Running on Clouds – Part II



A few months ago, I started running in On Cloudsurfers. You can read about my love for them here.

I recently picked up a pair of  On Cloudracers– the racing version of my beloved Cloudsurfers.

I’m still feeling the love for my Cloudsurfers, but as part of working through my $@&#^%*! Rut, I wanted to try something new.

Because, you know, my running burnout has nothing to do with the fact that I am training for my 3rd marathon in 11 months while trying to pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time to keep home and work running and everything to do with my lack of new sneakers.


Anyhoo, regardless of my questionable reasons for buying them, I’m glad I did.

Took them for a 5 mile jaunt this morning and me likey. They are light – holy moly, light. Yet springy. I felt zippy. And they are almost entirely mesh on the top. It got a little warm by the end of my run but my feet still got a nice cross breeze and were able to breath. Even the tongue is some funky, light, aerated material.

I thought the Cloudsurfers were meshy and airy, but they ain’t got nothin’ on the Cloudracers.

See the pink , white and gray through the mesh? Those are my socks! These babies are LIGHT.

See the pink , white and gray through the mesh? Those are my socks! These babies are AIRY.

I have never worn racing flats. To someone who wears racing flats, these are probably kind of heavy because they have the cloud pods on the bottom. But they are the lightest shoes I have ever run in and I love them. I felt like I had nothing on my feet, yet the pods definitely provided cushioning.




I haven’t felt that way on a run in a while. I’ll take ‘em.

What is your go-to running shoe? Do you use a different pair for training and for racing? Do you shop to get out of a rut????


22 thoughts on “Running on Clouds – Part II

  1. THOSE KICKS ARE SEE-THROUGH! So cool!!!! I will definitely give those a whirl. That is whenever my love affair with Hoka’s subsides. I’m currently in a relationship with a new pair of Clifton’s. ❤

    And please, for the love of Christ, never explain why you needed to by the new kicks. No reason needed. Every possible reason on earth is fully acceptable.

    • I didn’t know if I could either, so I bought them from a place (roadrunnersports) that lets’ you try them out and return if you don’t like. For some reason, my feet get beat up more than anything else in my running, so anytime I find something that doesn’t rub, chafe or compress my feet, I’m happy.

  2. I’ve been switching between the Brooks PureConnect and Newtons Distance S, but I am dying to try the OnCloudrunner shoes!! This was really helpful! I haven’t been able to decide on a model. How did you decide to start with the OnCloudsurfers? I just need to pick a model!

    • I started with the Cloudsurfers because my amazing local running store guy recommended them and he doesn’t steer me wrong. If you are on the fence, you can sign up for VIP status at RoadRunnerSports, which allows you to try shoes for 90 days and return them if you don’t like them. I used RoadRunnerSports to buy my Cloudrunners, which my running store guy doesn’t carry anyway. I think VIP membership is $1 for the first year and $26 for each year after that. I think it is worth it, since you also get discounts and free 2-day shipping – works for me.

      • Good to know. I’m torn between the OnCloud and the OnCloudracer. They don’t sell them at my local running store, so I’m trying to stay similar to the profile of the shoes I’m currently in. I’m in lightweight shoes with a minimal heel-toe drop (Brooks are 4mm, Newtons 2mm), so my hesitation is that I’d have a greater heel toe drop with my new shoes. I never cared before, but over the last year I’ve had all of the lovely foot/ankle injuries (plantar, calf strains, achillies tendinitis) so I pay attention to that. I like the OnCloud because they have a 5mm drop, and the OnCloudracer is a 6mm drop – not too far off of where I am now. Decisions, decisions. I love your idea to sign up for the VIP status to be able to return the shoes! Thanks!

  3. first i’ve heard of these, and now i’m off to research them aft i post this comment. i’ve run in a lot of diff brands but discovered Asics this spring and am LOVING them. so good for me.

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