Running and Realizing That I’m Half Way There!

Guess who just realized that she is half way through Hansons Marathon Training?!? THIS GIRL!


Feeling kinda badass, Poodles. Just sayin’…

I must admit now that I am reflecting on the past 9 weeks, I never, EVER thought I’d be able to swing this training schedule along with my work schedule. It’s grueling. And without a traditional “long run” which makes it a tad mentally grueling. Wouldn’t you know it, here I am, with the exception of last week, sticking to my training schedule? Like goddamn velcro. The body achieves what the mind believes, I guess. Or at least that’s what I have been trying to convince myself these past 9 weeks after I set my ambitious “I’m going to BQ, Dammit.” goal. It may be working!  I would also be an exhausted liar if I didn’t tell you that I’m also feeling tuckered which is also part of the plan. Cumulative fatigue. Or, tired-ass legs. I’ve got ’em. So I also guess I’m doing something right.

ermahgerd hernserns mahtherdI’m not going to lie and be all: Piece of cake! It’s not a piece of cake. It’s more like a ramekin of perfectly made Chocolate SoufflΓ©. Or Baklava. Or even a Baked Alaska. That’s some complicated deserts right there. Cake? What cake? This is some complex, hard, exhaustive running. At least to me it is. Keep in mind, I wasn’t the Runner who was tethered to her Garmin. I barely knew how to use the thing. I’m also not one who chats interval workouts and tempo runs in fluent Runnerspeak. I’m just not. And yet, I certainly do consider myself a runner, just not one who is tied to pace. I used to run by feel- perceived exertion. Now I’m running 8 mile tempo runs at a determined pace, with a 2 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down for a grand total of 12 miles. MID-WEEK. I also have never, ever, in my life ran anything of significance before a day at work. I was never a “I ran 12 miles at 5:30am!” kinda gal either. EVER.  

 Where is Colby, and what have you done to her, Hansons?!

I hardly believe it myself. But in the words of Ben Affleck’s Nanny, THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE! Here’s how Week 9 of Hansons Marathon Training went: 

Monday: I ran 6 miles. I was supposed to run 8 easy miles but I read the schedule wrong and shorted myself 2 stinking miles. I WAS BENT. Never fear, I’ll make it up. Grrrrrrr. 

Tuesday: Intervals. 6 x 800m, 400m recovery.  With warm up and cool down, 9 miles total. The good thing: I got zippier with each one. The bad thing: I ripped a blister open on my heel, and did some “free bleeding” of my own. Ouch. Times 10. 

Wednesday: {Cue trumpets} REST. DAY. And in a nod from the Universe, this happened. #itsasign 

Somewhere over the double rainbow…lies a BQ.


Thursday: Tempo run 8 miles, with warm up and cool down, 12 miles total. I was NERVOUS about this run. Like, wake up in the middle of the night, nervous. Tell me that’s not ridiculous? But here’s the thing. According to Hansons Marathon Method, tempo work is beneficial for the following: 

  • Helps you internalize marathon goal pace
  • Teaches you to control and maintain pace
  • Allows you to experiment with nutrition, hydration and gear
  • Improves running economy at goal pace
  • Improves endurance

That’s why I was sleepless. There’s a lot riding on those damn tempo runs. The good part was that I’m getting better at dialing in my pace. I nailed it! The bad part was that I had a busy day at work and nearly took a snooze under my lab bench come 2pm. Trade offs. 

Friday: Easy 7 miles. Easy is a bullshit term. They’re far from easy at this point. Even Drunk Otis was tired.  

Face in Bowl, Too Tired to Stand: A Study in Drunk Otis.

Saturday: Easy 8 miles. On the goddamn surface of the sun. I shouldn’t really complain. This summer, although hot, hasn’t been all that oppressive until this past weekend. I overheated. And felt as though my entrails were liquefying. Graphic, but true. I cannonballed into an ice bath. That’s after I felt like an extra on The Walking Dead and gasped and garbled “Iiiiiiiccccccceeeeebbbbbaaaathhhhharrrghghgr” as I staggered in the door. My Other Half was horrified. Once my core body temp went from Lava to Normal, we headed out for Date Night! Because nothing says heat stroke like bottles of rosΓ© and a plate of stinky cheese. It was heavenly.   



Sunday: Long Run. 15 miles total. All aboard the Struggle Bus, My Friends!  It left from Platform Hot as Balls at 6:50am. It was brutal. My quads were ANGRY. But we all got through it, together and in one piece, with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to boot! What a week. πŸ™‚ 

Dahlias and Zinnias, Oh My!

Miles Run: 57

Pounds of Cheese Eaten: 1.5

Number of bowls of water Drunk Otis consumes daily: 4

What is the highest number of miles you have ever run in one training week? Do you do regular tempo runs? Favorite cheese: GO! 


45 thoughts on “Running and Realizing That I’m Half Way There!

  1. Highest number of miles in single week – 29 miles (I’m a low mileage girl).

    I do a tempo run every week, thanks to RLRF.

    Pick a favorite cheese????? It’ll be easier to answer which half of my heart is less necessary.

  2. Highest number I’ve ever run on a week? 30. Highest I’ve ever ridden on a bicycle? 289… 1,013 for the month… I endured running, cycling makes me smile. Great week Colby, and that photo of your dog is hilarious!

    • Well done! I’m around there for the bike! Which also makes me smile. Speaking of smiling, Drunk Otis has me smiling ear to ear. Accompanied usually by a slight shake of the head. He’s a mess.

    • Thank you! I’ve been thinking about you and your chocolate pup and wondering if he was coming! That’s so exciting!!! I can’t wait to “meet” him! You’re in for a slobbery, crazy treat. The chocolate ones aren’t like any other! Drunk Otis sends Shadow his love!!!

    • I am Drunk Otis-ing. I’m in bed with coffee. I should be running intervals. They will come later, when my legs have woken up. I’ve never looked forward to a rest day so much in my life. I ain’t moving tomorrow.

  3. Holy Hanson magic, dude. I am tired just reading this, but your productivity and enthusiasm is showing and I am happy for you. (Though I am a little sketched out by the idea of eating stinky cheese in the hot sun. To each his own, friend.)

  4. I’ve always thought that some day I might like to try Hanson’s just to see how it is. And then I read this and I feel like I can safely say NOPE!

    Last week was my highest mileage week ever, 52 miles. Supposedly that record will be destroyed this week with 55 miles on the schedule.

    • If you’re already running 52 miles a week?!?!? Shit girl. You could TOTALLY do it. The lack of a run longer than 16 miles is slightly freaking me out, but I think I’ll be alright. Here’s to 55 miles!!! I’m not sure what my peak week is. And frankly, I’m afraid to look. I let each week be a surprise! Or I’ll spend my hours rocking in the corner. πŸ˜‰

  5. Awesome job! Nothing like realizing you’re almost there!! It’ll be taper time before you know it πŸ™‚ I usually peak around 65-70 miles before tapering back off…. and I have no idea how you did 12 miles before work…. I’d be totally dead all day long

    • 65-70?!?!? Jesus. You ARE a beast. I don’t know how I did it either. I will admit that it caught up with me both yesterday and today. I’ve had to run in the evening. I was too pooped to pop! πŸ™‚

    • I want to be YOU if being you included your two STINKING ADORABLE children! They are so precious Helly. I think I was on auto pilot this week. Although right now the thought of running intervals (because I couldn’t wake up this morning) after I leave work, is freaking me out. I need to psych myself up for it. xoxoxo

  6. You are killing it – that is a badass tempo run for SURE! WOW!! Your post came at a good time because I am entering my highest mileage weeks in my training as I head back to work (high school teacher) and I’m worried I am going to get lazy. But you are so right, the body will do what the mind tells it to. And I’m telling it to freaking train for my marathon. I ran lots of 70+ mile weeks two years ago but then had an injury, did some half ironman distance tris, and hired a coach that actually kept my mileage low. I hit 63 last week, and my goal is to get back to 70 but I am increasing SLOOOWWWLY because I know it’s risky!

    • 63 last week?!?! Shit, Girl. You is FIERCE! I think I top out in the 60s. I’m afraid to look quite honestly. I worry about getting lazy too. I have two extremely busy weeks at work which may kill me. I’m mentally preparing as we speak!!! πŸ™‚

  7. SO. MANY. MILES!!!! First of all..this training. You are killing it. I wish I could follow Hanson’s but my body will have none of it. The highest mileage week I’ve run during any kind of training was 40 and that included a 20 miler. This is all amazing to me.

    Congrats on making it to the halfway mark!!! It’s going to be here before you know it!

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