Two More Sleeps, Two Bad Eyes and One Stuck Sock

I will be brief. 

This week has sucked. 

For the past 17.5 weeks I have been following the Hansons Marathon Method. If you’ve been a follower of this blog, you have been suffering along with me and enduring my weekly recaps. You’ve read Tina’s Pre-Cap. Her week has been off the rails too. Thank god we have each other. You also know that this week was FINALLY my taper. Let’s call it a micro taper, shall we? 7 Days does not a taper make. You also know that I wound up with a viral eye infection in both eyes and my contact lenses went promptly in the trash. That has been delightful. Truly. A freaking D-Lite. 

What you don’t know is that work has been a total BEAST. And, as luck would have it, Drunk Otis decided to inhale a sock which promptly got lodged in his intestines, creating an emergent situation. No bueno. Thousands of dollars later, I have an 80lb giant chocolate lab wandering around with a goddamn enormous satellite dish of a cone on, and a plastic baggie containing a balled up rancid sock. It’s currently on my counter top. He just got home. He is an absolute sad sack. I am beyond relieved he is here with us. Thankfully, we brought him immediately to our vet when he started vomitting and became lethargic. Bad day for Drunk Otis.  

Someone is not happpy to be at the vet.

How do you prevent you dog from eating socks? 

  1. Take all the socks in your home and throw them straight in the garbage. 
  2. Do not replace. 

Learn to embrace barefoot running. And if you get cold feet? Take a look at your bank statement. You’ll remember why you threw ’em out. Then grab your chocolate lab and make that silly fool lay on your frozen piggies.  

It’s all fun and games until somebody winds up in a cone.

 Oh yeah. And I’m going to run a marathon in two days, blind, on zero sleep. I actually think it will be more relaxing than my week.  I sure hope that Hansons Magic prevails. 


42 thoughts on “Two More Sleeps, Two Bad Eyes and One Stuck Sock

  1. What’s that expression…bad dress rehearsal, great opening day? This week seems to be your most-trying of all dress rehearsals for a marathon of a day that you will absolutely slay like a star. Believing in you!!

  2. Oh man, a pet in a cone is never fun. Then you have to deal with him bumping it on stuff and either him yelping in pain or something falling over. Neither is great.
    The bad new is, you’ve have an awful week (I’m sorry).
    The good news is, you have a little time to redeem it and get some sleep!!

  3. Oh no! My dog ate everything when she was younger, including at about 1/3 of the kitchen table and chairs, the back of a leather chair and most of my shoes. Never took to socks, however 🙂 Good luck in your race, you’ll be great…. even if you can’t see it 😉

  4. I know the result because I creeped on your Instagram last night! AHHHHHH. Can’t wait to read about it.

    Also, I am pretty sold on Hansons. Like a dumbass I emailed the authors with questions. Luke Humphrey himself emailed me back! I might also be in love, better tell my husband now.


  5. Oh my angel, poor Otis!! I have to say I did laugh slightly because that is EXACTLY the kind of thing that Shady would do…but poor thing for having to have surgery! And the cone of shame is never fun. Shadow keeps walking into things and we keep finding him crying because he’s sad and can’t run around! He also LOVES to chew shoes, so I have to keep my very expensive running shoes well out of reach. Mum and I have had arguments about me leaving them on the kitchen counter by the door (not at all hygienic, I know) but it’s either that or have to fork out a zillion pounds replacing them (and sorting out Shadow’s guts).

    Send my love to Oats!!

    • Oats AND Shady in cones! We have some seriously pathetic pups! The house has undergone a Sock Cleanse. And Drunk Otis, while sad, feels a whole lot better. He was carrying around a tennis ball in his mouth with his cone on. He kills me! Kisses to Shady!!

      • Shady seems to be in a better mood and generally back to his usual self by now, the problem is we’re not allowed to exercise him properly for another FIVE WEEKS. It’s insane. Imagine trying to stop a labrador puppy from running, ever! He’s only allowed two 10 min walks a day… poor Shady may go stir crazy!

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