Crowdsourcing My Next Workout Plan

So, once I wrap up my months of training through this #@$*&! rut with the Baystate Marathon on October 18, running and I are taking a little break.


I still plan to run – probably just enough to maintain fitness and clear my head, though. No garmin, no pacing, no training for a few months, at least. Probably more. I want to give myself a chance to miss it and return to looking forward to my runs. I also want to return to enjoying Friday and Saturday nights and hanging in my PJ’s on weekend mornings. It’s time.

It is also time to do something else for a bit – I’m way out of whack when it comes to fitness. I’m good on cardio. No issues with endurance. My legs are strong. My core is so pathetic, I’m surprised that I can even sit unassisted, let alone run a marathon. It has to be on sheer willpower. My arms resemble those of Olive Oyl. I could lift all day and never have pipes, but I think I could stand to have a little more arm and back strength. I’m a hernia waiting to happen. And I am completely inflexible.

I hate cross-training and am a complete neanderthal when it comes to different kinds of workouts. So I thought I would throw it out to my blogger friends – what should I do during my run break?

There are only 3 things that I will not consider:

  1. Cross Fit. Just no. I’m the most antisocial exerciser in the world. That would be torture for me. Plus, I look at those set ups and just know I’d end up hurting myself.
  2. Pure Barre (or other bar method). Tried it, hated it. Great workout but could not stop looking at the clock. Life’s too short. And I jacked up my calf doing it and none of the instructors could help me figure out how it happened or how to avoid aggravating it.
  3. Swimming. I don’t swim. Ever.

Other than that, I’m open to suggestions. Pilates? Kettlebells? Free weights? Classes? Gym personal trainer? Home personal trainer (we have a Universal set up in our basement. No, I’ve never used it. if you saw me in person, you would know without me even telling you.)? Something fancy and new I have never even heard of? I’m sure there’s plenty.

The last time I maintained a regular schedule of cross training, it was when Nautilus was the most advanced thing out there and the first George Bush was president. I’m not kidding. Help me out.

What say you, Blogosphere Peeps? What should I do next????

46 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing My Next Workout Plan

  1. Classes! Boot camp style and free at your gym preferred. It’s always more fun to get a good strength workout in when there are other people there. Don’t get me wrong, free weights are the bomb but they don’t talk to you and it seems like there is an overarching theme here of “happiness and being a regular person again” (as opposed to a tired, hungry, aching, running maniac). I feel you. Kick ass at Baystate.

    • I have never been a “class” person, but I do think that may be the way to go. Perhaps I can soak up the energy without actually speaking to anyone. I do think working out in a group will help me stay motivated when I don’t like what I’m doing (strength and flexibility training). Thanks!

  2. The old standby -cycling

    When I do cross-training (which lately has been never), I do Vinyasa yoga and weightlifting (back squat, bench press, and deadlift). I’ve done kettlebells before and if you find a good class, they’re really fun.

    • Oooh – should have mentioned. I do spin a fair bit in the winter. Throw my bike on the trainer and enjoy some quality time. I have never even seen a real kettlebell close up. Perhaps it’s time.

    • Very. Unfortunately, I have an unpaid chauffeur job for 3 darling children between the hours of 4:30 and 7:30, so the cabernet curls have to be my post-7:30 workout. No one wants to end up in the police blotter. I’m looking for a workout I can do earlier in the day, but damn straight I’ll be hoisting cabernet in the evenings. After Oct 18 it will be time for Colby and I to hop off the wagon and resurrect our virtual happy hours. {clink}

  3. i agree. I really got into spinning for a while when i wanted to workout wihtout running. It’s fun at the gym when there are people doing it around you and there’s a kick-ass beat.

  4. First. I am glad you are taking a break. For real. You need it.

    Second. You would hate Crossfit. And Swimming? Well now we’re just talking nonsense. I’ve known you for at least 20 years and I’ve never seen you goddamn wet. Except when you ran Boston. You were soaked. Oh. And that PMC we rode in where we almost floated away. Otherwise, I only see you dry. And your hair is always perfect.

    Third. What about any of the Les Mills classes? Yes they’re at a gym, but I really think you would like them. They’re structured. It’s an hour workout. And boom. You’re done. There are a VARIETY of them. Come with me one weekend post-Baystate. We’ll test ’em out.

    • My hair is not always perfect, but it does always look the damn same. Drives Li’l Coley crazy. Sadly, I have never heard of Les Mills. I have heard of Les Paul, who makes guitars. I’m even worse at guitar than I am at yoga. And probably worse at Les Mills than I am with Les Pauls. Just tell me it isn’t dance and I don’t have to do anything on point. I think that’s how I jacked up my calf.
      You did use the word “structured,’ which is music to my teeny type A ears.

  5. I agree with Colby–Les Mills classes are great. My favorite is CXWORX–it’s a 30 minute, super-focused, core only workout. Abs and glutes. Work your ass off for 30 minutes, then go home and chill.

  6. Haha I love this. I have no idea what I’ll do after NY but I want to switch it up workout wise. I’m going to lean towards SoulCycle but I know I need to focus more on strength. I think I’m going to try to take one or two bootcamp classes a week at the gym!

    • That’s my problem, too. I want to head right to spinning because it isn’t as hard (and boring) for me as strength training. Running and cycling do not feel like “workouts” to me. The rest does. Maybe a class will help.

  7. I enjoy working with a personal trainer who switches things up based on what I need both mentally and physically. Right now it’s all taper/mobility exercises, earlier it was strength. Sometimes we do agility drills. I had one trainer who would mix it up with a boxing type workout. If you find the right trainer, you can keep from being bored, get well-rounded and kept accountable.

    • Great points. I have kinda worked with a personal trainer before, but I don’t think I have ever had the right one. I’d love a trainer who is also a runner and would be able to help address my “weak” spots in fitness.

  8. When I get through my marathon (also Oct 18) I’m planning a date with P90X. I could run all day, but please don’t ask me to pick up anything heavy. I probably won’t follow the plan exactly as prescribed, since I know after a bit of a break I am going to want to start running again. But it seems convenient for winter since if the roads are bad I won’t even need to leave my house.

    • Excellent point about winter. It’s a-coming. I haven’t thought about P90x since a bout with insomnia some years back. Still have insomnia, but now all the late night infomercials are about blenders and anti-aging creams.
      My neighbor used P90x and loved it.

  9. Start a lifting program! I’m just starting one with a friend of mine (we’re not really even doing the same thing, but just working out together and keeping accountable). I’m told it will help phenomenally with my running (my sports physio especially prescribed squats. all the squats). And also lifting feels kinda badass 😀 Takes a while to get over being stared at for being the only girl in the weight room, but you just gotta do your thing…also that makes it feel even more badass, like rebellious 🙂

  10. My vote is spin and pilates! When I was doing light (and by light, I mean maybe 10-15km a week) running with spin and pilates I was in great shape. My legs also fit into skinny jeans comfortably. Man, I miss my old calfs…. lol. 🙂

    • I can’t believe I am 46 years old and have never tried pilates. Maybe it is because the machines look scary? I can’t imagine they are scarier than snowshoeing up a mountain in zero degree weather or running 26.2 into a cold rainy headwind, and I have managed to survive both. Maybe it is time to man up.

  11. I’ve been trying to change it up a bit – cycling once a week (I suck at this but love it), some home DVD’s like Jillian Michaels, T25, or H.I.T.T workouts etc. Maybe a boot camp might be a good place to start! Good luck!

    • Thank you for reminding me that I am an absolute idiot if I don’t pick up some videos – even just as a supplement to classes, trainers, whatever at a gym. Winter is coming!
      I’m not the fastest cyclist, but I enjoy it.

  12. I would highly recommend classes! I belonged to the gym for like 4 years and I really do enjoy lifting (or I used to? not sure anymore) and then when I got into the real world I was like uh no way, it’s crowded after work and I just want to go home to eat dinner. The past 3 months I’ve been going to a yoga studio that offers about 10 different types classes. You pay as you go or can buy packages which end up saving you money. I’m doing two classes a week, Spin & Sculpt and a Bootcamp style class. I tried yoga once… but much like you, I kept staring at the clock but I did feel pretty good afterwards. I have honestly never felt more in shape 🙂

    • Yeah, Yoga and I are not the best of friends. Probably because I suck at it yet need it desperately. I like the idea of being able to switch things up regularly with classes. Plus, then I might actually understand what people are talking about when they say things like “Les Mills” and “HIIT.”

    • I like the idea of getting to try lots of things. Since I hate anything involving strength training, that would let me spread the hate around and maybe be distracted enough not to notice I’m in pain. And I would LOVE to feel in shape. I’m not kidding when I say I can run a marathon, yet still don’t feel strong.

  13. Dear Olive, I say get a personal trainer. I know a guy named Bluto who would be perfect for you. Then you could impress all the kids, Pipeye, Poopeye, Pepeye and Pupeye. I’m running a half tomorrow. Film at 11.

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