Running and Marathoning in Ten Days!

excitedHomestretch, Poodles. HOME. STRETCH. And to think. I thought it would never end. I might release doves, and twirl on a balcony in a cute flowy dress out of pure glee. Or minimally, crack open a nice cold IPA and do the Running Man in my ratty old sweats in my kitchen. Either way, I am thrilled. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s glorious.


As you all gathered by my last post, Girlfriend here was starting to come UNDONE.  


And not in that cute messy bun kind of scatterbrained way. In a very real, I am an emotional mess and I am so tired I’ll be over in the corner, rocking, kind of way. Totally beaten down. Like into submission. But that’s all behind me now. I can see the horizon and my marathon is sitting right smack dab in the middle of it. The worst of it is over. I am as trained as I ever will be. I feel ready. And that’s the truth. I trust the training. You hear that Hansons!?!?! I trust your insane program. There. I said it. I drank the SkratchLabs. I’m all in. I put it all on black. I am letting it ride. The chips are about to fall. All I need is the payout…

And in 10 days, Bitch better have my money. That’s all I’m sayin’. #thuglife

Here’s how it went down last week. To Week 16!!

Monday: 6 miles. Easy. Ain’t no thing, but a chicken wing. Other than the fact that I did not want to run, it was fine. {Cue exhaustion.}

Tuesday: 11 miles total. Strength intervals. 4 x 1.5 mile, 800 recovery, warm up/cool down. Rocked the pace. Was BEYOND STARVING at the finish. Did I mention it was on the damn treadmill? Yeah. And I worked late. By the time I got home, I was eyeing Drunk Otis’ kibble.

Wednesday: RESTFUCKINGDAY! And? A deep tissue massage. Ahhhh. I’ve got The Best Massage therapist on earth. She’s amazing. I’ve been going to her for almost a decade. I needed to be wrung out. Then? Bring on the laziness! Bring on shit TV! Bring on a raw cookie dough treat! I love you, Rest Day. 

Lazy Drunk Otis, Velociraptor.

Thursday: 13 miles total. Tempo run. 10 miles at prescribed pace (BOOM!) plus warm up/cool down. Only today? This wasn’t along my favorite beach. And I wasn’t rewarded with a gorgeous sunset. No Sir. It was ON THE DAMN TREADMILL. I can’t. You’ve gotta do, what you’ve gotta do. And when you’re tied up at work, and it’s pitch black outside as you’re dashing to your car in a monsoon after a very long day, you make nice with the treadmill. You apologize for calling her a horrible rude string of expletives, and you run.

Friday: 6 miles. Easy. Legs were sufficiently fried. Fried frog’s legs dunked in remoulade. That’s what they felt like. Gross.

Saturday: 8 miles. Cold, wet and yucky. Is it over yet? Oh. And I skimped. It was supposed to be 10. That’s all the time I had. And if you thought I was going to even LOOK at a treadmill, you’re nuts. Besides, I had a cyclocross race to attend. And it was pawesome!

Sunday: 10 miles. Crisp and fall-like. Legs actually felt better. Then off to Day 2 at my Other Half’s Cyclocross Race. So much fun. I love being an athletic supporter. 😉



Total number of miles: 54.

Total number of times work interfered with my running: 1,000.

Number of times I shook a cowbell and screamed my head off at an awesome cyclocross festival: 104.

Does work chronically get in the way of your running? Are you able to run during your lunch hour? What did you want to be when you grew up? And did it pan out? 


30 thoughts on “Running and Marathoning in Ten Days!

    • I KNOW YOU ARE!!!!! How are you holding up?!?! I’m so excited to hear what you think of MCM. I really dig that race. YOU GOT THIS DIVA CINDI!!!!

      We need post-marathon beers and recaps!!!!!

  1. You are amazing! Those runs are tough – and that’s Hanson tapering?? 🙂 Can’t wait to see how great you do at Baystate! (maybe if we meet up at the expo Friday some of your magic will attach to me, like extra glitter dust always flies everywhere)

    • I hope I have magic to share!!!!! I’d sprinkle that shit everywhere. Yes. That’s they’re version of taper. Oh wait until you hear about THIS week. I just wrapped up my last tempo run and AM ELATED.

      LETS DO THIS!!!!!!

    • Wendy, I have never looked more forward to a quasi “taper” in my life. I just ran my last tempo run (YAHOO!) and now my “taper” begins. Good Luck in Chicago this weekend!!!!! You’re going to kill it, Miss Rockstar!!!! Xo

    • Can you even stand that dog? Fallon he is HUGE. And so strong. He’s got a giant mouth like his mother. 😉 I am close! My last tempo run was yesterday! Today starts my “Taper”. Can’t wait to see how my legs feel. Poor things.

    • 2.

      I’m adding it alllllll up. I SMELL A BLOG POST! Good luck this weekend, Lady!!! And good luck to all the little ducklings you’ve been training!!! So proud of you Suze! I bet you’re a wonderful coach. 🙂

  2. YAS. HOME FREAKING STRETCH!!! You are so ready for this. All of the miles and gallons of sweat lost – it will be WORTH IT! I know that feeling about needing a payout all to well. I need to make it raiiiiiiinnnn now – so I totally get what you are saying!!! Enjoy the taper vacation.

  3. Man, if I didn’t have to work, I’d DEFINITELY run more, cause I could run whenever I want. Oh well. Another kick-ass week in the books, Ms. Colby. You’re doing great!

  4. go go go!!! You are awesome! Work constantly gets in the way of my running! It gets in the way of everything actually. I’m about to quit and go live off the grid.

  5. I loved ‘And not in that cute messy bun kind of scatterbrained way.’ I genuinely have friends who are ‘messy’ or ‘exhausted’ in a really cute way but I go all out no-makeup, chronically hangry and sleepy when I’m tired. It’s not a pretty sight. I did however buy some nice compression tights so I look a liiiitle bit like I have my shit together when I’m having a crap day!

    How’s Otis?? Shady has to have surgery tomorrow! I’m not allowed to go visit yet as he’s my parents’ priority (their words not mine, lol) but I can’t wait to see him and shower him with love! I’m hoping they give him a cute colored bandage for his poor paw!

    • I am so not “cute messy.” I’m a full on hot mess. I am haggard. And currently I’m having eye issues. So I look like a demon. So there’s that.

      OH NO SHADY! What the hell happened??? Poor sweet puppy. Drunk Otis sends his regards. He had a lovely weekend at His Dad’s cyclocross races. He thinks he’s so cool. He gets so excited when Dad races by! Such a Crazy Pants. Shady is in my thoughts for a speedy recovery!! xoxo

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