Running, Relaxing and Wellfleeting.

Hunger Games
VACATION! Ahhhh! There is nothing like one. Especially when it comes on the heels of My Favorite Weekend of the Year and is spent in one of my favorite places. I look forward to this goddamn week all year.

Uncle Tim’s Bridge, Wellfleet.

 And it NEVER disappoints. Oysters, Dark and Stormy’s, lobster rolls, burritos on the beach, sun, laughter and plenty of cold beers. It’s a relaxing, eating, drinking, chill fest. And why wouldn’t it be? I just rode 192 miles in the Pan Mass Challenge, raised THOUSANDS of dollars for cancer research (Thank You Suze, Helly, Lillian and Kimberly! MUUUUUAAAH!) and am spending time with My Other Half and dearest friends. It’s perfection on the half shell. That is unless you are training for a marathon using Hansons Marathon Method. Then it becomes a bit tough. Unless you *cough* modify your week. And balance the amount of running with relaxing and a side of shenanigans.  Which is just what I did. I’m only human, Poodles. Here’s how last week’s training went. If I had my red pen out. I’d give me a B. Minus. 

Monday, 8/3: Coming down from the PMC high and slowly sliding into the PMC depression, I did the only thing a PMC rider suffering withdrawals should do: I planted my tired ass on the beach and recapped the weekend, chatting, laughing and soaking in every sunbeam of good karma. 0 Miles. Unless dragging all beach chairs, coolers, blankets, towels, beer and burritos in one fell swoop from the car to the dunes counts. No? Then I’ll take the zero. I earned it.  


Tuesday, 8/4: Easy Run, 6 Miles. I managed to dig out my new kicks, courtesy of ShoeKicker (Read my review HERE. It’s a site you MUST favorite.), wrangle up my peeps, and head off on a hot, silly, group run. I’m not gonna lie, I would have rather been water boarded than run that first mile. Torture. My quads were bent. They were all like: Where the bike at?!? This. Sucks. They slowly remembered how to run and all was right in the world. 

Proof. Six miles. #irun4wyatt

 Wednesday, 8/5: 7 miles. Keep in mind, this was supposed to be my Rest Day. Also keep in mind, that Tuesday was supposed to be intervals and Thursday? Yeah. A tempo run. Instead, I just ran. As fast as I wanted to for as long as I wanted. I pretty much did that all week. I explored new streets and trails. I ditched my Garmin. And I didn’t beat myself up for it. It was fantastic. Sorry, Hansons. I also sat outside under a starry sky watching an old Peter Sellers movie with pizza, wine and friends. What a Wednesday!  

A Shot in the Dark.

 Thursday, 8/6: 7 miles. If I had to guess, I’d call these zippy. Probably because I ran them with My Other Half. And he’s a freaking greyhound. We wound up discovering a beach which was completely new to us. I love Wellfleet. The light is just so beautiful here. Soft.  Stunning. 

We spent our last day on the beach, pulling for our friend…

 Then we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset for our efforts. 

 Friday, 8/7: 0 miles. Yup. I bagged. And drank coffee. Then headed home to spring Drunk Otis and his gang from the clink. 

Saturday, 8/8: 10 miles. Back in the saddle! Legs felt FANTASTIC. Maybe bagging Friday was the right choice after all? Im going with YES! 

Sunday, 8/9: 10 miles. Boom! Pow! I’m back with a vengeance! Recharged and ready to BRING THIS BITCH HOME! I’m nearly half way there. And I’m surviving! Just like Drunk Otis did during his first trip to “The Spa.” Turns out he likes vacations too. 

Go figure. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

 Total Miles Run: 40.
Number of Wellfleet Oysters Eaten: Dozens. 
Number of Weeks Until We Return: 51. 

Do you run while you’re on vacation?  If you’re in the throes of serious training, do you stick your plan? Oysters: Yes or No?


33 thoughts on “Running, Relaxing and Wellfleeting.

    • I even had it uploaded! I was going to text you what night we went, then got distracted by Drunk Otis. He got a fancy new dog bed and instead of laying on it like a normal dog, he had it in his mouth and was swinging it around, knocking Evil Beagle off of the couch in the process. As you can only imagine, a shit show ensued.

      Goodbye Selfie.

      • Oh, and as to your question – yes! I always run on vacation – I LOVE it! Love checking new places out that way. I do not, however, “train” on vacation. I just run. And love every minute of it.

      • That was it. I just ran. I didn’t train. And it was a welcome respite from the grueling Hansons.

        I’m pissed I didn’t stick in the selfie that your son DARED me to take.

      • How about the fact that he all but dragged the creepy bird over to take it? I don’t know what we’ll do with him in a few years – he’s still 9. #scared
        Oh and Oysters? Do you even need to ask? Just. No. And I’m probably allergic.

  1. No to oysters, by and large, but I’ve never had a reallllly fresh one. I run while I’m on vacation, but often it is amended. I like to think of vacations as the chance to get my glycogen replenished ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I’m so happy to see a fellow Wellfleet-lover! My family and I vacation there every summer. And as for running while on vacation – it’s so tough! We vacationed a week before my half marathon this year, so luckily, I was on my taper week. But running on

  3. Iโ€™m so happy to see a fellow Wellfleet-lover! My family and I vacation there every summer. And as for running while on vacation โ€“ itโ€™s so tough! We vacationed a week before my half marathon this year, so luckily, I was on my taper week. But running on Ocean Drive certainly allows for some awesome views!

    • It sure does!!! We absolutely love it there. And have been going for the past 11 summers. I love my Wellfleet runs- such beautiful views and peaceful! I’ve yet to time my taper week with vacation. Perfect timing for you!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Awesome vacation and great job getting in some good runs! I absolutely train on vacation. Maybe if I went on a cruise or something I wouldn’t but I go to our lake house every year and treat it like training camp, ha! Looks like you had a wonderful time, your pictures are so pretty!

  5. omg that place looks gorgeous! vacation is my favorite thing in the world. i want to live on vacation. that doesn’t even make sense but it’s true. yes i always run on vaca — i love the freedom of having my days to spend howsoever i might choose, and running is always how i like to start them! oysters –> weird for me. i hated them always but i had one this past year that i didn’t haaaate hate, so i think i can, like, choke one down now and then, but i wouldn’t order them. i like the idea of them, though — so nautical and elemental and cute on that silver platter, and the whole process is appealing to me. okay so maybe i just like thinking of things that pair with champagne. yep, that’s probably it.

    • I’m cracking up at your comment. Before I discovered I actually, loved them, I too loved the idea of them. You’re right, the process. I blame in on the Pinterestification of all things food. You know, the beautifully staged scone and latte with an interesting mosaic “painted” in the foam. Or the gorgeous cocktail, sweating so perfectly, paired with a lovely Mediterranean tapas. I love all that shit. And champagne. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Uggghhh I miss the Cape! Looks like you had an amazeballs trip. I try to run on vacation, but don’t stress to much if I don’t. Last year I was in the midst of half marathon training when we were on the Cape, so I went for a few runs, but didn’t stress out about cutting things short when it got too humid or hot.

    • Gotta love the Cape. Tina and I always stay post PMC. She and her family are a town over so we tend to get together around bomb fires and Firebirds baseballs games. Both activities include copious amounts of beer. Oh and a few runs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Bagging a run whilst on vacation is always a good idea. Regarding photos of food – I knew a guy in the photo biz who said that they sprayed shellac or wiped mayo on everything to make it look tastier. Maybe adding shellac or varnish to food is the next hip trend. Dr. Oz?

  8. Irony is being in Key West ON THE SAME FRIGGIN’ WEEKEND, eating blue points from…….wait for it……..CT!!!! It’s like we’re shell sistahs. Minus the slight gagging that inevitably comes with swallowing slime. That sounded so much less pervy in my head. Hmmmm……. HI OTIS! BELLY RUBS AND NOSE KISSES!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!!!

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