Naughty but Nice

mean girls

Well beat me with a candy cane and call me Ms. Grinch! Christmas is HERE! Phew. At least my tree is up. And my presents are wrapped. And my stockings are hung by the chimney with glee. Glee might be a strong word. More like disgust. Drunk Otis has a “thing” for stockings as you all know. Which means he’s been trying to drag them around the house for about a week now. I can tell by the glitter on his whiskers and the totally soaked Christmas Stockings he leaves around the house in tatters. All he wanted for Christmas was his own Instagram, so Santa came early and now that fool is live on IG. Go give him a follow. He’s a mess. A slobbery, handsome, silly mess. #squadgoals

As for Blogging, uh, what blogging? You know it’s bad when you have to request your WordPress password. I know I’m not alone! I’m looking at you, Salt. Oh, Colby. This happens every damn year. Work completely goes off the rails starting in November and my blogging falls promptly in the trash. I hate that. I am happy to say that my running has not fallen in the shitter. I’ve been loving the run. It’s been unseasonably warm up here in New England. Almost freakishly so. It’s kind of left me a little bit unnerved. Especially when this happens to you in December:

Global warming is for REAL. Not only did I find a tick on my hand in DECEMBER (Truth be told I blame Drunk Otis. As I do for any and everything these days.), my front lawn, which spent most of the summer looking like hay, is lush, green and fabulous. We might even have to mow that bitch again. ON CHRISTMAS EVE. In other sad news, I’ve only gotten to bust out my fabulous new Janji tights a handful of times. Christmas Eve in Connecticut might top the charts at 70 degress. So check my Instagram to see if I’m Jingle Joggin’ in a Janji singlet. So. Wrong.

Christmas did sneak up on me this year. More so than any other. That’s what happens when you find yourself, as we all do, RUSHING. Rushing to finish. Rushing to start. Rushing to rush. Who can enjoy the season when you’re traveling at warp speed? No one. So today, I am slowing down.  I am giving pause, if you will.  This evening I plan on planting my jolly ass on the couch in front of my jazzy tree, glass of wine in hand, and cheesy Christmas movie on the telly. Whether you celebrate Christmas is neither here nor there to me.  I do, but for you, Merry Whatever! Happy {insert term here}! Quite frankly, the PC-ness of it all is kind of grating on my last strand of tinsel, but I digress. 

My hope for you during your unseasonably warm winter runs, is that you take a minute to exhale, and think of all of the people you have encountered this year who have moved you. To tears. To smiles. To joy. All of them. Thinking? Good.  Now I hope a smile creeps across your face and a wave of happiness and gratitude knocks your heart over, and you say “Thank You” out loud, to no one in particular, like a Crazy Pants. There is much in life to be thankful for. The Holidays to me are about spending time with the people in your life who move you. And toasting. To love. To health. To happiness.

Enjoy, Friends! And CHEERS! 

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36 thoughts on “Naughty but Nice

  1. Oh, Merry Merry right back atcha. Call me when you pour your glass and let’s have a virtual {clink!} Now that my life will hopefully get back to the regular level of craziness I call normal, I plan to be on here blogging more often. Crazy that the weather is so good and yet I have been spinning as much as running, but the change up is nice.

  2. Merry Christmas to you as well!!

    I Mean look at the cutie of a doggy! Totally gonna follow those shenanigans!

    Yup-i was in a tank top at my. Track workout this morning. Crazy!! We are going to get blasted later this winter-i know it!!

    Enjoy your jazzy tree, wine and Christmas movies!!

  3. YOU STOLE OUR WARMTH!!! It’s been effing cold here in AZ and it totally caught me off guard. I *almost* thanked my injury for keeping me indoors in these crazy temps….almost….

    I hope you have the best holiday ever! That despite all the alcohol consumed, you remember every second of it 😀 ❤

    • I’ve got the memory of an elephant, Lady! We did steal your warmth! It’s really odd. I can’t ever remember it being this warm in December. Like record breaking and shit. Merry Christmas, Miss Helly! To you and your beautiful family—MUUUUAAAHHH!

  4. Merry Christmas! I am quite okay with El Nino, as I am on crutches. Our dog Peach used to go up and sniff the stockings one by one throughout the days once we put them up on the mantle because she knew where the Christmas stash of treats would be coming from.

  5. Merry Christmas!! I jingle-jogged in a tank top on Christmas day (CHRISTMAS DAY!!) in PA – unheard of! I’m not complaining though. Piper likes it too.. unlimited time in the backyard without worrying about freezing her whiskers off. Hope Drunk Otis and crew had a fabulous holiday. 🙂

    • Tank here too!!!! With Drunk Otis who was covered in dirt and mud. He’s such a mess. He is currently crying and howling because he hears “his kid” in the kitchen getting a glass of orange juice and apparently wants a sip. Kisses to Miss Piper!!!

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