The Friday Five: Summer Should Get a Speeding Ticket.


What the hell was that? Summer just blew a red light, cut me off and banged a hard left to Toodle-ooville. Boy was that quick. Gotta hate those drive-by summers. Summer was a blur. It’s always quick when work ramps up, and you find you spend your days wistfully looking outside the window of your lab, experiment running, timer angrily flashing, while you dream of an iced coffee, a trashy magazine and a sunny, breezy beach. Ahh, summer. Thankfully, Cynthia, Mar and Courtney are keeping summer ALIVE! with their Friday Five this week- Five Things I Did on My Summer Vacation.

I used to love heading back to school and inevitably getting the “What I did on my Summer Vacation” assignment from some happy, little nun who always seemed to have the most perfect skin on the planet. Must be the Holy Water. Thanks, Ladies! I’m reliving my Catholic School Youth!

The Pan Mass Challenge!


PMC Number 11!

I can’t possibly begin any list about my summer without including the Pan Mass Challenge straight away. Tina and I rode a glorious 192 miles in two days across the Great State of Massachusetts all in the name of kicking cancer’s ass! We’ve had multiple posts about the PMC. In fact, other than running, we chat about it a lot. Want to join us? Read why you should HERE. Want to read exactly what it means to me? Read that compelling piece of journalism HERE. Journalism. Who am I fooling? It’s amazing. And magical. And the best damn weekend of the year. Here’s to next year’s PMC. Number 12 for me. Number 4 for T-Bone.  A whole damn dozen. I’m giddy already.

Tina, Colby and Carly. And that's a wrap!

Tina, Colby and Carly. And that’s a wrap!

Marathon Training!

Sweet Meb Almighty. Running. Running. And more goddamn running. I embarked on a new training plan- Hansons Marathon Method and set a goal- a BQ. You know, a measly BQ. Since deciding That’s What I Wanted, and blabbing about it all over the Blogospere, I have committed to this training. It’s kicking my weary ass, but I’m doing it. Thank you for dealing with my posts. It’s keeping me honest and accountable. And believe it or not, super motivated. I’m on a ‘renegade path to my fastest marathon.’ What does that even mean? I don’t even know who I am anymore. Mother? Send help. And cookies. Because I’m perpetually starving. ermahgerd hernserns mahtherd



Ahhh. A little R&R with my best half in my favorite summer spot on Cape Cod- Wellfleet. It’s such a sleepy, artsy, beautiful, seaside town. We love it. Beautiful runs, gorgeous beaches and so many hidden little spots. Despite the hustle and bustle of Cape Cod in the summer, it is still possible to find a quiet spot to unplug and reboot. I look forward to our stay in Wellfleet every year. This year it was the absolute highlight of our summer. And far too short.


Firebird Selfie. I love the Cape Cod Baseball League.


Remember that time I posted a Reading Challenge way the hell back in January and sort of left it there, sans updates, to wither away into the bowels of Our Blog? Yeah. I do. Only I didn’t let it rot. I’m actually reading! No where near as much as Tina–Girlfriend is a Little Miss Library– but I am nonetheless. I have to read so much scientific rubbish for work, that I skimp on reading for pleasure. Scientific literature is not rubbish, it’s just not exactly a goddamn page turner. I’ve read a nice handful of books, but I have to say my favorite of the summer was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. What a wonderful tale. It was one of those books I had wanted to read and never quite got around to it. It’s a story of self discovery, of listening to your heart and of finding what moves you. I so enjoyed it.

The Beginning of Summer. When the grass was green and my kicks were pink.

The Beginning of Summer. When the grass was green and my kicks were pink.

And the BEST THING that happened during my summer vacation?
Come on.
Take a guess…


Drunk Otis.

Drunk Otis.

Sweet Otis Brown. Or, Oats MaGoats. Or simply, Drunk Otis as he is most commonly referred. He’s one crazy bastard. The brown ones always are. But smart. And sweet. He’s one hell of a trail runner. I saw him, and just knew we had to have him, our sock eating, little orphan. Little. Now that’s not a word we ever use to describe him. He does nothing little. He is large and he lives LARGE. He’s a welcome addition to our Little Zoo. πŸ™‚




That face.


What was the highlight of your summer? Read any good books lately? Have you ever adopted a dog? If not, you should! They’ve got lots of love to give!

44 thoughts on “The Friday Five: Summer Should Get a Speeding Ticket.

  1. You love a lot of stuff it sounds like. Glad you had a great summer! It did fly by like Ghostrider’s unauthorized tower buzz in Top Gun. Glad Hansen is working well for you, the plan I’m following is kicking my legs’ butt as well. In the middle of a 55 mile week as we speak! Eeek! Oh, and the hunger Colbs, the hunger!!!!

  2. Love this – I can’t wait to get a bit more flexible of a job so I can adopt and fully support a dog! My family has a yellow lab and I miss him more than anything now that I no longer live at home. He’s the best part of family visits!

  3. 1. I rode the PMC.
    2. I ate my weight in onion rings while on the Cape.
    3. I tried at least 5 new “Summer Ales” and a few new “Summer Shandies.” All good, except one shandy that was too sweet.
    4. I managed yet another summer without entering a pool, lake or ocean even once.
    5. I read a lot of books – some great, some, not-so-great.
    I’m going to miss Summer 2015. It was a good one!

  4. My question is: why can’t winter go by that quickly??

    I have a dog! She a cute little sheltie! Well, she did gain a couple of pounds while she was staying at my aunt’s when we were at the beach – the highlight of my summer! Although kayaking is pretty fun, too! πŸ™‚

    Cape Cod looks beautiful (I’ve never been). We’re partial to the southern U.S. beaches in my family! πŸ™‚

    • I know, right?!?! Winter hangs on you like a bad, acrylic, v-neck sweater circa 1987. Ick. I love shelties! Such sweet dogs. Little mini Lassie’s. πŸ™‚ The Cape is just so pretty- Wellfleet especially. Give it a whirl!

  5. Catholic School survivor shout out! I want to adopt a dog sooooo bad, but my cats, for the love of my cats I resist (for now….) You are SO RIGHT about that damn speeding ticket. Cops never seem to catch the ones who need it most aka Summer.

    • WOOT! WOOT! The crazy thing? I’m not even religious. 13 consecutive years of catholic school and I’m all….Meh. Go figure. Maybe that’s what it does to ya! Drunk Otis might eat a cat. Or simply annoy it so much, it packed it’s bags and left. πŸ™‚

  6. The one thing I love about reading your posts is the freaking ENERGY that comes from each one and somehow you’ve managed to crank up the volume on this one!

    … and summer’s not over. I refuse to believe it. In denial. lalalalalalalala ….

  7. Sounds like an amazing summer! I kinda wanna do a similar update. Also…. MY PUPPY ARRIVED!!!! I am very excited to go and visit him, apparently he’s settling in nicely at my family’s house and is incredibly intelligent, if not a little bonkers. He has a puppy injury to his hips from bounding around too much, so I’m not allowed to take him running for a little bit. But OH MY GOSH I am excited. I ‘spoke’ to him on the phone when he first arrived and apparently his ears pricked up when he heard his name πŸ˜€

  8. Ugh, I agree–this summer went by in a flash! I’ve been so busy with running and rehearsing that I haven’t done many of my favorite summery activities. I’m hoping I can cram some in on Labor Day, since I have the day off. Now watch it rain…

  9. I love reflection-type posts! I’m so used to them every December when people are wrapping up their year and reviewing goals met/not met, etc., but this is a nice change πŸ™‚
    I totes hear you on marathon training. ALWAYS hungry. & dang if I don’t miss little 3 milers every once in a while! But I love it too. I think we’re all too familiar with the love/hate of marathon training πŸ˜€
    Your talk of Cape Cod has me excited for my little lakeside weekend getaway to Smith Mountain Lake this coming weekend!

    • Ohhhh fun! I love a getaway! We’ll head to the lake this weekend for a little down time. But it’s never enough! Good grief. I’m RAVENOUS lately. {She says as she wipes the last of a burrito off of her chin.}

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