Running, Resting and Pan Mass Challenging


In the interest of being open and honest, this post is hideously LATE. Why? Because I’m just back from a fantastic, booze soaked week in Cape Cod following the Pan Mass Challenge. And it was glorious.  What a week! Did I run? Yes. Did I follow Hansons Marathon Method to a “T”?  Ummmm. Not quite. More on last week’s shenanigans on Monday. We’ve got lots of lost goddamn miles to cover. Here’s what happened in the week leading up to PMC number 11 for me!!! For those keeping track (Hi, Ma!), I’m talking about Week 7 of Hansons Training, the week of July 27th. Ready? GO! 

Monday: 6 miles. Easy. Thank god it was “Easy.” Monday kicked off PMC Week, otherwise known as My Favorite Week of The Year. I was in a panic. All this running and riding juggle fest had me tuckered. Do I stick to the plan? Or do I save my legs for the 192 mile ride from Sturbridge to Provincetown, MA? I was in a PMC Pickle.

Tuesday:  Intervals. Ugly, ugly intervals. 400-800-1200-1600-1200-800-400, with 400 recovery.  With warm up and cool down: over 7 miles total. They were supposed to be at Ass O’Clock in the morning but alas, I overslept. Instead, I did them after work.  Joy. The (second) original plan was to do them at the track. But then this happened. 


 And it wasn’t happening on the surface of the sun track. Off to the gym I went. And ran those damn things LIKE A BOSS. A sweaty, crabby boss. But a boss no less.

Wednesday: Rest Day. I needed it. I debated flip flopping easy runs and tempo runs and bike rides and then I just said: NO. And Rest Day it was.


Thursday:  Here’s where things turn into a flip floppy mess. Do I do a Tempo Run or the Long Run I will be missing on Sunday? And if I do my long run, I need to do it before a long day at work. I won’t even elaborate on work, other than to say I stood in one goddamn place at my lab bench for HOURS. Oh. And I need to get my shit together and pack for my epic bike ride & week in the Cape. And make my ribbons to wear honoring those whom I am riding for. Holy Frazzled. My decision: 

BOOM. Long run. 14 miles. Nailed the pace. I’m proud of that one. 

Friday: Very quick spin on My Whip then off to the PMC!!! 0 miles 

Bikes at the ready!

 Saturday:  PMC Day 1. 110 miles on the bike. I have no words. The PMC is an experience like no other. If you want to be a part of something wonderful, please, ride. For one weekend a year, I am a part of something truly great. I am surrounded by kind, selfless, passionate individuals, united by a shared goal. It is never lost on me. The PMC still moves me. I am as moved as I was during my first ride, 11 years ago. It is something. It’s something and everything all at once. I’ll post a real recap in a bit. Sit tight, Poodles.   
Sunday: PMC Day 2. 82 miles on the bike. Riding through the dunes in Provincetown after 192 miles with your 2 best girls, cheering, laughing and welling up while kicking cancer’s ASS is the best way to end a week. The. Best. To all those who have lost their battle with cancer, and to all those who continue to live strong- This was for you!  

The Finish!

Total miles run: 27 miles. Sorry, Hansons. That’s all I had. 

Total miles on the bike: 192 miles. For that? I am so not sorry. 

Total number of bottles of Prosecco consumed during PMC Weekend:  1 bottle.  *hiccup*  

Prosecco down!

  How do you deal with changes to you training schedule: Rock in the corner or simply shrug it off?  What’s your favorite week/day of the year?


26 thoughts on “Running, Resting and Pan Mass Challenging

  1. Favorite day/week of the year? Now that’s a challenge right there… I’ve got two weekends and one week so far and I’ve got two more weekends coming up…

    Horsey Hundred in Kentucky, Michigan’s Mountain Mayhem (last weekend), my week of Vacation… Then I have the Assenmacher 100 (100 miles in about 4-1/2 hours) next weekend followed by DALMAC over Labor Day weekend… 380 miles in four days.

    Come to think of it, this whole summer has been awesome.

    Congrats on your favorite weekend – and I think you did it right. Better to enjoy the ride than risk messing it up to maintain a workout schedule.

  2. My favorite weekend of the year is Le PMC Weekend, for sure! I can’t believe it’s over. 😦

    Training. If I had a strict schedule and missed a day, I would need to breathe into a paper bag until I got back on track. Which is why I do the seetinarun Special Training Program for People with Uncontrolled Schedules, in which it is nearly impossible to miss a run since you never actually plan one out until the night before/morning of. Gotta know your limits and I can’t risk a panic attack over a missed run, for Pete’s sake. Someday, I hope either to be (1) psychologically healthy enough or (2) have enough free time, to tackle a Hanson’s or a Higdon. But for now, it’s a DIY thing. Sigh.

    You didn’t miss any training, really – you just switched things up a bit for the week. And I bet, if anything, it will help.

    PS I don’t miss my bike. My butt finally feels normal again.
    PPS Miss you already. 😦

    • I can’t believe it’s over either. 😦 Such a bummer!!! Just think. This time last week we were popping bottles of Prosecco like a BALLER. And now? I’m making supper, doing laundry and swilling a lovely crisp glass of wine while Drunk Otis wipes his wet face all over my leather couch. He’s a mess. I can’t wait until next year!!!! I miss you too!!!

    • Thanks, Heather! πŸ™‚ I was kind of in a panic and then it hit me. It’s not like I planted my ass on the couch and binged on Talenti sea salt and caramel gelato and Netflix, right?!? It will be all good. I’m back on track!

  3. Good lord – I don’t blame you for hitting the treadmill for those intervals. That would just be crazy to go out in that heat. & You are a ROCKSTAR for getting in your long run before work!
    So glad to hear PMC was amazing as usual! & I love that picture of the Prosecco πŸ˜‰
    I’d like to think I take changes in my (running) schedule pretty well. I try to go into each week with a back up plan in mind if I need to shuffle some days around. Now if I mess up and miss a run entirely…I tend to overreact and go overboard with my anxiety. I pity those around me in that situation…

    • I draw the line at 95 and above. The humidity that day was OPPRESSIVE. Gah. I like to have a “Plan B” too. But if I’m forced to do it, I’m usually ALL OUT OF WHACK too. Such a Crazy Pants. I’m glad I’m not alone!!! πŸ™‚

  4. I just came off my strict training plan since it was making me miserable and I was constantly worrying about when I was gonna get runs and/or training in. Now I’m following a much looser plan and actually running more as a result! πŸ˜€

  5. I think you did great with your training with all that cycling taking place. I probably would have done the tempo instead of the long run because of all the cycling miles, but then again what I’m realizing with all this marathon training is that I don’t like long runs, so I would probably use any excuse to get out of it.

    It was very touching seeing all the ribbons for whom you were riding.

    • I debated about it- Tempo or Long. After reading a bit more of Hansons, I decided that the long run would be best bet. With this program, the max long run is 16 miles so I felt like skipping a 14 might really set me back- mentally especially. I’ve never run that much before work. Gotta admit. I felt like a Badass at work. And thank you. The ribbons are so special to me. I swear they’re all my guardian angels. xoxoxo

    • Hey Lady! I was thinking about you while I was playing “ball” at 5:15am with Drunk Otis! How is Wonder Mutt??? Drunk Otis is turning into such a good pup. πŸ™‚

      Oh. And as for training? It’s kicking my ASS. Drunk Otis is mighty pissed off at all this running in hot temps. He stays home, drinking in his kiddie pool…. xo

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