Refreshed, Recharged and Reinvigorated. I’m back! 

I’ve been padding around for the past month in a giddy haze, wondering if running the fastest marathon of my life had all been a dream. Did I really qualify for Boston?  Or had it been a wonderful, fantastical dream?  Nope. I DID IT, POODLES!  Relive the splendor HERE.

And now I’m back! 


Refreshed, recharged and reinvigorated.  I’m also loaded with delicious craft beer and have a belly full of lobster rolls. I warned you that would happen. I’ve been running. But not Crazy-Hansons-Method-style. Dare I say I miss my old training plan? I do. 

ermahgerd hernserns mahtherd

Good Old Hansons Method

For as much as I bitched about it, it worked. I shaved roughly 26 minutes off of my recent average marathon time. WE’RE TALKING ALMOST A MINUTE PER MILE FOR 26.2 FREAKING MILES. I still can’t believe it. I also bettered my 6 year old PR by over 3 minutes. I’m 43. I ran that shit in my 30s, during the darkest period of my life. The finish for me, was actually my new beginning. To PR NOW? I have no words. None. Other than to say: Age ain’t nothin’ but a number. And numbers are dirty liars. Training with the Hansons Marathon Method made me a stronger, faster, more confident runner. Expect a review of what I liked.  Do rest days count? And what I disliked. I’m looking at you Tempo Run.

I miss our weekly recaps. *Sigh*  Although, I must admit I am loving running “naked” which is less #freethenipple and more #ditchthegarmin. I’ve been running when I want, where I want, and for how long I want. It’s been glorious. And if I don’t feel like running? I don’t. It’s ok to NOT run. The Run Police won’t find you, take your “Official Runner” card and make you run Fartleks until you hurl.  Trust me. They won’t. It is ok to do yoga, spin, walk, hike, lift, plank and/or sit your ass on the couch and watch Bravo. Especially after a marathon. I’ve been doing it all. And then some. In the spirit of My Weekly Hansons Recap, here’s my One Month Post-Hansons Recap! Sit tight, Poodles. Colby is back!  

Random floating poodle at Foxwoods Casino. I died.

  • Immune system FAILURE! Right after the marathon my body pretty much said: Aren’t you cute? NOW SIT YOUR ASS DOWN. And to make sure that happened, it gave me a respiratory infection, a hideous cold sore I fondly named, Doug, and double eye infections. AGAIN. I was a hot mess. I took a few days off from running, did lots of yoga then promptly hit the trails when Doug skipped town.  

    Running wild!

  • Drunk Otis ditched his cone! Then promptly danced on the coffee table. No one was happier about getting rid of that cone than Leon James and Evil Beagle, his brother and sister. Yes. I have 3 dogs. Yes, I also own stock in Dyson. He used that thing like a bulldozer and flipped Evil Beagle over at least three times. She was not amused. I swear she gave him the sock that nearly killed him. He’s back to his Drunk Otis self. Hanging out at cyclocross races, acting like a drunken frat boy and retrieving dismembered deer legs instead of his stick. He’s a mess. But we love him.  

    Flipped ear, don’t care.


    Table dancing, coneless.



  • Delicious IPAs! There are too many to note. But I will definitely keep running just so I can drink scrumptious craft beer. I also discovered a very cool pint “glass” at a cyclocross race of all places. It keeps beer (or non-alcoholic beverages, but, honestly, why even bother?) ice cold. For a long damn time. Hydro Flask. Check it out. Don’t tell them I sent you because they have no idea I exist. I just loved the product and want to share it with my Friends.   

    Drunk Otis couldnt handle the Hydro Flask.


    A lil’ punkin for the cook!


    A beautiful something is right. Delicious.

  • I had surgery.  Plastic surgery! Simmer down, Poodles. It was scar revision surgery to correct a nasty facial scar that I got while training for marathon number 7. Feel free to relive that horror HERE. No, I don’t suddenly have butt implants and a trout mouth.  I know, you’re totally disappointed. Everything is healing up nicely. I am thrilled with the results. Vain? You bet. But that goddamn scar had to go.  

    Scar? What scar? Just happiness up in here!

  • Date Nights o’ Plenty! Ain’t love grand? Funny how that happens when you’re no longer exhausted and running your face off.  My Other Half and I saw Kevin Bacon in Hitchock’s Rear Window. It was awesome! Not quite the movie- which we LOVE- but an interesting take on the story. (We also saw Criss Angel perform at Foxwoods Casino and now I want to be a street performer.  Or at least get sawed in half in a sequined red dress. #truestory) Gotta say though. He looks good that Kevin Bacon. And just think: You’re now officially one degree of separation from Kevin Bacon.  So there’s that. 🙂  

    Starring Kevin Bacon.

     How long do you take off from running, post-marathon? Have you ever experienced immune system failure after a marathon? Or worse, had a “Doug” of your own? Have you ever met a celebrity? 

32 thoughts on “Refreshed, Recharged and Reinvigorated. I’m back! 

  1. Woo hoo! Post marathon do-whatever-the-hell-you-feel-like-doing is THE BEST!!! You earned it! All my friends swear by Hansons. They hate it when they’re doing it, but bask in the PR afterglow when it’s all said and done. So freakin’ proud of your huge PR!!!

    I’ve been blessed with celebrity sightings, All in airports. I walked behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the airport returning from Portland two months ago. The two teenagers next to me had no idea who he was and only wanted to know how tall he was. He gave them the stink eye and moved on. And once I walked behind Danny Glover in another airport, and saw Nolan Ryan in another. And I saw the Monkees when I was a kid getting off their private jet. My dad had connections for that one.

    • Yippeeee! Post-marathon chill! I’m loving it. I’m also loving running 5 miles instead of 13 several times a week. It’s heaven. I love your sightings! I would look even shorter next to Kareem. If that’s at all possible. I’d come up to his shin. I would have FLIPPED if my dad had Monkee’s connections! I did see John Cusack at the airport in Paris. And ran into the Dalai Lama at the airport in Dallas and Olympic swimmer Dara Torres in Ft. Lauderdale and Spike Lee at JFK. Airports rock for star sightings!

  2. My immune system always fucks up when I finally get a chance to rest. It’s like it’s just waiting to strike me down! Luckily I haven’t been too sick this season but with the amount of running in the cold I’ve been doing, it can’t be far off.

    Shady is coneless and MAY be allowed to exercise regularly after today’s visit to the vet. We need that, he’s been tearing the house apart!

    • My immune system and your immune system need to go out for drinks. IT’S awful. Well. At least it waited until after the marathon to strike. Shady pup!!! I hope the recovery is complete! I do NOT know how you dealt with a lab puppy in a cone. Drunk Otis is a year and a half old and was a disaster but Shady is a Baby Dog! You and your family must be crazed!

  3. So many people get sick after marathons. You just pushed your body to the brink! And ew the leg. Our dog Peach one time brought us a dear skull at our lake house. She also ate a frog (and promptly started foaming at the mouth), released a bird into the house…. she was a glutton. I’m glad that you are feeling so much more Colby crazy. I LIKE IT

    • Peach and Drunk Otis would be BFFs. Thankfully, he hasn’t eaten a frog. Yet. It’s coming I’m sure. I have had a complete immune system breakdown 6 out of 8 marathons. And then after my ultra marathon I should have just admitted myself into a medical facility. I was a wreck. xoxo

  4. I usually experience complete immune system failure after a show ends. It’s the same thing. Run your body into the ground, and then as soon as you’re free, you’re sick. I have a hydroflask water bottle that I absolutely love because it keeps my water cold. I had no idea they made pint glasses, though. Game changer!

    • I believe it. Totally run down + high stress + exhaustion. Does it every damn time for me. I couldn’t believe I actually kept Doug et al. at bay during training! That pint glass is totally a game changer!!!! 🙂

  5. My husband fell off his bike the other day and ended up in the emergency room with cuts all over his face and a few stitches in his chin. I fully expect that he’ll have a pretty nasty scar too. I certainly don’t think it’s vain to remove a scar. If you don’t like it, you should be able to get rid of it.

    I sometimes get sick if I’m training too hard, but I haven’t run a marathon yet, so I don’t know what will happen after that. I’ve definitely had a “Doug” of my own…and I hate them. I guess I’ll keep this in mind when I run my first marathon.

    • Oh no! Having a cyclist as an Other Half, I too know road rash. Thankfully that’s all that happened to your husband. Poor guy. You’d be surprised how we the body heals. My face was A DISASTER and even before the scar revision, it wasn’t that bad. I just hated it. Keep it in mind for your first! Get lots of sleep, eat well and plenty of vitamin C! There’s my two cents of marathon advice. 😉

  6. I haven’t gotten sick after a big race, but both times I BQ’d I collapsed over the finish line and couldn’t move my legs. Does that count?? Ok, probably not. With all of that hard work draining your body, it needs a good long rest!! I’m really enjoying the seasonal pumpkin craft beers right now too. Heck, craft beer in general just rocks. Enjoy!!

    • Shit yeah it counts! Damn, Lisa. Talk about giving it your all! Another seasonal pumpin beer: Two Road’s RoadsMary’s Baby. Delish. That Dog Fish Head one is pretty delicious too. Both aren’t sickeningly sweet. Just the right amount of pumpkin. Cheers!

  7. I’m about three weeks out from the marathon and finally started to feel totally rested and ready to run. Maybe not train, but to actually get back out there and move. I am happy to report that in addition to being able to stay awake past 9PM, I am also no longer insatiable… funny how that works 🙂

  8. Years ago I rode in a freight elevator at Madison Square Garden standing next to Bruce Springsteen. Huey Lewis sat behind me on a flight and talked to me. I met Ed McMahon. That’s all I got. One more – In an undisclosed location I found myself standing between Tom Selleck and Henry Kissinger. Now, that’s all I got until I get more.

  9. AHHHHH YOU’RE BACK! I’ve missed your updates so freaking much! Bur for realz, I need that HydroFlask thing for sure. I’ll crack open an IPA tonight to celebrate Drunk Otis’s cone removal. I also went back and read your post since that happened in my pre-Colby life, and OHMIGODDUDE. I did almost pee myself laughing when you were all like, oh nah bro I’ll just run four miles home. Hahah!! You look great in your picture and I’m guessing that’s your “I BQ’d on my first try” Other Half with you – awwwww! Is he qualified for 2017, too???

    • I’m back! I’ll toast right along with you tonight- along with My Other Half who is with me in the pic. I’m telling you, it’s healing fantastically. It was above my lip. And that’s exactly what happened. I even started running away until blood started pouring (and I do mean POURING) down my face. I ran that marathon with a nice shiner a few weeks later. It took forever to heal. I was an absolute mess. I would have been devastated if I had lost my teeth. As you can see by my picture, I have more of them than the average human being. I’m like a goddamn PEZ dispenser. Total flip top head. He’s not qualified (yet) for 2017. My guess is that he’s going to be a 2 and done kinda guy. He’ll run Boston and that’s it. Talk about going out on a high note. He races cyclocross and road and is pretty freaking fantastic at it. Mr.Pro and shit. I’m so proud of him.

      You’re running 2016 Boston right? WE MUST MEET UP!!! Your hubs coming? IPAs ALL AROUND! I’m excited to be the cheerleader!

      • Okay so YES YES YES! I knew you qualified for 2017. I am running this year and I did NOT know your Other Half was!!! My hubs is coming and and he is also an IPA drinker! I stay in Brookline because my aunt and uncle live there. They are pretty great and I can’t pass the free room and board, plus it’s in a great location! I feel like you need to do a before and after post with your surgery.”This is what I looked like post fight with the asphalt, this is after I got it fixed. Colby- 1, Asphalt – 0″.

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