cope well with cumulative fatigue. It freaks me out a little honestly.
    I’m so proud of you and your cancer fighting missions. Using your sport to do something for someone else is inspirational. You go.
    Anyway keep on getting it. Hope the fundraising falls into place. I know it will. These WordPress peeps are a supportive bunch ❤

    • I will be your canary in a very hot coal mine. I seriously just contemplated crawling under my lab bench for a little snooze. I’m tuckered. Thank you for the very kind words. This ride means the world to me. I can’t imagine NOT being a part of the PMC family. You’re right. It will fall into place. It always does. 🙂

    • It’s a DOOZY Salt. And you can throw any sort of cross training with the exception of yoga and/or stretching out the damn window. Put your run face on! And BTW…LOVE THE HAIR!!! 😉

  5. YOU ROCK! And are in inspiration to a beginner like me. And Phil Ligget’s voice is the Tour de France! I remember his announcing during the Lemond-Hinualt-Fignon days many years ago. Keep inspiring with your hard work, dedication and humor. It keeps this ole guy wanting more.

    • 🙂 Aren’t you a ball of sunshine? Thank you for the kind words! And? I FREAKING MET GREG LEMOND! In fact, I rode “with” him in the Pan Mass Challenge a ways back. I was cycle-struck. I miss Phil Liggett already. *sigh*

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