Running, Sweating and A Whole Lot of Sunflowers. 

Hey, Sunny!

 Before I launch in to Colby’s Week in Running, Riding and All Things Drunk Otis, I want to give a super huge THANK YOU SHOUT OUT to three of the baddest ass bloggers on WordPress.

Thank you, Awesome Bloggers for donating to My Ride. Your support means the world to me- just as much as the Pan Mass Challenge itself. And I am quite certain that if when  we meet up, our friendship will transcend Bloggerville and head straight to Real Life. I’m also quite certain that we would TEAR SHIT UP in person. Or minimally laugh our faces off. Grazie Mille, Ladies! Muuuuahhhh! 

Wait. Where were we? Oh yeah. Wrapping up Week 6 of Hanson Marathon Method. You know what that means, Poodles?!?! I AM A THIRD OF THE WAY DONE! snow white SNL
 Monday: 6 miles. Easy run. And we know how “easy” Easy Runs are. Yeah. They’re bullshit. They’re hard when your legs are tired. And you legs are always  tired. 

Tuesday: 7 miles. Intervals. 4 x 1200, 400 recovery with a 3 mile warm up/cool down. I’m digging the Sufferfest. They’re tough. Especially when you actually run them at your prescribed pace. YES! And before work. YESYES! 

Wednesday: And on what seemed like the 743rd day of running, SHE RESTED. And went on a date with her Other Half. Happiness. Thank you, Sweet Little Baby Jesus. Thank you. Dinner, drinks, delicious grub and thousands of sunflowers. So fantastic. Only I may have had one too many cocktails on Tempo Run Eve. 




Happy lil’ guy , isnt he?


Date Night Selfie


Thursday: Tempo Run. 9 miles total with warm up/cool down. It was supposed to be at Ass O’Clock in the morning, but instead it was after a very long day at work. Damn you, Cocktails. Damn you. After riding the struggle bus for half of it, I hopped off and finished strong. A for effort. D- for overindulging. 

Friday: 6 miles. Easy run. This was the toughest run of the week. Why? Because many aspects of my Real Life week sucked. Stress City. I wanted to lay on the couch and take a nap. Instead I ran. I totally surprised myself.  

Hey, Lady. Is it Happy Hour yet?

 Saturday: I was supposed to run 10 miles.  Didn’t happen. Instead? 50 miles. Bike. Last major PMC training ride which kicks off The Most Wonderful Week of the Year:  PMC WEEK!!!! Next weeks recap will be blogged in Wellfleet. Paws up. On the beach. I will be exhausted and quite possibly, tipsy. The post will be wrought with typos and strings of profanities. IT WILL BE EPIC!!! 

Sunday: 7 miles. Easy run. It was hot. And I was tired. After my run, I took a quick spin on my whip. You know, because that’s what you do when you’re exhausted. I needed to make sure a last minute dérailleur adjustment was all good. The verdict: My ride shifts like buttah. PMC, HERE I COME! 10 miles on the bike.  

Drunk Otis fetched the NYTimes. #dropit

 Miles Run: 35.

Miles Ridden: 60.

Number of photos taken of sunflowers: 103. 

Number of flip-flops eaten by Drunk Otis: 2. 

What is the one thing you look most forward to each year? If given the choice to RUN everywhere or RIDE everywhere, what would you choose? What’s your favorite flower? 


32 thoughts on “Running, Sweating and A Whole Lot of Sunflowers. 

    • Ahhh. Mr. Galloway. For all of my guff, Mr. Hansons is making me much more confident. Juggling riding and running is something he wouldn’t love, but after next week I plan on laying off of the bike. Training for a double century PLUS Hansons is sort of ridiculous.

  1. I look forward to PMC WEEKEND every year! But you knew that.
    Run everywhere. But you knew that. Riding is reserved for PMC and PMC related training only.
    Peonies are my favorite flower. Did you know that?
    The newspaper looks familiar – that’s what happens when Drunk Otis’ spirit human Andy brings it in. Same with the mail and half it of it is strewn across the driveway. DO NOT send Drunk Otis for the mail.

    • Drunk Otis usually runs out, grabs it, and trots back in like Dog of the Year. Sunday he not only ate two flip flops- NOT a pair. Two separate pairs ruined, he also tore ass around the living room and DOVE through my sliding screen door. Mess. He’s a mess.

      Can not WAIT to to spend time with you this weekend, pedaling our cans off. TAKE THAT CANCER!!!!! Xoxo

  2. Looks like I’m in good company there.
    Love you girl, and I can’t wait for this meet up of ours. IT WILL HAPPEN.

    I think the sunflower’s pretty cool. But I also like creepy shit so there’s that. My favorite flower is also in the yellow family; I like yellow roses.

    How about a Duathalon of half running and biking everywhere?

    • I would duathlon it up for sure!!!! And I have great faith that the Colby-Helly meet up will happen. And when it does? FASTEN YOUR FIVE POINT HARNESS. I once found a mannequin without a head in the woods wearing a prom dress while out running. True story. I’ll post a pic. It was super creepy. But I secretly loved it. 🙂

  3. Awesome week! I was laughing at your tempo run post because I’m about to go do one and I feel like I will be on the struggle bus for sure today. I like to run everywhere, but I do love my bike! But I still run more than I ride. And I’m a fair weather cyclist. Once winter hits, I pretend to use my bike trainer but really I just watch TV and move my legs in a pedaling motion. There is no physical activity really happening for me there.

    • This is why we are friends. I AM THE SAME WAY! I binge watch Bravo on the trainer in the winter! Heart rate goes nowhere. Good luck with the tempo run! I have to run intervals and should be doing them now, but I overslept. Apparently, my body wants coffee and to sit still. Later for SURE! 🙂

    • So. Fresh. You’ve gotta see him trotting down the driveway with it in his mouth. He’s a Proud Puppy! THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS DONATION!!! Otis sends his slobbery kisses, and I send a virtual hug. Thank you. xoxoxo

  4. Loving the sunflowers! Loving all the miles you’re clocking! Loving date night! This was a cheery way to wake up today…. well, I’ve been up for a while… 5 30am hilly run. I woulda preferred the bike this morning, let me tell you! 🙂

    • I was OUT COLD. I should have been starting my intervals, but alas, I will do them AFTER a miserable day at work. 😦 This oughta be interesting. Those sunflowers always make me smile too!!! 🙂

  5. I would totally run everywhere if I could arrive and not be a total gross mess. 🙂 I don’t sweat I sparkle is a TOTAL lie. Favorite flower = hydrangeas or peonies. Whenever I see them I feel compelled to take photos 🙂 Hope you have a fabulous week!

    • I am such a sweat hog its unreal. Seriously. Borders unnatural. I don’t “glisten” either. I’m a hot mess. So not cute. Two of my favorite flowers for sure!!! Peonies are just so romantic to me. So damn pretty. 🙂

    • Oh Annie. 2 pairs of course. Why eat just one? RIP J.Crew flops. Peace out Havaianas. It was right after that that he tore ass around the living room, trying to get Evil Beagle to chase him, and literally DOVE through my screen sliding door. {Sigh.} The Chocolate Ones are nuts. 😉

  6. Look at you, training like a rock-star! I am excited to read your re-cap! I look forward to running at sunrise – super early in the summer – when it’s still cool and the birds are waddling down to the river. Choosing definitely to run (I don’t own a bike; it’s been a millennia since I was on one, and I might be afraid, now…). And roses! I have always loved the smell of roses. ❤

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